How to open door locked in Whirlpool washer

Each user knows an extremely unpleasant situation when the washing machine door does not open. Regardless of whether things are present there, the hostess in this case is usually confused. Then her Whirlpool unit with the door locked and the light flashing can give her a few unpleasant minutes.

Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the list of the main reasons causing such a problem. And they concern both devices with vertical and front loading. It is necessary to carefully study their design features, identify the main difficulties and find ways to eliminate them.

Availability of Whirlpool top loader with lockable door

If a Whirlpool tower loader is presented and its door is locked with a flashing light, there are a number of actions to be taken.

top loader with lockable door

First, you need to check the latch and switch cover. Then it is worth examining the state of the striker, which is responsible for pressing the switch. Then it is necessary to check the stability of its position.

Gradually, some of these details loosen and move from their place. But more often than not, the lid switch simply stops functioning as it should. Therefore, be sure to check it with a multimeter.

Control board

In some cases, the control board detects the opening of the switch and blocks it. It also happens that it breaks and loses the ability to determine whether the lid is closed or open.

Internal breakdowns are also caused by the fact that the washing machine signals an increase or decrease in voltage.

There are also situations when the problem occurs due to a short-term loss of neutral power to the control board. The door will then remain closed for about 3 minutes, even after the machine has been switched off. In case of extreme haste, you should try to open it manually.

Control board

Drive motor failure

This difficulty most often arises if the actuator motor breaks down or simply disconnects from the wires leading to it.

Then you need to access the part located below and check its wiring. If there is no such problem, it is worth checking the serviceability of the drive motor.

Drain pump

Sometimes the cover is completely blocked when the pump or filter drain is clogged. Then the unit ceases to properly remove water, and therefore does not open the door.

This situation may also signal that it is desirable to replace a failed drain pump.

Drain pump

Whirlpool Front Loader Fault Detection and Repair

Front-loading models are slightly different from top-loading models. Their main differences relate to the door lock. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the following positions.

Water inflow

Sometimes water is not available for some time after a move or a long repair, and just before using the washing machine, they do not have time to connect it.

Then you need to reboot the unit. To do this, you need to sequentially press the buttons “Washing pace”, then – on “Spin”, and then – on “Contamination” and repeat the whole process three times.

If this method did not lead to the desired results, then you need to activate the “Spin”, “Soil” and “Pre-wetting” buttons. When the correct combination is found, the panel will start working and the error code will flash. But the buzzing will sometimes occur again.

Then you need to wait about ten minutes until the noise stops completely. When there is silence, you should use the “Power” button to clear the code.

Water inflow

Checking the drain pump and hose

The most common cause for both models is a defective drain pump. It affects both top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

Then you should find the appropriate part and investigate its patency. Sometimes a sock or other underwear remains in it. In such a case, it must be removed and then the machine will work normally.

If there is no blockage, it is worth checking the condition of the drain pump. If it is faulty, then it is advisable to purchase a new part and put it in place of the old one.

If the presence of water is visually noticeable inside the unit, then to remove it, it is necessary to start the “Spin and Drain” cycle. If the liquid drains, the door will open.

drain pump and hose

Door switch malfunction

Front loading appliances are equipped with switches that perform a safety function.

On most Whirlpool appliances, the door closes and locks before starting any wash. The switch is usually located right on it. Therefore, you need to inspect its latch in order to make sure that it worked correctly.

You should also check the integrity of the part using a multimeter. To do this, you need to disconnect the washing machine from electricity and release its front panel.

Monitoring an activator or sensor switch

After a preliminary acquaintance with the instructions, this task will be very easy to perform.

You need to find and study the diagnostic function. The goal is to get the machine to start spinning. It is possible that his engine will briefly hum and then stop. Then you need to inspect the lid lock. If it flashes, you should return to the diagnostic codes to look for problems with the switch sensor or speed.

Upon receipt of a positive result, it will become clear that just such a part has failed and the engine speed is not captured by the optical sensor.

sensor switch

Manual door release on front loader

In order to unlock the door on your own, you need to disconnect the device from the power supply for a couple of minutes or simply turn it off. Then the control panel settings will be reset and the door will be unlocked. The indicator will turn off.

In the absence of the desired result, you need to try to open it manually. Should:

  • move the equipment away from the wall and pull it forward;
  • remove the screws behind the top panel;
  • To remove it, pull it straight back and up;
  • then, to find the lock, look behind the front panel on the right side of the door;
  • there is usually a small, rounded plastic tab at the bottom;
  • it must be pulled down;
  • the door will open.

Manual release on top loading

Manual release on top loading

Most often, moving the washer away from the wall or pressing the Cancel button will open the door. But, if nothing happened, then you need to unlock it on your own.

The sequence of actions in such a case will be as follows:

  1. It is required to move the machine away from the wall.
  2. Then it is necessary to shut off the water supply to it.
  3. After you need to get access to the drain pump cover. It is located on the lower right in front of the unit.
  4. Using a screwdriver, remove the screw that attaches the compartment to it.
  5. The plastic cord will become visible. It needs to be pulled and then the door will open by itself.

It is worth noting that there are a huge number of factors due to which the door of the Whirlpool washing machine will be blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to imagine all the main ways out of this difficult situation.