By whom and where are made Vizio TVs?

For those who have bought or are just planning to get a Vizio TV, the question may arise: who produces equipment under such a brand name?

Producing countries for Vizio products

The creation technology was invented in the USA, but it is manufactured in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Mexico. This is due to the fact that the concern gives the production of electronic equipment to companies:

  • BOE,
  • Foxconn,
  • Innolux,
  • KIE,
  • Tonly,
  • TPV,
  • Zylux.

The listed manufacturers purchase components and assemble Smart TVs on their own factory lines.

In fact, the brand belongs to an American company, but the production facilities are located outside the country. In America, design is being developed and products are being sold.

Producing countries for Vizio products

Design project

When creating any TV model, two factors were taken into account: high-quality service for customers and price. This happened due to the fact that the company’s policy is focused on the production of inexpensive and high-quality TVs using modern technologies.

To reduce costs, the concern gives the production of TV and the purchase of components for assembly to other companies. The design team cooperates with outside organizations and develops a budget design.

Always pay attention to the design of the equipment. He will tell a lot not only about the price, but also about the manufacturer’s desire to please the client. Pretentious and noisy – not always good. Sometimes conciseness and restraint can please more.

Vizio has not produced its own technologies for a long time, which are implemented in its products. It is dependent on the legal rights of third party brands to these manufacturing techniques and does not have much of a patent right.

Design project


Due to the fact that Visio does not have its own assembly or testing plants, the company completely outsourced its responsibilities to third parties:

  1. Manufacturing;
  2. Picking;
  3. Approbation;
  4. Pre-sale preparation.

Large old brands that have been on the Russian market for a long time also sin by transferring production rights to Asian regions. So, a brand that is not necessarily promoted with a bang means the highest quality, and well-known trade names are a privileged caste.

Most of the televisions are collected by seven global Asian brands, mainly of Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Thai and Mexican origin.

The founders of the company enlisted the support of these manufacturers, which allows them to regulate prices for component parts: liquid crystal and OLED panels, integrated driver circuits, polarizers, color filters, semiconductor microchips, glass accessories.

Manufacturing of Vizio TV

After completing the elements, manufacturing, testing, the manufacturer is responsible for the assembled equipment until the prepared batches are transported and shipped to US logistics centers, from where they are distributed to trade organizations, then they will be sold to ordinary consumers through a retail network.

Implementation options

Visio sells its TVs to retailers and merchants, wholesale buyers, and any buyer across the wide expanse of America. The biggest TV retailers were Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart.

The sheer volume of TV sales is astounding! In the spring of 2021, more than a million Smart TVs were sold. At least 80 million TVs have been sold so far. Not surprisingly, the company has taken the lead in HDTV sales from all of these retailers.

Distributed in most cases through significant retail stores, Vizio spends little of its own money, which creates budget prices for buyers.


The Vizio TV equipment developed in the USA, produced in six Asian countries, is on sale not so long ago, but the mechanism for the appearance of these products on the market is already clear. The absolute transfer of their rights to manufacture by foreign firms relieved developers of the need to produce goods.

On the eve of the company Visio deteriorated relations with the Chinese manufacturer. This is due to the trade conflict. In addition, the American company does not have the right to be the owner of the technological content of the TVs. She only entered into agreements with the patented owners of the intellectual essence.

Vizio TV equipment

Manufacturing firms, after assembly, deliver TVs to the United States, then they are sold through stores.

Visio’s massive sales approaching 90 million TVs is an astounding $3.5 billion in nine-figure revenue. Unusually impressive profit in a short time. The result is an excellent product at an affordable price.

Question Answer

Is Vizio created by Sony?
No. It is an independent firm with its own head office in Irvine, California. It gives the right to release to partners with production facilities.

How good is this brand?
Among the global manufacturers – this brand of high quality at an affordable price from the models available on the modern market. They are produced with excellent signal transmission accuracy.

Can the company shut down?
This is not foreseen yet. The latest figures on the scale of sales are estimated at colossal amounts, which indicates the stability of the enterprise.

Who is Vizio competing against?
The main opponents in the production of television equipment are global giants with many years of popularity: Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL and Hisense. Many people who tried to analyze this market segment know about them. It is amazing how much weight is acquired among opponents and how quickly it happened. Visio has made it its principle to produce high-quality TVs that the average consumer can afford to purchase. Now it is the largest manufacturer of television equipment today.