Try These Tips for the TE Code Error on a Samsung Washer

Error tE is common for all types of Samsung washing machines – both for regular washers and those with a drying mode. Samsung washer tE code can occur immediately after you close the door or within 5-10 minutes after the washer starts spinning the drum.

The main cause is associated with heating issues.

What does the error indicate?

Error code tE indicates a problem with the water temperature sensor which monitors the water temperature in Samsung washing machine drum. The washer receives incorrect information from the sensor or does not receive any at all.

You can usually notice tE error on the display when the water heating sensor voltage level drops beyond 0.2 V or is more than 4.5 V.

Why this error occurs

Washing machine displays error tE if there is a:

  • temporary failure of the control module;
  • poor connection of the temperature sensor or heating element contacts;
  • temperature sensor failure.

What should one do if tE error code appears

  1. If the control module is to blame, disconnect the washer from power supply, wait a few minutes, and then start the washing cycle again;
  2. If thermal sensor or heating element have poor contacts, move them as if you insert the plug into the outlet;
  3. If there is an error in the sensor readings, reset the incorrect readings by pressing the reset button. Most modern models of Samsung washers have them.