How to find the power button on Vizio TV

Owners of the latest Vizio TVs have already noticed that the power button on the TV is not so easy to find. The thing is, it doesn’t have any noticeable markings. Beginners who have lost their TV remote control will have to tinker without additional information.

Where is the power button located on the Vizio TV?

The power button is present on all Vizio TVs, so to manually control the device, you just need to locate its location. If you look directly at the TV, then the button in the new models is in the rear lower part on the right. On older Vizio models, it is located on the left side of the bezel, or in the lower left corner of the bezel.

Looking for the power button on different Vizio models

Vizio models manufactured before 2015

While manufacturers did not strive to produce the thinnest TVs with a concise design, there were no problems finding the power button on the devices. If the model was made before 2015, then a useful button can most likely be found in the following places.

  1. Or in the lower left corner of the front panel, if you are facing the TV.
  2. Either on the side of the frame on the left, if you are facing the TV.

Vizio models manufactured before 2015

Usually, on older Vizio models, it is not difficult to find buttons even visually, since earlier designers did not pursue the task of hiding them from the eyes of users. If the button is still not visible, then it can be found by touch by running your fingers along the front of the TV.

Vizio models released after 2015

On TVs made since 2015 and newer models, the buttons are really hard to find. In addition, they are quite small and difficult to use. If it happens that the remote control is lost or out of order, it is better to replace it immediately. It is extremely inconvenient to use the buttons on the TV all the time.

Sometimes, however, there are cases when you cannot do without the power button on the TV. Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to find it.

  1. Go to the TV, turn to face it.
  2. Put your hand on the lower right corner.
  3. Run your fingers along the back of the TV, directly below the HDMI input jacks.
  4. Feel for the power button.

This method is especially relevant for those whose TV is already installed in a hard-to-reach place, for example, bolted to a bracket, and you can’t just turn it and carefully examine it.

Assignment of buttons on Vizio TVs

Assignment of buttons on Vizio TVs

The buttons on the TV have been found, but in order to use them correctly, you need to understand what they are and for what purpose they serve. If you have the opportunity to look at them, then you can distinguish subtle inscriptions. Most often these are three buttons with the following purpose.

  • The button on the top is the power button.
  • The button in the middle allows you to adjust the TV volume.
  • The button on the bottom is used to select the input signal.

If you lost your Vizio TV remote

When the VizioSmart TV remote control is lost or broken, using the buttons is an emergency method that cannot be used forever. The remote needs to be replaced, there are several good alternatives for this.

Vizio universal remote

These remotes went on sale in 2016, they can interact with Vizio TVs manufactured since 2012. The remote control works with more than 95% of models, including modern ones. It is quite easy to find and purchase at a reasonable price.

Vizio universal remote

Vizio smart TV remote control

The XRT136 remote is compatible with all Vizio TVs. Modern, stylish and high-quality gadget that can last a long time. It is inexpensive, so often users prefer to order an additional device in reserve, in case the main remote control is lost or broken.

Remote control for older Vizio TV models

The XRT020 remote control is compatible with Vizio TVs over 7 years old. This is a great option, since new remotes with such models are unlikely to successfully interact. The fact is that modern remotes have a much larger number of buttons. Therefore, some confusion is possible due to the incorrect interpretation of the signals by the old TV model.

Remote control for Vizio TVs marked E-Model

The remote control will work if the Vizio TV model has the letter E at the beginning of its name. This remote control is fully capable of replacing the main one, despite the fact that it may differ slightly in design. So, if the factory remote control from the E-series smart TV is lost or out of order, you can safely replace it with a stylish VR15 remote control.

Remote control for Vizio TVs marked E-Model

Why does the manufacturer hide the buttons on Vizio TVs?

If we talk about modern TV models, then you should pay attention to three important indicators that manufacturers and users pay attention to:

  • high-quality picture;
  • aesthetic design;
  • functionality of smart TVs.

First of all, the buttons have become hard to find precisely because of the modern aesthetic. Every year TVs look sleeker, bezels are getting thinner. The appearance is improved, including due to some familiar functional solutions. These are the buttons for controlling the TV.

For those who have a remote control at their disposal, this is not an inconvenience. After all, the buttons sticking out of the case do not add beauty to the TV. But if something happened to the remote control, then the importance of these buttons instantly increases, and I want them to be accessible and convenient.

Vizio SmartCast

The SmartCast app is designed to control Vizio smart TVs through your phone. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google PlayStore and other stores. To get started, just install the application on your phone and connect to the same Wi-Fi source with your TV.

Vizio SmartCast mobile app

If for some reason a regular TV remote control is not available, and you don’t want to search for buttons, you can use the Visio SmartCast application. Perhaps this option will turn out to be so convenient that you won’t have to look for a replacement for the remote control at all, because controlling the TV using your phone is free and just as easy as with the remote control.