Payne furnace error code

Payne PG8D gas furnaces are renowned for their advanced design and systems, particularly for integrated disgnostic systems. They feature LED displays, which demonstrate coded signals, each one standing for a malfunction in a furnace’s particular system or component. Read codes on the blower access panel. Now that you know the meaning of each code, you can take steps to correct them.

Two-Digit Messages

If your furnace is all right, there will be a steadily burning light. An error code is a combination of two digits, which may flash. There are as many short flashes as denoted by the first digit. Likewise, there are as many long flashes as denoted by the second digit.

Errors You Can Fix Yourself

The “12” error code means that there was an electricity cutoff during a call for heat. Please, turn it on, make sure that the blower operates for 90 seconds before the cycle starts. If there is “13” or “33” on the display, you are dealing with a limit switch lockout. This switch prevents the furnace from overheating and related damage.  Please, check the air supply grids and the filter. Remove dirt and debris, if any. If you see “14” or “34”, there is an ignition problem. Check the gas valve to ensure that it is open and there is a gass supply. Also, be sure that the gas supply sshutoff valve and the control switch on the valve are on. The “24” fault code refers to the furnace fuse (it is violet in color). It could be blown due too a short-cirsuit in the wiring. If there is the “31” code on the display, the pressure switch is open due to poor combustion air supply.

Errors to be Fixed Professionally

Error codes 21, 22 or 23 occur when there are serious problems, which you cannot handle by yourself. Please, call the dealer if you see any of these codes.