What does the F9 error mean in the LG oven?

Many owners of LG ovens have a question about what to do if the F9 error appears on the display. First of all, don’t panic. The technique, by informing the user about the problem, actually helps a lot in diagnosing the problem. The article will describe in detail the reasons for the appearance of the code and the actions that should be taken for the normal operation of the equipment.

Causes of the F9 error and how to fix it

This code appears when the oven is unable to reach a temperature greater than 150◦F (66◦C) after the pre-program. As a rule, the reason lies in the typical malfunctions of the oven. It is worth paying attention to the fact that some of the recommendations for fixing the problem apply to LG gas models.

LG oven F9 error

Relay board failure

Common cause of failure. The component is designed to transmit signals from the control panel to the main elements of the furnace, such as burners. The user, giving a command through the microprocessor display, interacts with the board that regulates the voltage by opening/closing the relay. When a component is faulty, the technique may not behave correctly. This explains the lack of heat.

Diagnostics is carried out using a multimeter. If the chain is damaged, then the part will have to be changed. The board is located at the back on the lower right side of an electric oven or on the upper right side of a gas oven. To replace a component, the user will need:

  1. Unscrew the fasteners fixing the panel.
  2. Detach the outer housing element.
  3. Remove the connectors from the relay board. It is important to remember where the chip was. If the user is unsure of his abilities, he is advised to photograph the connections before manipulation.
  4. Loosen the screws holding the electronic component.
  5. Disconnect the board.
  6. Install the new part.
  7. Reassemble in reverse order.

Turning off the power (gas supply) before diagnosing and repairing equipment is a mandatory step. In order not to put life and health at risk, you should not forget about it.

Problems with the main board

Without exaggeration, this component can be considered the brain of technology. It controls all oven processes. As in the case of the relay board, diagnostics will be required here. If suspicions are confirmed by a dial tone or obvious damage is visible on the part, then you need to order a new component. In this case, the repair is carried out in the following order:

  1. Removing the top panel.
  2. Disconnect wires and cable.
  3. Unscrewing the screws holding the board.
  4. Disconnecting the problematic component.
  5. Installation of a new part.
  6. Assemble equipment in reverse order.

Non-working thermal fuse

Often the oven overheats, which causes it to work incorrectly. LG models are no exception. The fuse and thermostat are the first to suffer. The protective device is designed to break the circuit and turn off the stove when the permissible temperature is exceeded. The integrity of the component is checked with a multimeter. If there is a gap, then it is enough to order a new fuse. The good news is the low cost of the part.

As for the thermostat, this device is damaged by overheating after cleaning. The fault is determined by the presence of deformation in the component. Part replacement is carried out in several stages. First you need to remove the oven panel and get to the damaged part. Removal is done by disconnecting two wires and detaching the retaining tab. The next step is to install a new thermostat.

Non-working thermal fuse

Valve failure on LG gas oven

The oven may report an F9 error to the user if the gas supply is not correct. A multimeter is used to test the valve (for continuity).

To replace the part, you have to remove the back panel, remember the location of the wires and terminals. Having disconnected the latter, you need to unscrew the fastening of the gas pipe and the screws that fix the valve. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Gas equipment is a high-risk facility. Therefore, self-repair of such equipment is extremely dangerous and prohibited at the legislative level. If the malfunction problem lies in the nodes directly related to the gas supply, it is better to fix it by a qualified specialist. The master (company) is legally and financially responsible for the occurrence of negative consequences from intervention in the equipment.

Igniter failure

Problems with the igniter are a common malfunction, due to which the equipment gives an error code F9. The igniter delivers an electrical charge in order to ignite the gas. Incorrect operation of the part is diagnosed for weakening or complete failure. The check should begin with a visual inspection of the element with the oven turned on. If a one and a half minute glow without ignition is observed or the igniter does not show signs of life at all, then only a replacement will help. The procedure will not cause any problems. The list of actions that will have to be performed to install a new igniter includes:

  1. Opening the door and removing it from the hinges. To do this, just lift the stoppers on each side.
  2. Removing the bottom panel.
  3. Dismantling the burner casing.
  4. Removing the screen.
  5. Disconnecting the power connectors and replacing the igniter.
  6. Assemble equipment in reverse order.

Igniter failure

If there is an F9 error, the LG oven should first be checked for the igniter to work. This is a typical model problem, due to which the equipment refuses to heat up.

Thus, the occurrence of an error with code F9 on the display of LG ovens may be the result of various reasons. As a rule, the problem is typical and is solved by replacing the defective part. In order for the repair to end successfully, it is necessary to correctly diagnose the breakdown and take all safety measures.