What Can You Do to Fix the Samsung Washing Machine 5D Error?

Modern models of Samsung washing machines offer anti-foam control function. If the drum produces too much foam, the machine activates foam suppression mode. Samsung washing machine 5d error means that this mode could not reduce the amount of foam, and the machine activated a standby mode – it is waiting for the foam to settle down naturally.

SUD / 5D / SD error – what to do, how to fix it yourself

In most cases, this Samsung washing machine error is there to inform you and you don’t need to do anything right away.

Just wait 5–10 minutes, and after the foam settles down the machine will continue washing. After the wash is complete, check:

  • Drain filter. It could get clogged which resulted in excessive foam formation. Clean the filter. It is located in the front bottom part of the washing behind the small flap.
  • Maybe you use hand-wash detergent which is not good for automatic washing machines
  • You may be using too much powder for washing. 5-6 kg of dry linen requires no more than two tablespoons of detergent.
  • You may have loaded porous or fluffy laundry that contribute to increased foaming. When washing such laundry in the future, try to put a bit less powder.
  • Try changing the detergent, perhaps it is a low quality one or it is simply not suitable for your washer.

What should you do if the wash does not stop, there is a lot of foam, and your Samsung washing machine constantly displays 5D error?

In this case, you should stop the wash: start the drain program or open the door of the washing machine and remove the laundry. Then clean the drain filter and run the machine without laundry and detergent – start a long washing cycle at a 60 ° C temperature or higher. This will help to get rid of excess detergent that could get stuck in the drain system.

Unfortunately, the occurrence of this error in the absence of foam most likely indicates a breakdown.