What to do, if I dropped my AirPods in the water?

Most likely, the moment when a pair of AirPods falls into the water would look simply heartbreaking for fans of the original headphones. But if the AirPods have not been in the water, but only in contact with it for a short time, then they can still be made to work.

Apple advises that the first thing to do after taking your AirPods out of the water is to use a microfiber cloth to remove moisture from the earbuds and charging case. After that, spread out a napkin and put an inverted charge and headphones on it, opening the cover of the charging case in advance. In this position, they should be 4 hours. After that, you can start testing.

In no case should you turn on a wet gadget. Even a minimal amount of liquid moisture can lead to a short circuit and failure.

What do you need to know about the waterproofness of Airpods?

While Apple’s Airpods are sweat and water-resistant, they are not meant to be submerged in water due to their low water resistance. This means that they are not afraid of light contact with water, but they may not be able to endure traveling through the drum of a washing machine.

AirPods waterproof

Light contact with water

If you get caught in the rain while wearing AirPods while walking, then your panic will be in vain – nothing will happen to them. All those who use AirPods during workouts and those who like to wear thick sweaters need to know the same.

Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro are built to withstand high humidity due to short exposure to water or sweat. They are worn in the ears where they are not protected from the weather. They are also not protected from sweat during jogging and training.

Therefore, it is only natural that AirPods are resistant to moisture and a small amount of it will not be able to disable them.

Complete immersion in water

If your AirPods happen to lie under water for even a few seconds, they most likely will not avoid problems. These popular headphones do not have an IP68 rating, unlike current iPhones, which means they do not have a waterproof guarantee. Therefore, the gadget will not tolerate immersion in water even for a few minutes.

AirPods immersion in water

If water gets inside the earphone, the sound may cut out or the sound may be distorted. Submerging the charging case in water may cause a short circuit and damage it.

If you’ve dropped your AirPods in water or taken a bath in them, the sooner you get yourself and your headphones in your hands, the less chance water will seep into the bowels of the device. If the lid of the charging case fits snugly, in a couple of seconds the gadget will not have time to “get wet”. The faster you get the drowned people from their aggressive environment for electronics, the more chances they have to “reanimate”.

How to dry AirPods that have fallen into water

If your AirPods have been in water, the first priority is for you to remove all liquid from the accessible surface of the device.

Do not attempt to disassemble the AirPods Pro, as they have a repairability rating of 0 out of 10. Even if you manage to disassemble them, you will not be able to put them back together in their original form. The whole structure is glued, the battery is glued to the board, and the components are located close to each other.

Drying your headphones is not too different from drying your smartphone. But here’s the rice rescue method for AirPods, it’s better not to use it. Their charging case has a lot of holes that rice grains can get into. Therefore, it is better to use another method of salvation. But first you need to perform the simplest steps:

  1. Take a microfiber cloth.
  2. Thoroughly wipe each earpiece with it.
  3. Wet and wipe the charging case.
  4. Lay out a dry cloth and lay out the headphones and the upside-down charger case with the lid previously opened on it.

How to dry AirPods

It takes 4 hours for AirPods to dry completely. If the headphones were underwater for up to a quarter of a minute, then testing will have to be carried out even later.

To speed up the drying of the headphones, you can cover them with a sachet of bamboo charcoal, which absorbs moisture well.

Use airwaves to push water out of your AirPods

You can use the shortcut created by Josh0678. Its action is somewhat similar to the water extraction tools on Apple Watches. With the help of the loudest bass in the headphones, you can shake the water out of the speaker. To do this, you need to connect AirPods to your iPhone and turn up the volume to the maximum (without inserting headphones into your ears). Then download the Siri Shortcuts app and activate the “Water Ejection” shortcut.

As you cover the sensors on each earbud, you’ll feel your AirPods vibrate and water will slowly leak out. Such manipulations can be repeated over and over again, as much as you need. If your AirPods do not work after drying and activating the “Water Extraction” label, all that remains is to replace them with new ones.

Does AppleCare+ for AirPods cover water damage?

The AppleCare+ warranty that Apple offers to users of its headphones is more extended than the official warranty. It includes 2 warranty (paid!) repairs per year and is given for two years, but you will have to pay for it. However, this option is optional.

AppleCare+ for AirPods

The AppleCare+ Extended Warranty covers certain “accidental damages” such as fire and water damage. It’s worth noting that the AppleCare+ warranty only covers these breakdowns once a year and at an additional cost.

Does Apple’s AirPods warranty cover water damage?

For Russians using AirPods, Apple offers a one-year official warranty. It can cover damage to headphones caused by a manufacturing defect. In other words, your AirPods are only insured against problems caused by the manufacturer or seller who sold them to you. Based on this, the official warranty does not cover water damage and various other cases of damage to your headphones.

Consider a new pair of AirPods

If you didn’t pay for your AppleCare+ warranty and your favorite AirPods got water damaged, you might want to consider pampering yourself with some new Bluetooth headphones. So, in 2021, Apple began to release 3rd generation AirPods with good sound, which look great. They provide six hours of listening. A fully charged case extends this time to 30 hours. This is a significant improvement over the AirPod Pro.

How to protect AirPods from water damage

AirPods users should know how to protect them from water damage. The tips below will help you extend the life of your electronics.

protect AirPods from water

Be sure to check all pockets before washing clothes.

Make it a habit to check all the pockets of the clothes you’ve collected for washing. You never know what’s left in the pockets of jeans sent to the washing machine last week. In addition to your AirPods, you can also find a wallet with payment cards in your pockets.

When most of us used Apple EarPods, they were often washed in the washing machine. But for AirPods, such a procedure will be disastrous. That is why it is necessary to check all pockets.

Get a waterproof case for your AirPods

This tip will be helpful for those who live in humid climates. For sensitive electronics like AirPods, a case made of waterproof material will become a real lifesaver. Constantly protected from moisture, the gadget will work for a long time.

In addition, this is the cheapest option to protect your AirPods from mechanical damage. If you are afraid of dropping expensive Bluetooth headphones into water or on the floor, buy a relatively inexpensive but waterproof case for them and your fears will be in vain. Rest assured nothing will happen to them.

Always clean your AirPods after workouts

There’s no better way to extend the life of your favorite AirPods. While exercising, you sweat a lot, causing your headphones to get covered in salty moisture. If you often put off cleaning after workouts, there is a good chance that salty moisture will get inside the device and damage the electronics.

After each workout, remove both earbuds from the charging case and wipe them with a damp and then dry cloth. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them in the case.

clean your AirPods

Bottom line: water and Apple AirPods

Water is too corrosive for electronics and can damage your AirPods if you let it. Try not to drop them in water, and if this happens, dry the case and headphones as soon as possible. It is very important to clean them regularly. Don’t skimp on the AppleCare+ Extended Warranty when buying AirPods. The cost of it will pay off in case of “accidental damage” to the gadget with a possible free replacement.