Solution for the Error Codes 3E on a Samsung Washing Machine

When error 3E appears on the display, the wash cycle stops and does not resume until the error code is eliminated. This code corresponds to the error of the tachometer – it means a weak or missing signal. Most of the times, you will have to call a serviceman.

When does code 3E appear?

You may see Samsung washing machine error codes 3e when:

  • The drum starts to spin;
  • The laundry is being rinsed;
  • At the beginning of the spin mode begins when the machine spins the drum a little and then displays error 3E.

What does this error mean?

If you have noticed error 3E on Samsung washing machine display, then most often it means something is wrong with tachometer or motor.

The washer may display error 3E with:

  • Excessive drum load;
  • Foreign objects stuck between the drum and the housing;
  • Temporary failure of the control module;
  • Failure of the tachometer;
  • Failure of the vibration sensor;
  • Loose drive belt;
  • Reduced engine power due to worn brushes or damaged winding;
  • Control module faults.

How to fix the problem

Here is what might help to solve the problem:

  1. If the washer is overloaded, simply disconnect it from power supply and take out excess laundry. After that start the machine again.
  2. If the drum is stuck, remove a foreign object through the heating element hole. To get to the heating element, you will need to remove the front cover of the washer.
  3. In case of a temporary control module failure, the washer should be switched off for a few minutes, and then turned on again.
  4. Replace burnt tachometer with a new one.
  5. Check the motor brushes and, if necessary, replace them as well.
  6. If there is no connection with the tachometer, inspect and clean it.
  7. If the drive belt is loose, you will have to replace this part.
  8. If control module has some malfunctions, solder the burnt elements on the board or completely replace the module.