Weather King Furnace Error Codes

The tables below contain different Weather King furnace error codes which you may encounter using this furnace. There are different models of Weather King furnace described – for some of them you can find error codes, the others have flashes and LED signals. All of these types are described in details.

For each of the signals or codes there is a characteristic, numbers of flashes in a row with their meaning, and solutions, if necessary. There are also fault conditions which you may change and solve the problem this way. If you arrive at a conclusion that there is some repair needed, do not try to do it by yourself if you do not have a necessary qualification.

Weather King W95P Furnace Error Codes

FLAME LEDOFF– No flame is detected.
Rapid Blink– Unexpected Flame
Slow Blink– Marginal Flame Sense
Steady ON– Normal Flame Detected
STATUS LEDSteady ON– Normal Fault detected.
1 Blink– Ignition failure – 1 HR lockout
2 Blinks– Pressure switch stuck open switch will not close when inducer is on.
3 Blinks– Limit switch open main limit or roll-out control.
4 Blinks– Pressure switch stuck closed. Switch will not open.
5 Blinks– Not applicable.
6 Blinks– Line and Neutral reversed
POWER LEDOFF– No power (24VAC) to control board.
ON– Control is powered

Weather King W801T Furnace Error Codes

CCompressor on (cooling or heat-pump heat)
HGas heat on
FContinuos fan on
101 hour lockout
11Failed ignition
12Low flame sense
13Flame lost
14Unexpected flame
20Twinning fault
22Main limit or halc open
26Line and neutral reversed
33Mrlc (manual reset limit control) (aka roll-out) open
55Pressure switch stuck closed when should be open
57Press switch stuck open when should be closed
61Blower fault-blower unable to run
93Internal control fault

Weather King W95T Furnace Error Codes

LEDSFlashesFault condition
GREENONNormal operation
1 FlashIgnition failure (4 trials)
2 FlashesPressure switch stuck open
3 FlashesLimit switches open
4 FlashesPressure switch stuck closed
5 FlashesTwin fault
6 FlashesBrownout voltage
7 FlashesHot and neutral reversed or no ground
ContinuousGas valve relay short
YELLOWRapid BlinkFlame out of sequence
Slow BlinkLow flame or no flame
ONFlame present