Chromecast keeps disconnecting. How to fix it?

The popular Google Chromecast streaming device often creates certain difficulties for its owners when connecting, like any other equipment that interacts with Wi-Fi. In fact, the failure of this type of device to work is quite common, and almost every user faces it sooner or later.

Naturally, any person will be unhappy if this happens in the middle of an interesting series or movie. But you can console him with the fact that it is possible to quickly and easily eliminate the problem that has arisen.

Frequent shutdowns

If the technique in question periodically refuses to function, then such a nuisance usually occurs for three main reasons.

  1. The first of them is that the equipment is quite worn out.
  2. The second concerns the router, which also often experiences serious problems with a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. The third is that Chromecast is sometimes overloaded.

But it does not matter which of these major causes led to this malfunction. It’s not that hard to deal with her.

Determination of the causes of failure

Nowadays, a very large number of different models of this type of equipment are produced. But the proposed improvements allow you to cope with any of them, so its owner does not have to worry about the production series. All Google products periodically issue connection difficulties.

Before you get rid of the problem, you need to address its root cause. Therefore, it is necessary to return again to the three main reasons for the emergence of difficulties.

Determination of the causes of failure

Obsolescence or deterioration of the device

Most models of this type of equipment have a not-too-long service life, limited to three years. Then it starts giving various connection-related errors. In this case, the best way out of the situation would be to purchase a new Chromecast.

But it also happens that it has just been released, but is already malfunctioning. So the reason is something else. Therefore, before you go to the store, you should try to fix the old equipment.

Wi-Fi Connection Difficulties Caused by Router

This device also often creates problems. Therefore, to check its connection with Wi-Fi, it is worth trying to take a laptop or smartphone.

Most appliances can be restarted by simply disconnecting the power for a few minutes.

Moving it closer to the Chromecast also gives good results. Many routers are limited to a narrow range so remote equipment cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

This reason is the most common, so first of all you need to think about it. Google recommends that you place your Chromecast within 15 feet of your router.

Chromecast keeps disconnecting WiFi

Excessive device use

The equipment is sometimes overloaded, and its use for too long can provoke overheating or rapid wear. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to completely turn off the equipment for several days.

After a certain amount of time, it starts to function perfectly. If the Chromecast still does not work, then you should consider purchasing a new one.

Worn-out equipment, most likely, will no longer work as it used to.

Prompt action for any device

After finding out the reason, it will be easy to get the equipment working. Therefore, it is required to give an example of the most obvious ways to fix a recurring connection error.


The first thing to do is to restart the machine. Sometimes this immediately helps to restore the connection. Then, while turning on, you must hold the button on its side until the indicator turns orange.

Then you need to press reset until a white signal appears. It means restarting the Chromecast and updating its Wi-Fi connection.

Reboot Chromecast

Rebooting the Router

It is very easy to reset existing settings. Unplug the equipment from the outlet for a few minutes and then plug it back in. It will take a few minutes to re-establish connection with all equipment.

If such actions did not work, then you still need to continue working with the router. It and Chromecast need to be rearranged closer to each other. Sometimes long distance is to blame for Internet connection failures.

Cord Accuracy

The main part of the models goes on sale, complete with an audio cable, power cord, and plug.

If a non-native cable is used, then difficulties often arise with the operation of the equipment.

If the cord is lost, you will have to buy it again. Either way, it costs less than a new Chromecast.

Google Chrome update

The next action should be to monitor the current version of the browser. If it has not been updated for a long time, then when using it with any digital device, connection difficulties often arise.

To fix this state of affairs, you need to go to the Google Chrome settings and bring them to the latest version. But this troubleshooting will only work when a computer is used.

Guarantee period

Most owners of equipment have warranty obligations from the manufacturer and seller. Therefore, if they have not expired, then you need to send the Chromecast to the service center or replace it. If the contract is valid, then it must be used in case of equipment malfunction.

Google provides a limited warranty on its products. Therefore, proof of the fact of purchase in the form of a receipt or check is often additionally required.

Guarantee period

In conclusion, it is worth saying that this type of device, for various reasons, often creates connection difficulties. If they occur too often, then you need to try to correct the situation.

The steps are listed in the recommended order.

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Restart the Wi-Fi router.
  3. Moving him closer to the equipment he serves.
  4. Giving her rest for a day or more.
  5. The use of cords is strictly intended only for her.
  6. Update Google Chrome browser.
  7. Contacting a service company.

If all attempts were in vain, you will have to buy a new Chromecast. Google reports that its lifespan does not exceed three years. Then the equipment begins to rapidly become obsolete. Therefore, you will have to buy another one if it was not possible to eliminate its malfunctions.