How to dry the AirPods after shower?

A lot of people love music and are ready to listen to it everywhere, including the bathroom. Many people prefer functional Apple AirPods and often wonder if being in the shower can hurt them.

The use of audio equipment when taking water procedures

Under the current jet, these devices cannot be substituted. The manufacturer warns that you need to make sure that liquid does not get on them. They have waterproof properties, but it can still seep inside. Audio equipment will not deteriorate if something drops on it, but a powerful stream will certainly damage it.

If the shower hit AirPods, then Apple advises treating the equipment and charging case with a piece of microfiber cloth.

Then you should turn them over and place them on the fabric. The case must be opened and placed face down.

Then you should wait at least four hours, after which you need to make sure that the devices are working.

AirPods when taking water procedures

Waterproof Apple Airpods

Such headphones will withstand water and sweat, but still cannot be recognized as completely moisture resistant. Nothing will happen to them when in contact with a small amount of liquid, but getting into the washing machine or a quarter of an hour in the shower will be fatal for them.

Light contact with water

When using such devices during rain, nothing bad will happen to them. Also, everything will be in order during intensive training with an abundance of shed sweat.

The Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro audio equipment is fine for a little bit of getting wet. It is worn on the head, so it often falls victim to difficult climatic conditions or sports loads.

Full immersion

Unlike the iPhone, these devices cannot be submerged in water. They can completely and permanently fail.

If liquid penetrates under the charging case or into the cavity of the AirPods, then instant failure is not ruled out. When the headphones are completely immersed in liquid, a short circuit immediately occurs and they cease to function.

When the owner drops such equipment into water or takes it with him to the shower, then it must be urgently transferred to a dry place. The sooner the device gets there, the higher the likelihood that it will still serve.

If the audio equipment was only wet for a few seconds, then, in principle, it is able to survive. If she stayed in the water for more than 10-15 seconds, then there is a great chance that she can no longer be saved.

Drying AirPods after a shower

Drying AirPods after a shower

If the headphones are exposed to a jet, then they need to be dried. Usually such actions are carried out in the same way as if their object were a phone.

Actions should be as follows:

  • take a dry piece of microfiber;
  • wipe the equipment well with it;
  • treat the charging case so thoroughly;
  • put them on the fabric upside down.

AirPods should be face down with the case open.

Gradually they will dry out. It is better to leave the headphones for 4 hours, and then check their performance. If the stay in the water lasted more than 15 seconds, then it is worth letting them dry longer.

It is also advisable to place a couple of bags of bamboo charcoal next to them. They absorb moisture well and will have a positive effect on the equipment.

Using an air jet to push out water

It is also necessary to recommend to the owners of equipment another excellent method of saving it. It is the use of an air wave to displace liquid. It is similar to the function that the Apple Watch uses to emit it.

Using an air jet to push out water

First you need to make sure that the headphones and iPhone are not connected, and then, without inserting the device into your ears, turn up their volume to the maximum.

Then download the SiriShortcuts app. You need to cover the sensors on each AirPod, and then activate the “Water Ejection” shortcut. The owner will know that everything is working properly by feeling that the equipment will begin to vibrate and liquid will flow out of it. The process should be resumed until the situation stabilizes.

AppleCare+ coverage

Such insurance is an extended warranty provided by Apple. It covers a lot more than a typical 12 month service contract. This special co-pay offer is available to all customers with their first purchase of AirPods.

AppleCare+ also covers accidents, which include falls, water damage, and heat stroke. The cover is only allowed to be used once every 12 months, so there will be no charge for using the device again.

If such insurance is available, then it is even suggested to replace the equipment. This convenience will cost $29, which is much cheaper than $200 to buy a new kit.

AppleCare+ coverage AirPods

The regular Apple AirPods warranty does not cover liquid damage or other accidents that cause damage to the headphones. In this case, insurance covers only problems that have arisen through the fault of the company or the seller. Such situations include, for example, the breakdown of a brand new charging case.

Getting a new pair

If your headphones got into the water in the absence of AppleCare +, then it is better to think about buying new ones. In the fall of 2021, the company introduced this type of third generation equipment with improved fixtures. They provide about six hours of simultaneous listening and up to thirty hours of use with a fully charged case.

Protecting the device from liquid damage

An even better way out of the situation is to protect the equipment from falling into the water. Then it will never be damaged from excess moisture.

  1. Remember that AirPods should never be used in the shower. This thesis is clear to everyone, but, nevertheless, you need to repeat it again for better memorization: headphones are not suitable for use in conditions of a jet beating from a tap. They are waterproof, not waterproof.
  2. Before washing, be sure to check the pockets of clothes. Every person just needs to form a similar habit. Sometimes people just do not remember what can be overlooked. Banknotes, a purse, a phone or headphones can get into the car.
  3. It is worth buying a waterproof case for your devices. If their owner lives in a humid climate, then he just needs to heed this advice. An attractive moisture-resistant case for audio equipment will prevent water from penetrating into the cavity of sensitive electronics and help them to remain in excellent shape for a long service life. Special cases are not too expensive, and the market provides an opportunity to choose the most beautiful design and style. An additional advantage is that they provide protection against mechanical damage.
  4. It is necessary to clean audio equipment after sports activities. During training, a person sweats profusely and therefore moisture and salt deposits accumulate in it. After a long period of use and intense exercise, the liquid seeps inside and can ruin the electronics. Therefore, by the end of the day, you need to take out and wipe your AirPods and charging case with a paper towel or dry rag.

There is no need to be overzealous in such a matter. You just need to make elementary efforts to ensure the dryness of the headphones.

Protecting AirPods from liquid damage