Defender security camera troubleshooting

Defender is a Russian trading company, which was established in the 1990. Defender introduced the familiar for many people protective screens for computer monitors. Over time, Defender started to expand its range of products, having established itself on the market of devices and computer peripherals, including security cameras. All products of the brand are manufactured at plants of East Asia and Western Europe. Defender works for your comfort. The troubleshooting table below, which helps to reveal errors and breakdowns of security cameras, is below.

No picture/signal:• Make sure your TV/monitor is on the correct video input channel. This is NOT channel 3 Common terms for this channel is INPUT, AV CHANNEL, LINE 1, LINE 2 and AUX. Please use your TV or VCR manual to correctly identify this channel
• If your camera is connected to a VCR/DVR, make sure that it is property connected to your TV/monitor
• Check all connections to make sure they are secure and properly connected
• Check your power supply to ensure that the camera is powered up
Picture is too bright:• Make sure your camera is not aimed at direct sunlight
• Adjust the sunshade by sliding it forwards to block out excess light
• Make sure nothing is obstructing the CDS sensor on the camera. If the CDS sensor is blocked, night vision mode will be active and may produce extra light in your camera's picture
• Move your camera to another location
Picture is too dark:• If using at night, make sure your camera's subject is no more than 15ft away (may vary based on amount of ambient light available)
• If using during the day, your camera may not be getting enough light. Adjust the sunshade by sliding it backwards to let in more light
• Check the brightness and contrast settings on your TV/monitor
• If your camera is connected to a VCR/DVR, check the brightness and contrast settings on the VCR/DVR
• Move your camera to another location
Night Vision is not working:• The night vision turns on automatically when light levels drop. Try the camera in a pitch black setting. The area that it is in may have too much light and may not activate the sensor
• Cup your hands around the front of the camera and look at the LEDs. They should be glowing red. If they are not, check the power supply
• LEDs need to reflect off of an object within range for the camera to display an image