The appearance of the error code SY EF on the Frigidaire refrigerator

If the Frigidaire refrigerator unexpectedly displays an error code, you need to be able to quickly deal with the problem.

The symbol SY EF requires special attention. Its appearance indicates that there are difficulties with the operation of the fan motor in the freezer evaporator. Most likely, the reason for this was the accumulation of ice, preventing the rotation of the blades. Most often, it is formed as a result of deterioration in the properties of the door gasket or restriction of air flow in the compartment. There is also a worn fan motor or a malfunction of the main control board.

Error Code SY EF on Frigidaire

If the household appliance gives the error code SY EF, then the fan in the freezer evaporator is most likely malfunctioning. In this case, it, like the entire refrigerator, will continue to function as before. But the chamber will no longer be fully cooled and the temperature in it will be higher than the set one. Therefore, it is urgent to fix this problem.

Error Code SY EF on Frigidaire

The evaporator is part of the hermetic cooling system of the Frigidaire unit. It releases cold air currents, thereby displacing heat from the freezer.

The part is equipped with a special fan, which makes the cooling process more efficient when air is supplied to the corresponding compartment. It accelerates it around the entire perimeter of the chamber, so the space remains equally cold. A properly functioning evaporator element is required to keep the Frigidaire freezer free of heat.

Fixing SY EF Error Code in Frigidaire Refrigerator

This symbol alerts the owner of the unit that there is a problem with the evaporator fan motor.

First you should check the amount of ice in the compartment. If everything is fine there, then it is necessary to investigate the condition of the fan motor, and then the main control board.

Ice buildup due to a faulty door gasket

Ice buildup due to a faulty door gasket

First of all, you need to eliminate the accumulation of ice around the evaporator. Otherwise, it may freeze near the fan and prevent its rotation. Then the error code SY EF appears. Ice accumulations occur in two ways.

In the first case, the damaged freezer door gasket is to blame. It serves to ensure that the chamber is hermetically sealed. Then the compartment will keep cold air, avoiding the influx of warm.

But in the event that the material is defective and cannot hold cold, heat will penetrate into the freezer. Such things happen when something gets stuck on it, it wears out or gets damaged.

In any case, the resulting malfunction leads to the formation of frost and ice around the evaporator fan. Such processes lead to the appearance of the error code SY EF.

Ice buildup due to a faulty door gasket on

The troubleshooting steps are not difficult.

  1. You should examine the condition of the freezer door gasket in search of foreign inclusions.
  2. If they are found, then they must be removed and the surface of the material should be washed well.
  3. Then it is necessary to check for signs of its defects or wear.
  4. If they are, then you need to remove the gasket and replace it with a new one. These actions are performed very easily even without the use of special tools.

Ice accumulation due to airflow restriction

The accumulation of ice near the evaporator often occurs due to the restriction of the movement of air flows.

The fan gives out a cold jet, which is distributed throughout the freezer. But, if there are a lot of products near the evaporator, the air is not able to fully disperse through the chamber. Therefore, the space will be too cold and the part will begin to freeze.

Usually this situation occurs as a result of overloading the freezer compartment, when there is not enough space between the products for air. Then the error code SY EF appears on the display.

Fixing this problem is very easy. It will be enough to carefully place the contents of the freezer. It is required to arrange the containers so that there is enough space around them for air. It is also worth freeing up more space near the evaporator so that the cooled streams are easily distributed throughout the compartment.

Fan motor failure

The functioning of the part is aimed at supplying cold coming from the evaporator to the freezer. It is designed to ensure its distribution throughout the space, processing all the products located here. A similar fan element breaks for two of the most common reasons.

The first is related to its wear and tear in old Frigidaire refrigerators. Gradually, the engine becomes obsolete and one day it simply stops functioning as it should.

The second is that it can burn out. If the motor runs more than usual, then its breakdown is quite likely. The reason for it may be a heap of ice near the blades when the mechanism is operating with overload. If this state of affairs is maintained for a long time, it overheats, burns out and ceases to function.

It will be possible to solve the problem by replacing it with a new part. First you need to remove the back panel of the freezer to gain access to the evaporator. Then you need to disconnect and remove the old engine and install a new one.

Main control board failure

Main control board failure

This part is the control circuit board responsible for all the functions of the Frigidaire unit. It is equipped with a large number of components that send signals and electrical energy to its various parts.

If the main control board breaks, then the error code SY EF lights up. It also occurs when its individual components that control the evaporator fan motor fail.

You should deal with such a problem only after all other troubleshooting options have been excluded. Such a clarification is very important, because to get out of the situation you need to purchase a new part, which will cost a decent amount.

It should be replaced as follows:

  • first you need to find the board case inside the household appliance;
  • through the rear panel you need to provide access to it;
  • then disconnect the wiring;
  • after the part is removed;
  • a new board is installed in its place.

Main control board failure


Reset SY EF error code in Frigidaire devices
To reset the error code SY EF, it is required to check the full functioning of the freezer evaporator fan motor. Then you need to restart the equipment, as a result of which the code will be deleted.

Frigidaire reboot
The original settings of the Frigidaire refrigerator will be fully restored after a power outage. You need to leave the unit for one minute, and then plug it back into the outlet and wait for the system to restart.

Removal of frost accumulated in the freezer
Thoroughly defrost the relevant compartment from time to time to completely remove excess ice. For this purpose, it is necessary to turn it off and leave the door open. Some owners also place a large container of boiling water there so that the rising steam quickly melts the accumulated ice.