Common problems when LG refrigerator ice maker not working

It happens that before the LG ice machine functioned quite well, but now it cannot even give out a single serving of well-frozen cubes. Then any of its owners must be aware of what the complex of problems is. Most of them are usually associated with the operation of the generator.

Usually in the LG refrigerator, all failures are associated with:

  • violation of the ice machine;
  • malfunction of the control board;
  • failure of the fan in the freezer;
  • breakage of the water supply valve;
  • strong temperature fluctuations in the generator room.

Therefore, to begin with, you need to carry out a simple diagnostic test. It will allow you to determine what the essence of the failure of the device is.

LG refrigerator ice maker not working

Troubleshooting Refrigerator Ice Maker

In order to start testing the unit, you must first open the ice chamber and remove the container from it.

Now there are two main types of LG devices on the market. The first of these implies the presence of a power button at the bottom. Therefore, before starting the process, you need to make sure that it is enabled. It must be held for at least 3 seconds before the device starts to rotate.

Then a towel or other rag should be placed in the ice room to collect the water or ice formed here. If they fall from the tray, the fabric will immediately hold them back.

Another type of generator is designed without power switch and tray. But for the successful passing of the test, the use of a towel is also important.

This model provides for the presence of a small hole on the left, which is a button to control the operation of the equipment. It also needs to be pressed and held for three seconds until the rotation starts.

First, for about a couple of hours, the refrigerator should be tested once with a mains connection. Secondary monitoring of the operation is carried out after disconnecting it from the power supply for half a minute, followed by a restart of the ice maker.

LG ice maker failure

Causes of LG ice maker failure when loading water

Most often, this problem occurs when the filter malfunctions. Its essence will be clear because during the test the unit will not be filled with liquid. Without such a part, or if it is installed incorrectly in the housing, water will not flow into the dispenser and ice maker.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully insert the filter, press on it and turn it. Then it will be firmly fixed.

If, when changing it, it was noticed that the unit was leaking, then the reason could be water pressure. The new part will allow it to flow more freely and when the liquid enters the ice maker, a splash sound will be heard. Part of it will go to the bottom of the compartment and leak to the floor.

If there is a ball valve behind the refrigerator, you need to reduce the water pressure in the unit. To do this, turn the valve by 45 ° or even less, and then find the correct position, which allows you to achieve optimal fluid flow into the device. At the same time, someone must press firmly on the dispenser. The applied efforts will reduce the pressure to the required mark.

It also happens that the ice maker leaks water due to the cubes getting stuck in the tray when pouring them into the bucket. Then the liquid will fill the tank and it will overflow. Soon it will begin to seep onto the tray.

Then you need to get the ice maker and thoroughly clean the inner surface of the tray from the resulting scale.

Of great importance is the malfunction of the intake valve. If it is broken, then water will not flow into the tank. You need a multimeter to check it.

Typically, LG refrigerators are equipped with a couple of these parts. The main one is located on the rear surface, and the additional one, designed for the ice maker, is located in the left door. The second receives water from the first. But usually the additional valve becomes the cause of the failure. Therefore, to find a breakdown, you need to carefully monitor the status of each of them.

Often there is a malfunction of the water hose. Behind the LG refrigerator is a water hose leading to the inlet valve. If it is twisted, then the flow of water to it will be limited.

Problems with the ice maker are also common. If the machine is unable to cope with the diagnostic test and does not start immediately, then the cause is usually an engine failure.

The malfunction of the control board is also of great importance, since LG refrigerators are equipped with it. If it does not supply power to the ice maker, or if any of its relays fail, the entire system will shut down.

When any parts of the mechanism work normally, and the ice maker starts only by pressing the RESET button, then the breakdown should be looked for in the main control board or the optical sensor of the ice maker.

Ice supply problem

Most often, unpleasant situations are associated with a defect in the operation of the freezer fan of the ice maker, which pumps cold air into the compartment. In normal times, such a process quickly and efficiently leads to the formation of ice. If the temperature in the compartment exceeds -12 degrees, then there will be no ice.

Ice supply problem

To test the machine, it is necessary to use a magnet on the top of its door, simulating the closing of the unit.

If there is a feeling that the vents are letting in cold air, then the fan is running at full speed.

How to best set up your LG freezer for full ice making

Indicators of -2 degrees Fahrenheit or -20 Celsius are optimal for normal operation of the device. In order to set the desired mark, you should press the button corresponding to the freezer. It will show a list of available settings and allow you to select your preferred mode.

Restarting the LG Refrigerator System

To return to the basic settings of the ice maker, turn off the power to the refrigerator or unplug it from the outlet for half a minute. During this time, it will restart.

Restarting the LG Refrigerator System

IcePlus designation in LG refrigerator

After the entire volume of ice available in the refrigerator has been used, it takes at least a couple of hours to produce a new required volume of cubes. Some LG models are equipped with the IcePlus option. It will make the freezing process twice as fast.

The required amount of time to make ice for LG refrigerator

A newly purchased unit will produce the required batch in at least a day. However, every subsequent 2 or 3 hours, it will produce more and more cubes.

Checking the Optical Sensor on an LG Ice Maker

A broken optical sensor is one of the most common reasons why the ice machine does not work in automatic mode.

In order to correctly understand the essence of the problem that has arisen, it is worth checking the status of each of the optical sensors.

Checking the Optical Sensor on an LG Ice Maker

You need to do the following:

  1. Remove the ice basket.
  2. Close the left door tightly.
  3. Leave the freezer door open.
  4. Do not access the device for at least three minutes.
  5. Press the lock button and the refrigerator button at the same time.

After all the steps have been completed in sequence, the display of the refrigerator will show ETY. She says that the ice detection sensor works well.

When the inscription “Full” appears, it is urgent to repair the sensor, since such a designation indicates its breakdown.

If a similar inscription is visible when the ice container is empty, then a complete sensor failure has occurred. It is an integral part of the ice machine design, so it is best to replace it completely, and then re-evaluate the operation of the machine.