Repair Guide for the DC Error on a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washing machine dc error informs the owner about problems with the door. The cause of the error is often not in the breakdown of the appliance itself, but in misuse and careless handling of the door.

Owners can restore serviceability of their washing machines on their own.

Possible problems associated with dc error

  • door fails to close;
  • if the washer displays dc error at the end of the wash cycle, the door cannot be unlocked;
  • you close the door, but it does not latch.

How to identify the malfunction

The initial inspection of washer involves the following steps:

  • make sure the door of the washing machine is tightly closed;
  • make sure there is no foreign object between the door and the Samsung washing machine body that blocks the door.

Checking the control module

dc error on the display may also indicate problems with the control module. Try to make the washing machine “reboot” by unplugging it for a few minutes from the outlet. If it does not help to remove the error, the problem is probably associated with the door locking mechanism.