Few steps, how to sneak past Ring doorbell

These days, many people use the convenient Ring doorbells. Therefore, it is important for them to know how an attacker can bypass them. There are several options:

  • turn off the router or modem completely, because without the active presence of the wireless connection Ring is not able to function;
  • use a signal blocker or jammer to disrupt the passage of the Wi-Fi line;
  • application of a mechanical barrier or cover to block the chambers;
  • If you have access to the Ring application, you can turn off Motion Detection or remove the corresponding Motion Zones.

Any method is effective in its own way. Of great importance in this case is the risk of detecting unwanted actions and the price of the issue.

Disabling the Router or Ring Doorbell Modem

For their work, the products of this company need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Sometimes a wireless router or modem does not function, and with them the network ceases to be active. Then all the equipment will immediately refuse to operate. Therefore, when accessing the specified elements, you should simply turn them off, then the Ring doorbell will also stop.

Wi-Fi connections very often drop and disconnect connected devices. Therefore, their owner is likely not to worry right away. In any case, it will be quite difficult to establish the main cause of this malfunction, since the fact that another user disconnected the modem is not recorded anywhere.

Disabling the Router or Ring Doorbell Modem

The Ring application does not inform its owners well enough about the deactivation of the call. Most likely, its owner will not receive any notification at all.

He will need to go into the application, approach the door device and check its status. Then he will know if he is offline. Most likely, he will not even be aware that Ring has not been working for a certain time.

The easiest way to protect yourself from threats is to check your home for security. The owner should lock all doors and windows, and then install an alarm system. Then he will be able to prevent hacking and protect access to the router or modem.

You can even hide them altogether. Sometimes the intruder is just one of the naughty children who are trying to escape from parental supervision. Then it is advisable to hide the device in the house and take the key with you.

Using a Wi-Fi Blocker or Jammer to Mute Ring

If you do not have access to a router or modem, you need to apply the signal jammer action. It will allow you to sneak past the door unnoticed. Such devices deliberately perform the deliberate blocking, interfering with wireless communication or jamming.

A special device catches Wi-Fi signals. It provides “noise” by sending a huge number of waves at once in the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequency bands.

This method acts like the sound of impossibly deafening music. Naturally, people cannot talk in this environment. She tears her ears and no one hears the interlocutor.

Using a Wi-Fi Blocker or Jammer to Mute Ring (1)

The silencer most often reduces the intensity of the Wi-Fi signal coming from the Ring doorbell. As a result, it becomes useless.

Such suppressive equipment is very effective, but the law does not allow its use. In particular, because it does not matter to him the signal of which equipment he has to block and as a result, everything in the district falls silent. Naturally, such equipment cannot be freely used. People simply would not be able to call a doctor or firefighters. There are rumors that there are workarounds. But it’s better not to use them.

It is difficult to defend against this aggression. In general, the muffler is easy to buy abroad. Therefore, if the criminal came with such a device, then the fight against him is doomed to defeat.

Blocking the Ring doorbell chamber with a mechanical barrier or cover

This option is significantly different from the one described earlier. It is not a high-tech “signal suppressor” solution. On the contrary, instead of using some technique to break the Wi-Fi signal, it is suggested to block or cover the Ring doorbell camera.

It looks too banal, but, oddly enough, it has a great effect. You need to take a piece of tape or a plastic bag and place it on the device, rendering it useless. But this solution also has a drawback. It is difficult to get close enough to the camera that you can block or cover it.

You should also think about the fact that, firstly, such a movement will be noticed, and, secondly, that the sensor will make itself felt. He will warn the owner of the danger.

Blocking the Ring doorbell chamber with a mechanical barrier or cover

If you manage to disguise yourself first, and then promptly close the peephole, then for some time it will be disabled.

If the owner of the device is somewhere nearby, he will be alerted and will immediately check the status of the camera. If there is a black background, it will immediately take action.

All Ring doorbell owners also need to monitor their motion alert settings.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  1. Open the corresponding application.
  2. Select Ring doorbell.
  3. Wait for the “Motion Alert” to appear.
  4. Turn it on.

Then every time an unknown person passes near the door, its owner will receive a notification on his smartphone and immediately check the situation. If the camera is working but showing nothing, then it’s time to take action.

Disabling an option in the Ring app

This method of influencing the doorbell is given at the end, as it is the easiest and not very useful. If you apply it, then you will need access to the device itself with the application. It is it that is responsible for the signal that should be avoided in this case.

It is clear that if there is direct access to the gadget, for example, to the smartphone of the father or mother, the issue will be resolved immediately.

You need to open the app and then turn off Motion Detection or certain areas of the doorbell.

Disabling "Motion Detection"

Disabling “Motion Detection”

Some people manage to completely deactivate the motion recording option on the Ring by disabling the appropriate control.

For this you need:

  • open the application “Ring”;
  • click on the three lines in the upper left corner;
  • select “Devices”;
  • touch the one you want to configure;
  • disable motion detection;
  • application “OFF” will turn white;
  • “ON” will turn blue.

Motion and motion detection information are not identical. If you just turn them off, they will no longer be sent to your smartphone. However, the detector will remain on. Therefore, everything that he discovers will be recorded in the history log.

Accordingly, you should first make sure that “Motion detection” is deactivated. Then the device will not be monitored and, accordingly, alerts will no longer be sent.

Disabling certain “Movement Zones”

If you want to apply some creative solution, you can leave the motion detection, but disable certain areas on the camera. Then everything will go in the most usual way, despite the fact that the video device will not record anything.

You need to click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the Dashboard screen and select “Devices”. Then you need to touch the selected option to implement its settings. Of these, “Device Settings” will be needed. To change their settings, use the “Movement Settings”. After that, the button “Add movement zone” is used with the appearance of a colored field.

Next, you should carefully read the manual that appears on the screen and, in accordance with its recommendations, drag the points of the colored rectangle to change the controlled area. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to slip through it.

Disabling certain Movement Zones

When a motion zone is selected, when the process is completed, simply select the “Save” function.

Owners of houses and apartments, as well as parents of teenagers, should know about the easiest way to protect against those who try to disable the Ring application. Together with it, all the functions of the doorbell will fail. Therefore, you need to securely protect the device.

The vast majority of people keep the Ring app on their smartphone. So they just have to check the password on their phone and make sure no one knows it. And the most important thing is the understanding that the device cannot be left unattended.