La Crosse weather station troubleshooting

La Crosse Technology is a multinational company founded in the 1991 in Alsace, France. Today it is one of the most reputable manufacturers of radio-controlled clocks, wireless weather stations and other measuring instruments. Recently, it has also developed and produced systems of the “smart House” type. La Crosse weather station is suitable for a person who, for example, wants to diversify the interior of his/her living room with an interesting gadget. And one more profit is that now you don’t need to wade into the Internet or go out to a balcony on a cold autumn morning to know how to dress.

La Crosse WS-8035U-IT weather station troubleshooting

Problem:The LCD is faint.
Solution:1) Set the LCD contrast to a higher level.
2) Replace batteries.
Problem:No outdoor temperature/humidity is displayed.
Solution:1) Remove all batteries, reinsert into the remote thermo/hygro sensor first, then into the indoor weather station.
2) Place remote thermo/hygro sensor closer to the Wireless Weather Station.
3) Be sure all batteries are fresh.
4) No other interfering sources are being used (such as computer monitors, TV sets, headphones, or speakers) in the vicinity. The signal travels in a straight line, an electrical source near that “line” may cause interference.
Problem:Temperature, humidity, or air pressure is incorrect.
Solution:1) Check/Replace batteries.
2) If multiple remote sensors are in use, check location with corresponding “boxed numbers.”
3) Move away from sources of heat/cold.
4) Adjust relative air pressure to a value from a reliable source (TV radio, etc.).
5) The Wireless Weather Station and remote sensors are calibrated at the factory. If there is a consistent problem, please call La Crosse Technology.
Problem:“- -” in humidity display.
Solution:1) Humidity is below 1% or above 99%.
Problem:WWVB time and date will not set or update
Solution:1) Wait until overnight for signal to be received
2) Move Wireless Weather Station away from sources of electricity
3) Place Wireless Weather Station in window facing Colorado
4) The first reception is most difficult, as the indoor weather station needs five continual minutes of clear signal reception. After the initial time/date set, the indoor weather station only requires one full minute of clear reception each night.

La Crosse WS-9096U weather station troubleshooting

Problem:No reception of WWVB time signal
Solution1) Wait overnight for signal.
2) Be sure indoor weather station is at least 6 feet from any electrical devices, such as televisions, computers, or other radio-controlled clocks.
3) Remove batteries for five minutes, reinsert and leave alone without pressing buttons overnight.
4) If there are still problems, contact La Crosse Technology
Problem:Hour is incorrect (minute and date are correct)
Solution:Be sure correct time zone and daylight saving time are selected.
Problem:The LCD is faint
Solution:1) Set the LCD contrast to a higher number
2) Replace batteries
Problem:No remote temperature/humidity is displayed
Solution:1) Remove all batteries, reinsert into remote sensor(s) first, then indoor weather station.
2) Place remote sensor(s) closer to indoor weather station.
3) Be sure all batteries are fresh.
Problem:Remote humidity displays
Solution:1) A temperature only sensor is being used and displayed
2) The humidity is outside the range of 1-99%