How to fix if the dishwasher not spraying water

There are many manufacturers of household appliances. Despite this, the principle of operation for machines designed for certain functions is usually similar. For example, dishwashers spray water inside during operation. If household appliances fail and this does not happen, there may be several reasons. Most often, problems with the pump, sprinklers, valves and other elements affect the functionality. It is not always possible to repair a part. Most often, you have to change parts to restore performance. We will find out why the water in the dishwasher may stop splashing, and how to fix it yourself.

Breakdown of the circulation pump

There are usually several pumps in the machine that perform different functions. One of them is circular, needed for water recycling. Thanks to this element, water is supplied to the sprinklers under sufficient pressure to thoroughly wash the dishes. But it is possible if the pump is working correctly. In the event of a failure, problems begin.

Often the cause of pump failure is natural wear and tear. If your equipment has been in service for more than a year, for obvious reasons, parts will fail. When the circulation pump is not working, the water inside the appliance stops circulating properly. Because of this, the dishwashing detergent will not dissolve well and clog the sprinklers. Such a breakdown is quite common, regardless of the brand.

If you managed to establish that the circulation pump has failed, it will need to be replaced. To do this, you need to take the instruction manual and find the location of the part in your model of dishwashing equipment.

Before you start repairing household appliances and replacing parts, disconnect it from the power source, turn off the water.

Not everyone can cope with replacing the pump, but if there is at least a minimal idea of ​​​​the operation of household appliances, then you can do without the help of a specialist. Otherwise, call the master, so as not to cause even more harm, which will result in expensive repairs.

Breakdown of the circulation pump

Once you remove the back panel, and disconnect the water supply and drain hoses, you can quickly find the location of the pump. First, you need to disconnect the electrical connectors and check the integrity of the wires. Then replace the part with a new one, fix the wires, and check the equipment. If the problem was in the circulation pump, the machine will work normally and water will spray.

Clogged circulation pump

Since the circulation pump has a fundamental function, any failure in the operation of this element makes the technique useless. Since the water is recirculated throughout the cycle, it can become clogged with food residues, small pieces and other foreign objects over time.

Despite the fact that there are special filters, some particles can still enter the pump and clog it. Because of this, the sprinklers do not supply water at the right pressure, and the dishes are not washed.

You will also have to find the location of the circulator in your machine model. Remove panels, disconnect hoses, electrical connectors. This will allow you to remove the pump and visually assess its condition.

If you are not sure that you can disassemble the equipment yourself, remove the part and install everything in place, it is better to use the services of a specialist. He will not only quickly find the reason why water is not splashing, but also eliminate the problem.

After cleaning, the part must be installed in place. Try turning the impeller with your finger. If nothing is blocking it and water is not splashing, the part may need to be replaced. But often just cleaning the pump is enough to make the equipment work as before.

Sprinkler elements clogged

If water is supplied through the sprinklers at the right pressure, the dishes will be washed well. If this does not happen, then the sink will be of poor quality or the equipment will not work at all.

Sprinkler elements clogged

Sprinklers are plastic tubes with holes. During the cycle, they not only supply water, but also rotate to wash dishes more thoroughly. When recirculation occurs, the smallest particles can clog the spray elements. This happens when the filters are damaged or heavily soiled.

To clean these parts, you do not have to call the wizard. Everything can be done by yourself. The spray arms are inside the machine, so you don’t need to disassemble anything to access it, just unscrew the bolt holding the spare part.

Then rinse and clean the sprinklers under running water. To do this, you can take an old toothbrush, then you can carefully remove all foreign objects that interfere with the proper supply of water. Also for washing, you can take a solution of acetic acid to remove the smallest particles, deposits, bacteria. After such manipulations, the machine should work like new.

The chopper is clogged

A chopper is needed to chop up leftover food into smaller particles. Thanks to this, the drainage system will not clog, and the equipment will serve for a long time, without problems and failures. But over time, the chopper blade itself can become clogged. Prolonged use dulls the blades, resulting in poor quality grinding.

If something large and hard gets into the grinder, most likely it will jam, or even fail. Then the water will not splash inside the tank. To verify this, you need to get to the grinder and check.

Be careful, as blades, even blunt ones, are very dangerous for a person. Access the chopper, remove food residue, clean the knife. Try to gently rotate the knife, if nothing else is blocking it, the technique will work again in normal mode.

If the knives are very dull, you can order them online on marketplaces or from the manufacturer. A new knife in the grinder will last for several more years, so that the elements of the equipment will not clog.

Clogged or broken water supply valve

The flow of water from the central water supply, household appliances connected to it, regulates independently. If the water supply valve is broken or clogged, the machine will not work properly. In addition, there is a risk of flooding the apartment, as water will flow non-stop, filling the tank and flooding the floor around.

Clogged or broken water supply valve

The inlet valve may become overgrown with scale and other mineral deposits. This problem is especially relevant in regions where hard water is present. To make sure that the valve is working or not, you need to get access to it.

To find the part in your appliance that needs to be checked, repaired, or replaced, always refer to the owner’s manual. Each model has its own assembly, so it is important to study the diagram.

Shut off the water first, then disconnect the hose from the inlet valve. Check out his condition. If there are foreign objects, they must be removed. If it fails and does not perform its function, then a complete replacement of the part will be required.

A valve problem can also occur due to a short circuit. When it does not close or open, the machine will not be able to work. Cleaning or replacing the part will solve the problem. You can do it yourself or invite the master. After that, check the machine by running a test cycle.

Clogged water supply valve

When you need to repair household appliances or find out the cause of a breakdown, you do not always need to call the master. Even minimal ideas about the operation of machines may be sufficient. But, if you are not confident in your knowledge and skills, it is better to trust the master. One awkward movement can not only lead to a more serious breakdown, but even make the equipment unrepairable. Such problems will cost much more than calling a master.

If you notice that the dishwasher does not spray water well when starting the cycle, or does not enter the tank at all, try our recommendations. These tips may help you quickly fix the problem and save on repairs.