Try These Tips for the 6E Error Code on a Samsung Washer

You started a wash as usual, set the right mode, pressed the “Start” button, but your Samsung washing machine suddenly turned on the spin mode at its full speed right away or after filling water (with water in the drum), and Samsung 6e error code appeared on the display

However, error code 6E may show up immediately after the start of the wash. For example, you might turn on the machine, but won’t do anything and will display the error.

Error description

When it comes to Samsung washing machines, error 6E can be caused by 3 factors:

  • Faulty TRIAC. The washer displays the so-called “Motor triac error” (triac controls the motor: it turns the motor on, sets the rotation speed, turns it off).
  • Faulty buttons including the power button.
  • Control module issues.

Errors 6E – when you can eliminate them yourself

  • Software crash. Washing machines are equipped with a lot of sensors, which sometimes may send controversial signals. The control module responds to these errors and indicates the problem area with a code. Fixing such problem will require the owner to disconnect the washing machine from the power supply and start it one more time. After restarting the appliance will work as usual.
  • Issues with an outlet. Sometimes the washer can fail due to the poor condition of the outlet or its overload. If the outlet is sparkling and has a poor contact, replace it with a new one. In order to avoid overloads, always plug the washing machine into a separate outlet.