Does SMART TV have Bluetooth and why is it needed?

Every modern person has a whole set of gadgets, from a smartphone to a smart vacuum cleaner. We want every device to work smoothly, but we don’t like to deal with connecting them through cables and sockets. To make it easier for consumers, manufacturers have begun to integrate Bluetooth into technology. Consider whether there is Bluetooth in SMART TVs, and what it is for.

Is there Bluetooth on SMART TV?

Equipment manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba are introducing “smart” functions into TVs. Built-in Bluetooth is one of those technologies that modern users love so much. Even if the TV is not equipped with Bluetooth, you can build it yourself using a special transmitter.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for transferring data between devices. Information is exchanged instantly at a distance of 50-100 m. The Bluetooth function is not mandatory for smart devices, but it will be useful for most users.

Bluetooth on SMART TV

To find out if your TV is equipped with this smart feature, you need to:

  1. Go to the options menu by pressing the INFO or MENU button.
  2. Find the section “Wired and wireless networks”.
  3. If the previous section is missing, then go to “Sound Effects”.
  4. In the sound systems section, you can immediately see Bluetooth, or activate “Search for a headset”. If this function is not present, then the TV does not have a wireless transmission function.

Modules are not built into all models of modern TVs. If this function is really necessary, then when buying, you need to focus on this.

Which TV models are equipped with Bluetooth?

Many TV manufacturers have begun to produce models with a Bluetooth module. However, in the product line there are always both budget and flagship representatives. The latter are just equipped with various “smart” functions, so their cost is higher than that of the others.

Smart TVs with Bluetooth are produced by the following companies:

  1. Samsung ( series 6-9, Q60T-Q800T, Frame, Serif).
  2. Sony (models created after 2016).
  3. LG (Nanoclass 81-99, UN7300, BX-ZX).
  4. Toshiba (Fire TV).
  5. Hisense (Laser TV, U6-U9, A6, H55).

You can make sure that the selected model really has wireless technology if you study the Operation Manual in advance.

If you do not have a brochure with instructions for using the equipment, then find all the available information on the manufacturer’s website. Enter the name and model of the TV in the search box and download the “manual”. Information about Bluetooth is contained on the page of the same name, or in the “Audio” category.

Sony X80J 4K Ultra HD LED

Best Smart TV with Built-in Bluetooth

The best Smart TV today is Sony X80J 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV. This model transmits and reproduces more colors than conventional TVs. Image quality is as close to reality as possible.

With the built-in Google TV, users can watch hundreds of thousands of movies and series using online services. Netflix, Youtube, Amazon and Apple TV are already built into the system. And most importantly – this TV has a compact soundbar. This provides a deeper and better sound.

What features does a Bluetooth TV have?

Bluetooth technology was created primarily for the convenience of users. Many buyers do not understand how this feature can be useful for them.

The presence of a wireless module allows:

  1. Connect wireless headphones and customize the sound for yourself. This is especially convenient when there are several people in the room, and each of them is busy with his own business. Headphones allow you to watch movies and TV shows without disturbing your neighbor.
  2. You can connect via Bluetooth not only headphones, but also other gadgets. For example, a smartphone or tablet to view photos on a big screen.
  3. The desire to turn on the TV can be sudden. Often at this moment the remote control is not at hand. If it is lost, then you can use your mobile device instead. To do this, you need to download a special application, and then connect the phone to the TV.

If the user connects gadgets to the TV using Bluetooth, he does not need wires. It is quite convenient and aesthetically pleasing, especially for those who do not like to clutter up the space around them.

How to connect to the Bluetooth

How to connect to the Bluetooth of your TV?

If the TV is not equipped with wireless technology, and you want to watch video with headphones, then you can resort to using an adapter. They come in different types and are available with and without a battery (USB).

A transmitter is a compact device that allows you to transmit sound over a cable and then route it to your wireless headphones or speaker.

If you do not want to buy additional equipment, then turn on Bluetooth through the secret service menu, or download a special application for your smartphone.

Secret menu

There is a secret service menu in every modern TV. It allows users to open a list of advanced options, turn additional features on or off. To get to the service menu, you need to know a specific key combination. Unfortunately, activating the Secret Service will void the TV’s warranty.

You can find suitable codes in a Google search by typing in the TV brand and manufacturer. Some combinations do not work right away, so be patient and try again.

Secret menu

Smartphone app

You can control the TV using a special application provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. The program synchronizes with the phone’s Bluetooth and sends sound to the connected headphones or speakers. This is not the most convenient option, but sometimes even it can be useful.

Bluetooth adapters

TV adapters are often referred to as “keys” because they open up additional options for users. The device allows you to create a SMART TV with intelligent options from a regular TV. Because Bluetooth uses “frequency hopping”, there is no interference when using Bluetooth even if multiple devices are connected to it.

Modules are internal and external. The former are used to connect to computers, laptops and acoustic equipment. The latter look like small gadgets that connect to TVs and similar electronics via USB, RCA and TRS.

You should not try to connect internal types of devices to TVs, as they are only for PCs and similar equipment. They will not function with modern TVs.

Bluetooth adapters

How to choose the right Bluetooth adapter for your TV?

Adapters can be both ordinary transmitters and transmitters with a receiver at the same time. Two-in-one models are considered better than standard ones. They make it possible not only to connect the TV to Bluetooth, but vice versa, to transfer music from a smartphone and play it through the TV.

When choosing an adapter, it is necessary to focus on several important parameters:

  1. Cost. Budget devices reduce sound quality and allow interference. It is worth paying attention to the goods of the middle price segment.
  2. Bluetooth version. Technologies are developing rapidly. In order not to miscalculate with the model, choose the most advanced module that operates at speeds of 4.0 and 5.0.
  3. Range. Some devices work within a 5-meter radius, while others, on the contrary, can cover a radius of 15-20 m. This information is indicated in the product specifications on the packaging or in the instructions.

Among other things, you should not ignore the warranty, completeness and reliability of the manufacturer.


Modern SMART TVs offer consumers a wide range of options. Watching movies and series has become even more comfortable, thanks to the presence of additional options. Among the most useful features is the presence of a Bluetooth module. If the manufacturer has not endowed your TV model with wireless technology, then you can purchase a special adapter and install it yourself. Bluetooth is a useful option that allows you to listen to music or watch movies on wireless headphones or connect to speakers. In addition, this technology allows you to connect to a smartphone to use it as a remote control.

Bluetooth for Smart TV