Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting

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Rice is too dry/hard after cooking.If your rice is dry or hard/chewy when the rice cooker switches to WARM, additional water and cooking time will soften the rice. Depending on how dry your rice is, add 'h to 1 cup of water and stir through. Close the lid and press the COOK switch. When rice cooker switches to WARM, open the lid and stir the rice to check the consistency. Repeat as necessary until rice is soft and moist.
Rice is too moist/soggy after cooking.If your rice is still too moist or soggy when the rice cooker switches to WARM, use the serving spatula to stir the rice. This will redistribute the bottom (moistest) part of the rice as well as release excess moisture. Close the lid and allow to remain on WARM for 10-30 minutes as needed, opening the lid and stirring periodically to release excess moisture.
The bottom layer of rice is browned/ caramelized.The bottom layer of cooked rice may become slightly browned and/or caramelized during cooking. To reduce browning, rice should be rinsed before cooking to remove any excess starch. Stirring rice once it switches to WARM will also help to reduce browning/caramelizing.