The Safe Way to Open a Locked Samsung Washing Machine

If the door of your Samsung washing machine does not open for the first and second time after wash, you should not try harder and use more force as it will only aggravate the situation and will add a broken lock or a torn door to the already existing problem. It is more productive to understand the cause of the current problem.

There might be five possible explanations.

  1. Standard automatic blocking during the operation. After the completing any wash cycle, Samsung washing machines wait at least 1-2 minutes before they open the door.
  2. System crash. It may be triggered by abrupt voltage drops, sudden water supply shutdowns or power outages.
  3. Faulty lock unit. It is possible that the lock might get jammed. Natural wear, improper loading / unloading of the drum or rough opening of the door – all these factors may have a negative effect on the locking mechanism.
  4. Clogged drain hose. In this case, water cannot leave the drum, so the system does not give a signal to unlock the door even if the washing cycle has been completed.
  5. Child lock. Special protection mode might be enabled accidently.

Signs of malfunction

The washer does not open the door but the handle moves suspiciously freely

  • The handle on the door is broken. Unfortunately, small parts and accessories wear out pretty quickly. Especially if you apply too much physical force to them quite often.
  • Handle needs to be replaced.

The handle on the door works fine, but the washing machine still does not open

  • The locking device itself is out of service. In this case, it “physically” holds the door in closed position.
  • It is necessary to forcibly open the door (independently or with the help of a serviceman) and replace the entire locking unit.
  • The control module which signals the locking unit about the need to unlock the door has failed.
  • Control board firmware update (in electronically controlled machines) or resetting the programmer (in electromechanically controlled machines) is required. In the most difficult cases, you may have to replace the control board itself.