Why the lights on the Frigidaire dishwasher are flashing

The Frigidaire brand dishwasher control panel contains several indicators at once. With their help, the user can get information about enabled or disabled options. However, they do not provide full flashing, which occurs repeatedly, unless there is some problem in the device.

Most often, the dishwasher indicators of this brand make themselves felt due to the opening of the door or a malfunction of the door latch. In addition, a broken control panel or board can also cause light signals to appear. If this problem is resolved, active error codes that point to the root cause should be checked.

The following sections will discuss why the lights are flashing and what you can do to fix the problem. And at the end of the instructions will be given some answers to common questions that can be of significant benefit.

Why are the lights on my Frigidaire dishwasher flashing?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why this happens. Here are a few options.

frigidaire dishwasher repair

Open dishwasher door

If the indicator flashes, it can be assumed that the device has a defective part. But rushing to conclusions is strongly discouraged. Before you start troubleshooting, you need to make sure that the door is completely closed. If it is not completely closed or not closed at all, the indicators immediately make themselves felt by flashing. However, the wash program selected by the user will not start.

Immediately after the door is firmly closed, the indicators will stop flashing and the program will still start. If the door does not close 100%, you need to check if it is blocked by foreign objects. For example, they include small dishes in the form of a teaspoon, which are simply stuck in the door and prevent it from closing completely. After removing the obstacle, the problem will come to naught.

Door latch damage

The machine may mistakenly think that the door is still open, this clearly indicates that the latch has failed or that it has received some kind of damage. The fact is that this element works constantly, as soon as the user opens or closes the door. When it detects that it is closed, it will signal the main board that the wash program has been started. In addition, the latch ensures that the machine stops working if the user opens the door in the middle of a cycle. It acts as protection against injury.

So, if it is found that the problem is in the door latch, it will need to be replaced. This process is represented by removing the existing latch and disconnecting the harness. You just need to fix it on a new latch and put it in the place where it stood before.

Heating element problem

After the previous causes are ruled out, you can start troubleshooting some other components. And the first thing you need to pay attention to here is the heating element, which can also be broken. It is needed to increase the temperature regime so that cleaning and disinfection is carried out as efficiently as possible. It also helps during drying by raising the temperature of the air so that the dishes dry much faster.

If the dishwasher detects that the water is not heating fast enough or not at all, it takes this as a sign of a breakdown. This causes the lights on the control panel to flash to let the user know that there is definitely a problem. Assuming that the heating element is not functioning, you will need to make sure that the connectors are not loose. If damage occurs, and heating is not carried out properly, a replacement will have to be made.

Heating element problem

Control panel failure

Next, it is worth considering that there are probably problems in the control panel. But first you need to exclude other causes described earlier. The fact is that the control panel and its sensor are quite expensive, so the replacement will cost a pretty penny.

The easiest and fastest way to test the control panel is to press individual buttons. If they do not respond as they should, they are faulty. Another option worth considering is removing the control panel. Then you need to check how intact the chain is. You can also see if there are “symptoms” of a short circuit.

Depending on the specific dishwasher model, only the touch panel or the control panel may need to be replaced. You may also need to replace both parts. Unfortunately, these parts cannot be repaired, they will have to be completely replaced.

Control panel failure

Main control board failure

As you continue to struggle with problems in the device, the last thing to look for, after eliminating previous faults, is the main control board. It is the most important element of the entire system. It consists of a printed circuit board, as well as components that provide control of functions and their implementation. Problems can manifest themselves when the parts have an electrical malfunction in the form of a short circuit, or when they get excessively hot, exposed to moisture. In such a case, the main control board, which is faulty, can lead to problems for the entire system. As a result, the panel will stop working correctly, and the indicators will flash for no reason.

Repair this mechanism will not work, so you have to change it. Replacement can be quite expensive, and you will have to turn to good specialists.

What is the purpose of dishwasher error codes?

Flashing indicators is far from the only function of the dishwasher in telling the user that there is a problem. In addition, the device may display error codes. When its components malfunction, it detects this fact and reports it. The code appears directly on the screen.

So, the owner of the installation sees that the indicators are signaling a problem, but the control panel is not responding. In this case, you need to check for the presence or absence of active error codes. They probably still will. Once the user knows which of them are active, he can refer to the manual and figure out what they mean. Checking will simplify the troubleshooting procedure and help you quickly diagnose the cause.

Main control board failure

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Frigidaire dishwasher?
You can simply turn off its power. To solve the problem, the device is first disconnected from the source. After that, it must be left alone for at least 5 minutes. This will help dissipate all the electricity inside, as well as clear the memory. Once this period of time has passed, you can reconnect the device and use it in accordance with its intended purpose.

How to reset the error code in a dishwasher of this brand?
It can be easily and quickly removed, for this you just need to press and hold the cancel button until it disappears completely. You can do the same job by rebooting the unit according to the scheme described above. But in this case, error codes will be returned if the root cause is not corrected.

How to diagnose a Frigidaire dishwasher?
You can simply start the diagnostic mode by pressing several buttons at the same time – High Temp Wash and Start / Cancel. All you need to do is just keep holding them until the beep sounds. After that, the device will start performing automatic test actions.

How to make the device drain water?
Assuming that the dishwasher is filled with water, the user will see that the control panel does not respond in any way, and its indicators flash. In this case, you can forcefully drain the water by simply pressing the “cancel” button. After a short time, the device will begin a 90 second drain cycle to remove all the water.