Dirt Devil steam troubleshooting

Dirt Devil brand appeared in the 1905 in the United States as a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. Since the 1999, the company is partly owned by the German company TTI (Techtronic Industries). In addition to vacuum cleaners, the company produces steam cleaners. Troubleshooting table below is for Dirt Devil steams. It should help in detecting of errors and repairs.

Dirt Devil AquaClean steam troubleshooting

ProblemPossible cause Solution
Steam ready indicator is not on after switching on or goes out just after switching onThe overheating protection device has tripped due to an empty water tank.
Disconnect power cord from mains, release the last reserves of steam, let the appliance cool for about thirty minutes and fill the water tank (Chapter 3.5, Tilling the water tank”).
Water tank and/or heating elements are calcified. Decalcify the appliance (Chapter 5.6, “If required: decalcify the appliance”).
Water tank cap cannot be opened after you have pulled the plug, discharged the remaining steam, and have allowed it to cool for at least 30 minutes.The pressure in the water tank is still too high or the safety valve integrated into the water tank cap is stuck. Press the steam button again to discharge any remaining steam. If this is not enough, press the red pin in the water tank cap with a sharp object (e.g. a pen) and release the water tank cap for opening in this way.
The appliance is steam ready, but no steam is produced when the steam button is pressedThe child safety device/lock (Fig. 1/22) of the steam button (Fig. 1/21) is not released. Release the child safety device/lock of the steam button (Chapter 4.2, “Steam cleaning procedure”).
The steam channels are calcified. Decalcify the appliance (Chapter 5.6, “If required: decalcify the appliance").
The nozzles are clogged by lime scale. Clean the nozzles , e.g. using the cleaning needle (Fig. 1/47*, ‘optional).
The floor is spotty after cleaningThe cleaning-cloth may have been dirty or have become worn-out due to improper care. Replace the cloth with a clean or new one (Chapter 6.3, “Disposal").
You may have been cleaning too long in one place. Never work the steam cleaner on one spot for too long.

Dirt Devil DDSTM1500 steam troubleshooting

ProblemPossible ReasonPossible Solution
Reduced steam or no steam1. Water tank is empty1. Fill water tank
2. AU: 1300 361 505 / NZ: 0800 800 900
2. Steam pump not on2. Turn on
Steam Mop worked intermittently and then stopped1. Not enough water in the tank1. Fill water tank
The indicator light is red1. Water tank is empty1. Fill water tank
Cleaning pad is very wet and no longer picking up dirt from the floor or carpet1. Cleaning pad is saturated1. Change pad
Steam mop left white spot on floor1. Steam mop left in one spot too long1. Never leave the steam mop on the floor with a damp or wet cleaning pad still attached when not in use.
2. Hard Water2. Use distilled water.