How to setup Chromecast on the Samsung TV

Nowadays, many people are looking to buy a Samsung TV. This is a very high quality equipment and its properties only benefit from the installation of Chromecast. But in order to enjoy the broadcast, you first need to set it up.

Network Media Player Debugging Guide

Samsung does not manufacture home appliances originally equipped with this technology. Therefore, fans of series and films will have to purchase the desired device on their own.

To set it up, connect the HDMI connector to the corresponding port on the TV receiver, and the other to an electrical outlet. Then, on the smart device, you need to install the Google Home application and select the “Set up device” item in its menu.

If you carefully study the official list of brands of models provided by Google with a built-in Chromecast, it will immediately become clear that Samsung is not on the list. Therefore, if you want to use a network media player on this TV, you will first have to take care of buying it.

The user will be pleased with the fact that setting up such a technology on the receiving Samsung device is not particularly difficult. As long as you have all the necessary equipment at hand and a reliable Internet connection, this should not take more than a few minutes.

Chromecast Network Media Player guide

Therefore, you need to immediately list what is required during the setup process, then the procedure will not have to be interrupted for any reason. The presence of:

  • Google Chromecast with included wires;
  • a tablet or smartphone with the “Google Home” application available on it;
  • reliable connection to the Internet;
  • Wi-Fi username and password.

Setting up a network media player on a home appliance

As already mentioned, this technology is not provided on any Samsung device, so the installation procedure will be the same for any of its models.

Chromecast connection

First, you need to connect the HDMI connector of the media player directly to the corresponding port of the TV equipment. You should immediately make sure that the micro-USB part is connected to the charger network device, and that it itself is connected to an electrical outlet.

Some users believe that this technology needs the power to function. However, electricity is required for its normal operation.

Finally, the TV receiver needs to be activated and the desired source input outputted. If this has not already been done, then simply press the appropriate button on the remote control. HDMI and Chromecast wallpapers will arrive sooner or later.

Chromecast connection

Downloading the Google Home App

It is very important to correctly download this application to your smart device. You also need to have a Google account to use it.

Then you need to follow the provided instructions.

You need to go to the main screen and follow a series of steps:

  1. Select the “+” sign.
  2. Click “Set up device”.
  3. Stop at “New Device”.
  4. After the Google Home app automatically searches for your Chromecast, you need to enter your Wi-Fi information and complete a few more requirements.

It is very important to make sure that the network media player is connected to the same network as the mobile phone or tablet. After all the actions taken, the technology will be ready for action.

In order to start browsing, you need to open a special application of the corresponding service, and click on the button in the upper right corner. If the user is interested in Netflix, then on the smartphone, you need to launch the desired application, select your favorite series, click the broadcast symbol at the top right and select Samsung.

Troubleshooting Guide

By following these instructions exactly, the Chromecast should work. If this does not happen, then some error has crept in. But most of the difficulties can be easily corrected. Several recommendations are required to combat such problems.

Troubleshooting Guide

Checking the network connection

Having an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection will help your network media player function efficiently. The first thing to do is to make sure you enter the correct login credentials for the Google Home app.

Then you need to check if your smartphone has a stable Wi-Fi signal that is capable of transmitting multimedia. You also need to be sure that the TV and equipment with the Google Home app are on the same network.

Turn on your Chromecast

If something goes wrong, you should reset the home appliance and network media player. To achieve this goal, you need to press and hold a small round button for at least a quarter of a minute.

It is also worth using another charging block or wire to check for difficulties in this direction.

You must also turn on your TV device and turn off your Chromecast, wait a few minutes, and then connect your network media player. Such actions will help reset existing installations and repeat the specified actions.

Connecting technology to a port

The media device must be permanently connected to the HDMI port. It is required to make sure that it is firmly fixed in it and does not give slack.

Some of the older models of Samsung equipment are not equipped with these connectors but still allow you to use Chromecast. Just buy an HDMI to AV converter. Then you need to insert the appropriate connector of the network media player into it and connect the wires to the back of the TV receiver.