Swann security camera troubleshooting

The company Swann is a universal leader in security monitoring, consumer electronics and security solutions for home and business. It appeared in Australia, but now it is represented in about 40 countries all over the world. Security cameras belong to its wide range of products. Below you can find the Swann security camera troubleshooting table to provide worthy control over errors and breakdowns of these units.

Swann Eye HD security camera troubleshooting

Q: I've forgotten the username and password of the camera.A: The default username is admin and the password is 123456. If you have changed the username and password to something different, you will need to reset the camera back to its default factory settings. To reset the camera, unplug the power adapter from the power socket then press and hold the Reset button while you reconnect the power adapter to the power socket. Release the Reset button after a few seconds.
Q: I've signed into SwannEye HD mobile app but I can't display my camera.A: Assuming your camera is plugged into power, your camera could be experiencing network connectivity issues. Do the following:
• Ensure your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your camera.
• Check the strength of your Wi-Fi network. Certain wireless products specifically those that operate in the 2.4GHz range such as Bluetooth systems, baby monitors or cordless telephones, may cause interference with the camera. If possible, place the camera at least 5 meters away from these types of devices to improve reception between the router and the camera.
• If you are viewing your camera away from home, there could be an issue with your mobile device's internet data connection. Check if there is 3G or 4G network connection on your mobile device. (If you’re on the EDGE mobile network, it'll be too slow to stream video from the camera). Try going to a website like www.google.com via the Internet browser on your mobile device to check if the Internet works.
• If the problem persists, restart your camera by disconnecting and reconnecting the camera s power adapter and then sign into your SwannEye HD mobile app again to check if this fixes the problem.
Q: I'm unable to create an account for my camera through the SwannEye HD app.A: Have you already registered your camera through the SwannEye HD Pro on your computer? You can just use the existing SwannEye account username and password to log in through the SwannEye HD app on your mobile device.
Q: I've forgotten my SwannEye account password.A: Click on the "Forgot Password" button on the www.swanneye.com website or your SwannEye HD mobile app or your SwannEye HD Pro software and submit your SwannEye account username. We will retrieve your password and send it to your registered email address.
Q: Images are slow to update or have a poor frame rate.A: The quality of the image and frame rate can be affected several factors -
• Network bandwidth: Your network may be slow to handle the amount of data passing through it. Other devices or programs might be consuming the bandwidth that is available. Try removing the other devices to see if the performance improves. Lowering the resolution and bitrate may also improve things.
• Computer performance: Your computer may not be powerful enough to handle the live video streams coming in. If you have multiple cameras connected, try viewing them one at a time to see if the performance improves. You can also try viewing the live stream at a lower resolution and bitrate.
• Mobile performance: Live stream viewing is dependent on the hardware specifications of your mobile device. Not all mobile devices are made equally. Just like a computer, the speed of the hardware and the memory available wilt affect performance. Also, the overall speed of your mobile service provider can also play a part. If you are having issues with playback, try viewing the live stream at a lower resolution and bitrate.
Q: On the SwannEye HD mobile app, I cannot access the Wi-Fi or video settings.A: You only have access to the Wi-Fi and video settings if your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your camera. This will not work if you are connected from a remote location. If you want to change settings your devices must be connected directly to the same network.
Q: How do I create a new SwannEye account for a camera that's already registered to another account?A: If you're trying to create a new account for a camera which has previously been registered with another account, you will first have to reset the account. Click on the “Reset Account" link on the www.swanneye.com website or the SwannEye HD Pro software. Once you reset your account, you will not be able to use the previous account details to log in.
Q: Why do indoor images flicker?A: This happens when the camera is used under fluorescent lights and the power frequency is set to 60Hz. Changing the power frequency to 50Hz will fix this issue. This applies to Australia and the UK. For the USA and Canada, if the power frequency is currently set to 50Hz, changing this to 60Hz will fix this issue
Q: What are the supported web browsers for accessing www.swanneye.com from my PC/Mac?A: On PC and Mac, we recommend using Google Chrome. However the following web browsers can also be used:
PC: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Mac: Safari.

Swann PNP-150 security camera troubleshooting

Problem: I can't see the camera on my TV.Solution: Ensure the camera is plugged in and the TV or VCR is tuned to the correct input channel.
Problem: When I view my camera at night I only see a bright spot and no image. Solution: Night Vision will reflect when shining through a window. Move the camera to the other side of the window or another location.
Problem: The BNC Extension Cable will not connect to my TV.Solution: Connect the BNC to RCA adapter to the end of the Extension Cable and plug into the TV.
Problem: On my Swann DVR, Video Loss appears where my camera should be. Solution: Check the Extension cable is securely connected to the camera and check the connection is secure on the back of the DVR. Also ensure the camera has power by trying a second power outlet.

Swann PRO-750 security camera troubleshooting

Problem: My DVR is in Motion Detection mode, and continually records whilst the camera is moving.Solution: This is not a malfunction. When a DVR looks for "motion", what it is really doing is looking for a change between one image it captures and the next. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether it's something the camera sees or the camera itself that is moving, the DVR will interpret the change as movement. Turn off Motion Detection on your DVR if you are using the PRO-750 in Cruise Mode.
Problem: I cannot control the PTZ features of the camera.Solution: Check the integrity of your connections, particularly the RS485 connection and the power supply. Be sure the (+A) and (-B) terminals are connected the right way around. If this does not help, then the PTZ settings in your controller may be set incorrectly. Check the Command Address, Protocol (Default: Pelco-D) and Baud Rate (Default: 2400 bps) settings in your PTZ controller, and correct them where necessary. If you have only one camera attached to the PTZ controller
Problem: I don't know my Command Address!Solution: You can either go through them one at a time to see which one works
Problem: The camera won't turn on.Solution: Check your power adaptor is the right one for the PRO-750 (DC 12V). Make sure both the camera and the PTZ controller are supplied power.
Problem: I can't see anything at night.Solution: Whilst the PRO-750 has great low-light vision (needing only 0.01 Lux) it does need some light. If used in a pitch-black environment, it will not be able to see anything. Consider illuminating your subject - perhaps simply leaving a light on will make all the difference. If you really need to see in absolute darkness, consider upgrading to a camera with infrared night-vision built in.
Problem: After running the dome for an extended period, it seems to lose precision. Solution: The PTZ system needs to be re-initialized - this is the same procedure the dome undertakes when turned ON. To do this, either disconnect and reconnect power to the dome, or press PRESET followed by input "241" and press ENTER. The camera will re-calibrate itself, and accuracy of the pan/tilt system will improve.
Problem: The camera returns to the HOME position too quickly/slowly.Solution: Change the HOME point wait time. To do this, press PRESET followed by Then, enter a number from 77 - 80 based on the table below, and press ENTER to confirm.
77 = 64 Seconds 79 = 192 Seconds
78 = 128 Seconds 80 = 255 Seconds
Problem: How do I enable / disable the AUTO HOME point function?Solution: In the same way as changing the HOME point wait time. Press PRESET then Then, enter "81" and press ENTER to toggle AUTO HOME ON or "82" to turn it OFF.

Swann Pro-Series security camera troubleshooting

Problem: I can't get the OSD to display on my monitor.Solution: Check the power supply to the OSD Controller.
• Check if the Red and Black connectors are correctly inserted into the RS485 green plug. Look for the A+ and B- labels below the RS485 port on the bottomside of the OSD Controller. The Red connector should go into the A/+ input and Black connector should go into the B/- input.
Problem: Why are my video recordings displaying boxes when something is moving?Solution: This is normal when the camera's Motion Detection setting is enabled on the OSD. These boxes appear whenever the camera sees moving objects in the motion-sensitive areas and are embedded inside the feed your DVR is recording.
Problem: I misplaced the OSD Controller. Is there any other way to operate the OSD?Solution: Your Swann DVR has a PTZ port with a green plug attached which can be connected with the Red and Black connectors. For information on how to control the OSD on the DVR, see the DVR's instruction manual, specifically the PTZ section.

Swann SW344-DWD security camera troubleshooting

Problem: I'm getting a "NO SIGNAL" message on my screen where I want to see my images.Solutions:
1. Make sure the camera is getting power from the supplied 5V power adaptor.
2. Ensure that the camera is properly paired with the receiver
3. Check that the channel you are displaying is the one paired with the camera.
4. If all else fails, try moving the camera closer to the receiver, and be sure there are no obstacles (such as thick walls or metal sheets) in between the camera and the receiver blocking the signal.
Problem: When I view the footage from the camera at night, I see a bright white spot and no image.Solution: Having the camera looking out a window is problematic, as the glass will reflect the infrared beams from the LEDs, over-exposing your image. Move the camera so that there are no barriers (even transparent barriers such as glass) between the camera and what you want to see. Also, make sure there are no objects within 371 m of the lens, as these can reflect the infrared beams as well.
Problem: I can't hear any sound on my TV.Solution: Check the connections between the receiver and the TV, specifically the red and/or white connector(s) are plugged in correctly. Check the volume settings on the TV. Also, remember that the range of the microphone is not the same as the range of the camera - the camera will record anything in front of it that it sufficiently lit, however a microphone will only record sound within a few feet (unless the sound is very loud).
Problem: The image on my TV appears to be distorted.Solution: Check the PAL/NTSC settings on your television are correct for your region (NTSC for USA and Canada, PAL for Australia and Western Europe). If this does not fix the problem, check the connections between the receiver and your screen. If you are using a long RCA cable (anything over 672m) try using a shorter one, particularly if there are other electrical devices located close to the TV and receiver.
Problem: At night, the camera can only see 2678m.Solution: This is not a malfunction - this is the range of the infrared beam that the camera uses to see at night. Move the camera closer to what you wish to view. Alternately, you could purchase and install a sensor floodlight, which are available at most good hardware stores.

Swann Wireless OutdoorCam SW231-WDC security camera troubleshooting

Problem: I can't see the camera or receiver on my TV.Solution: Ensure the camera and receiver are plugged in and the TV or VCR is tuned to the correct input channel
Problem: All I can see at night is a white image.Solution: The camera's infrared LEDs shine invisible light that reflects off surfaces such as glass causing white light. Place the camera on the other side of windows or place lens of camera flush against the window to try to improve the night vision or place the camera in a well lit area.
Problem: I keep getting interference in my home or business.Solution: The Wireless OutdoorCam operates on the 2.4GHz frequency like many devices such as wireless routers, cordless phones, microwaves. If possible keep the cameras and receivers away from these devices.
Problem: Motion detection on my DVR keeps recording interference from my cameras.Solution: Analog cameras such as the Wireless OutdoorCam are not recommended for use with DVRs due to potential interference from other devices. We recommend using wired cameras or the ADW-300 Digital Wireless (SW233-ADW) camera that does not suffer from interference.
Problem: The picture keeps changing from one camera to the next.Solution: The receiver is in Loop Mode. On the receiver move the 'L' switch up to the Off position.
Problem: I only see 1 or 2 of my cameras when I press the Set button.Solution: Channels on the receiver are turned off. Move the switches down to the ON position to activate all cameras.
Problem: When I try to power the camera with a battery the image stops transmitting after only a couple of hours.Solution: This camera requires a constant supply of power to operate. Batter- ies can be used for temporary testing, placement purposes but mains power is recommended for a long term solution.