Whirlpool Cabrio washer troubleshooting tips

Whirlpool makes a variety of home appliances, but the Cabrio washing machine has won the most popularity. It cannot be said that it is ideal, but it causes less problems for its owners than other models. Let’s look at common malfunctions and malfunctions of this washing machine, and also find out how to eliminate the “weak points” of the Cabrio.

Whirlpool Cabrio stopped pressing

Many have already forgotten how difficult it is to wring clothes out by hand, because today washing machines do this work. This is one of the most important wash cycles. If the spin has stopped working, you can try to fix the problem yourself before contacting the wizard.

Whirlpool Cabrio stopped pressing

The most popular reasons why the spin does not work:

  1. The drive pulley nut is loose, causing the drum to stop rotating during the spin cycle. To fix the problem, you need to find the drive pulley in the machine and tighten the nut tighter.
  2. The switching drive has broken down – during operation, washing machines receive a huge load, so cracks and breakages are inevitable. If the machine began to show errors F7 or E1, most likely a malfunction in the switching drive. To fix the problem, you need to do a number of actions:
  • disconnect equipment from the network;
  • disconnect the hoses from the rear side, having previously marked them so as not to confuse them when connecting;
  • carefully place the machine on the front part (you can first spread a blanket or towel for cushioning) to provide access to the faulty part;
  • the switching drive is located under the machine, so you need to remove the protective screen by unscrewing the retaining screws and put it aside;
  • on the left side of the machine, just below the shield, there will be the same drive that needs to be replaced;
  • to disconnect the broken part, you need to unscrew the top and bottom screws;
  • install a new drive in place of the old one;
  • assemble the machine in reverse order.

These are the two most common reasons why the Whirlpool Cabrio may refuse to spin your laundry. If these manipulations did not help, call a specialist to find out the cause and fix the problem.

Whirlpool Cabrio won't fill with water

Whirlpool Cabrio won’t fill with water

You are about to start washing, put the laundry and closed the machine. We chose the desired program … start … but the tank does not fill up. If you’re experiencing this issue, the appliance may have experienced one of the following issues:

  1. The inlet valve is clogged – to check this, you need to start with the hoses. To do this, turn off the water supply and disconnect the inlet hoses that are attached to the back of the machine. At the end of both hoses there are metal screens that protect the valve from debris and scale. After disconnecting, check the hoses for blockages. You can also check their integrity. If there is damage, then the hoses must be replaced, if there is a blockage, then clean. You also need to pay attention to the intake valve, clean if necessary of debris.
  2. Burnt inlet valve coil – this is a water supply valve that ceases to function if the coils burn out. If everything is in order with the water pressure in the house, the problem may be in it, since the coils have a limited life. You can check the serviceability with a multimeter, if it is not there, then you can simply replace the part, because the intake valve cannot be repaired.

These are the main reasons why the washing machine tank does not fill with water. It’s very easy to check. If the above reasons are not confirmed, contact the service for troubleshooting.

Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine bearing problems

It is very easy to identify bearing problems. The main “symptoms” of this problem: loud work on the spin cycle, water leaks under the machine. If this is familiar to you, then the malfunction is with this particular part of the machine.

Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine bearing problems

If you began to notice a puddle under the machine, the tank seal most likely broke. Because of this, water enters the bearings and problems with operation begin, a loud noise appears. If the problem is ignored, this small malfunction will cause a serious breakdown in the near future.

To eliminate the leakage, the bearing seal must be replaced. But it is worth noting that the work is quite complicated, because it is not easy to get to this part – you will have to disassemble the main part of the equipment. If you are not ready for this, or are not sure that you can handle it, it is better to contact the master.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine OL Error Code

One of the most common Whirlpool Cabrio errors under the OL code scares many vehicle owners. But it only signals an overload. It is enough just to remove part of the linen or sort one bookmark into two. If unloading the machine did not help, the error may have appeared for the following reasons:

  1. The bearing is out of order. It does not allow the drum to rotate correctly, as evidenced by a loud noise, even the roar of a machine during the spin cycle. Replacing the defective bearing and seal will help fix the problem.
  2. Loose direct drive nut – to check this version, you need to do a series of manipulations. Disconnect the power cord, turn off the water supply and disconnect the hoses from the back of the machine. Next, you need to remove the access panel by loosening the screws on it. Under it will be a drive motor and a belt. You can tighten the nut with an adjustable wrench. First turn it counterclockwise to loosen it, then clockwise to tighten it to the optimum limit. During this, you need to hold the engine with your other hand. After that, you need to assemble the car, attach the hoses and check the performance.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine OL Error Code

If the OL error has not disappeared, and you have done everything that we recommended, contact a specialist, the breakdown may be more serious and require qualified assistance.

Whirlpool Cabrio is not blocked

If the washing machine has stopped blocking the lid, the wash will most likely not start. The castle is also a “sore spot” of the Cabrio. Many owners complain that such a problem appears over time. Like it or not, it is easy enough to check.

First, set the spin cycle. Open the cover and use a screwdriver to poke the hole in the drive to which the lock is connected. If the machine continued to work, but stopped again when the lid was closed, then the problem is in the lock switch. If it was not possible to find out the cause using this method, you can check with a multimeter whether the circuit closes.

A specialist will help fix the problem. An inexperienced person can aggravate the problem and instead of a lock malfunction, another breakdown will result, possibly more serious.

Water drain not working in Whirlpool Cabrio

Water drain not working in Whirlpool Cabrio

To drain the water from the machine, the drain pump is turned on. Often with this model, a malfunction occurs with this particular part. You can find out the cause and try to eliminate it by following the algorithm:

  1. Check if there is voltage to the drain pump, if the engine is running. If not, then you need to check the plug and wiring leading to the pump. If the wires are in order, the harness is not damaged, you need to move on.
  2. If the pump is running, the motor is energized, but the water does not drain, the drain hose may be clogged. To clean, disconnect the hose and check for blockages, clean if necessary. If the problem persists, try the next step.
  3. If there is power, no blockage, and no water draining, the pump motor may need to be replaced. Check it with a multimeter. If problems are found, then it is the engine that is faulty. You need to replace it with your own hands or call the master.

Usually, these simple steps will help you get rid of the problem on your own. The drain starts working as usual.

Whirlpool Cabrio repair

Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine shuts off during wash

If the machine starts up without problems, the wash cycle starts, but it is suddenly interrupted, and the F1 or E2 error is lit on the panel, then a failure has occurred in the main engine control circuit. Do not panic, you can fix the problem yourself:

  1. Disconnect the washing machine from the mains. Leave it alone for 5 minutes, then reconnect to the network and see if the error is gone from the panel.
  2. If the first step does not help, try turning off the machine again, remove the back panel and check the wiring. It is possible that during operation some wiring was disconnected or damaged. Then you can correct the error by replacing the wires or attaching them in place.
  3. If the wiring is also all right, then the error may indicate a problem with the engine control board. You can check its serviceability with a multimeter.

These recommendations will help you determine the cause of the failure of the Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine and resolve the problems that have arisen. If you are not sure that you can get close to some details and disassemble the machine, and then assemble it, then it is better to trust a specialist. But most common problems can be fixed with your own hands, focusing on our advice.