Blinking red light on Samsung TV remote

If the remote control, familiar to every owner of a Samsung TV, suddenly starts to wink with a red signal during everyday use, then, most likely, it has become detached from the receiving device. This kind of difficulty is fairly easy to completely overcome.

When the remote device gives such an unpleasant sign, you just need to turn on the Samsung. Then, from a distance of about a couple of feet, you need to point the remote at its screen. At the same time, press and hold the return and play pause button for five seconds. Then complete pairing will occur, the normal signal of the remote control and battery will light up.

Causes of the problem

A blinking red and unresponsive Samsung remote control can throw anyone off balance. But don’t despair right away. It is better to find out the true reasons why the remote device is malfunctioning. And then it is advisable to try to deal with the problem once and for all.

Pairing violation

Every owner of Samsung equipment wants the remote to work properly. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve its coordinated actions with the TV. They are automatically paired upon initial setup and usually work together. But over time, the remote device tends to disconnect from the receiving device and start winking red light when trying to use it.

Pairing violation

Then pairing must be done manually. Usually it happens without much difficulty and delay. Therefore, you should remember a number of actions that need to be carried out in this case:

  • the Samsung home appliance must be turned on with the power button located on the receiver itself;
  • the remote control must be brought to it a couple of feet and point it at the TV along the line of the infrared sensor;
  • then press and hold “Return” and “Play/Pause” for five seconds;
  • it is required to wait for the end of pairing;
  • the result will be the appearance on the screen of the icon of the remote control and the battery, signaling the success of the process.

Weakening or failure of the battery

The quickest way to test a specified item is to try it with other equipment. If it works fine, then the problem is with something else.

Most often, the owner of the TV does not have to delve into the complexity of testing the battery. He only needs to install a new battery and make sure its position is correct.

It is necessary to turn the remote control with the back cover up and pay attention to the direction arrow. Following it, you need to open the corresponding compartment. Then the discharged elements are removed, and two new types of AA are installed in their place. Then it is worth checking the remote device connected to the receiving device.

Clogged infrared sensor

A variety of items that make up the everyday environment of any living room (all kinds of toys, large furniture, scattered literature, soundbars, etc.) can create noticeable interference with the remote control when it is at the intersection of the signal line coming from it to a Samsung household appliance. Removing them can eliminate the difficulty and normalize the functioning of the remote device.

Clogged infrared sensor

For best results, it is desirable to check the accuracy of its direction to the receiver in order to ensure line of sight. In addition, it is necessary to check the position of the remote control at a distance of at least a couple of feet from the infrared sensor.

Occasionally, dirt and a layer of dust can block it, and therefore it will stop functioning when you try to use the remote control.

Mechanical damage

Any blow to the remote control can cause it to malfunction. It will also, as before, give a red signal. But it will cease to function fully due to the lack of normal circuit connections of the motherboard.

If the remote device has stopped working due to mechanical damage, then it is most reasonable to purchase a new one. A number of its elements can be repaired, but replacing it with a more modern version is financially feasible.

Sticky buttons

Over time, a variety of dirt and oxidation accumulates on the remote control, due to which it begins to malfunction or refuse to work at all. It is important to know that it will be possible to repair the buttons.

Most often, they stop working due to the accumulation of dust and chemical compounds, so such problems can be eliminated. You just need to be patient and set aside time for such chores. You need to do the following:

  1. Turn the remote on the back cover and find the direction arrow there.
  2. Open the corresponding compartment and remove the batteries.
  3. Use a suitable size screwdriver to locate and remove the screws.
  4. Remove the front panel to gain access to the printed circuit board.
  5. Using a rubber eraser, carefully abrade the contacts to remove oxidation.
  6. Remove the rubber gasket from the body and then wash it in hot soapy water.
  7. Soak a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and clean the contacts.
  8. Assemble the console and tighten the fasteners.
  9. Monitor his work.

Sticky buttons

Other ways to troubleshoot a blinking red Samsung remote

It also happens that all of the above has already been done. However, nothing triggered the remote. Then it is worth considering the method associated with turning off and on the remote device and the receiver. By resetting their settings, you can eliminate a large amount of violations and complexities.

Switching off and on the remote control

Rebooting a non-working Samsung remote is quick and easy. You need to open the battery compartment and take them out. Then you need to press the power button and hold it for 20 seconds to completely discharge the capacitors of the remote device and reset the settings.

Then you need to reinstall the batteries. After checking the remote control, the owner, most likely, will be convinced of its serviceability.

Switching off and on the TV

These actions will help eliminate a large number of difficulties. This process is quick and easy.

First you need to unplug the receiving machine from the power outlet. Then, for a minute, you must press and hold the power button. Such a solution contributes to the final discharge of the capacitors of the household appliance, completely resetting its settings. After you need to reconnect it and put it into action. Most likely, the owner will make sure that the remote control is working.

Switching off and on the TV

Using the SmartThings App for Remote Control

Sometimes it also happens that the remote control does not want to function normally, and there is no necessary time to wait for its replacement. Then you need to use the Samsung SmartThings application, which helps you manage your equipment.

You should download it from the Google Play store or another source, and then simply reconfigure your account. After it appears, you need to add your TV there.