NuWave oven error codes

Error MessageSolution
E1An E1 reading typically means that your PIC does not detect cookware on its surface. This can occur for one of two reasons.
1. Have you placed a pot or pan on the unit? The induction coils contained within the PIC will only work when they are in direct contact with a piece of cookware. To maintain your appliance’s effectiveness, always ensure that it rests on a flat surface and that contact is consistent with your cookware.
2. An E1 message may also occur if your chosen cookware is not induction-ready.
E2The unit is malfunctioning. Contact customer service.
E3The units voltage is too low. Minimum = 85 volts
E4The units voltage is too high. Maximum = 144 volts
E5The unit is malfunctioning. Contact customer service.
E7Overheating, or air ventilation is obstructed. If internal temperature exceeds 230* F, operation will cease and a “beep” noise will be produced. Press “Pause/Clear" twice. Wait for the unit to cool.
E8Overheating, if unit exceeds a temperature 20° F higher than sear, the appliance will turn off. Contact customer service.
FULLIn programming mode, when the total entered time reaches the appliance’s limit of 99:60, no additional stages can be inputted.