What does OC code mean on Samsung dishwasher and how to fix

Dishwashers are devices related to progressive household appliances. With their help, you can keep the kitchen clean and tidy, but at the same time, the risk of problems is high. Usually, this is the appearance of all kinds of error codes, due to which the devices are not able to perform their original functions. As a result, the quality of washing leaves much to be desired, and the consumption of water and detergents increases significantly.

Often the OS code is displayed on the display, it is the simplest error and means that there is too much water in the unit. However, it is problematic to remove this defect without the participation of a professional.

How to understand modern dishwashers?

Household appliances offered by manufacturers today are quite complex. At least, their device is more serious than that of the equipment that our mothers used until recently. After all, this is not just a case with a motor, it is a full-fledged electronic device with a screen with which you can monitor its current state and determine breakdowns.

How to understand modern dishwashers

Modern dishwashers function according to certain dynamics. Manufacturers provide for the use of a certain amount of water and the amount of care product in them. Anything that reaches or exceeds the limits can cause the sensor to send an appropriate error message.

The system determines the fact that there is too much water inside, in fact, that is why the OS code is displayed on the display. Depending on the model, it may also be written as OE. The problem with these codes is that they do not indicate a specific problem and it is up to the user to diagnose it.

What needs to be done?

It would seem that you can simply reset the dishwasher, but experts say that this is not what needs to be done in the first place. Of course, such a step could hypothetically lead to the elimination of the existing problem, but it will not be possible to fully solve it, because time will pass, and it will make itself felt again.

There are many options for diagnosing a problem, so before you solve it, you need to get to the bottom of it.

Water does not drain

Drain not working

Most often, as practice shows, the matter is in the sewerage, fortunately, this is a simple task. All that is needed is to first inspect the connection between the drain system and the machine, the sink, and then find the gap, if any. Then it remains only to check the drain hose, which often bends incorrectly or is completely clogged. Once the user makes sure that there are no kinks in it, and that the connection is correct, it will be possible to drain the water into the sewer connected to the device itself. It is important to ensure that the water does not drain slowly or get stuck.

Filter problem

Next, you need to clean this particular mechanism. This is not difficult to do, but first you need to make sure that there is enough water so that when you open the door it does not spill onto the floor. It is better to have a bucket and a couple of towels on hand. So, the algorithm of actions:

  • the first step is to remove the lower rack;
  • then the compartment door is opened by turning the handle counterclockwise;
  • then it is removed, a filter will be located below, which must be removed;
  • it remains to clean the system and the door, for sure, a lot of debris has accumulated in them;
  • then the element is inserted back, but before that you can clean the drain pump.

The last step will be discussed below.

Filter problem

Cleaning the drain pump

This name is often referred to as a sump. After the filter is rid of dirt, you can start cleaning it. If this is not done in a timely manner, the machine will simply stop draining water and begin to make a lot of unnecessary noise. For this reason, you need to look at how to clean it. To do this, refer to the user manual.


When inspecting the filter, you need to understand what condition other parts of the dishwasher are in. In particular, to determine how the water leaves, and where it can slow down. Not far from the door there is a place designed for draining, it is in this area that a lot of debris accumulates. You just need to take a rag and walk it over the polluted place. Otherwise, drainage problems may occur. It is necessary to restart the dishwasher after cleaning all possible areas from blockages. After that, the device will work smoothly and the error code will disappear.

Sensor problem

A dishwasher that displays the OS code again may have a problem with the sensor. Such an error has recently become common, most often it is associated with a malfunction of the housing breakage sensor. It forms a siphon break in the water filling mechanism, controls the liquid level. As a consequence, the device “thinks” it is full when the part breaks. All this leads to the appearance of the OS code, you can replace such a part on your own, but you will have to turn off the electricity and water.

Sensor problem


Sometimes there are situations when you cannot do without rebooting the system, because this step will definitely lead to cleanup of the code. It must be done immediately after the repair. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The plug is removed from the socket, or the power is turned off using the circuit breaker. You need to wait 5 minutes until the board is discharged. It remains only to activate the power and check it for work.

Changing the water sensor

Solving this issue is not difficult, you just need to make sure that the power is turned off and turn off the water. Then you need to get two screws on the left side and remove the panel. It remains to take a pair of pliers to turn the valve inside counterclockwise. Then the case break assembly will be tilted, starting from the top, and the electrical connectors can be disconnected. Pliers can be used to loosen the clamps. Then the clamps are moved downwards, the hoses are removed. After all the manipulations, you need to act in the reverse order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a new sensor?
Yes, it can be purchased off-the-shelf, providing the seller with the model number of the device, so that the correct part is supplied.

How much will a new sensor cost?
This is usually in the $150 to $165 price range for at least most types of parts. They can be purchased online, and it is best to buy originals.

How to run the system in a clean loop?
You can clean the inside by using the self-cleaning function. All that is required for this is to pour dishwashing detergent into the dispenser and be sure to fill it up. Then it remains to go to the control panel and press the appropriate button, then start and, finally, close the door.

How important is a dedicated circuit for dishwashers?
Electrical codes require the dishwasher to be connected to its own circuit. That is, this circuit cannot be used to control the lighting system, lamps and other devices. It is important that the circuit breaker does not provide a current lower than 15 amps.