Causes of error code F22 on the Whirlpool washer

Almost all types of modern household appliances, including washing machines, are equipped with protective mechanisms in the form of automatic notification of possible causes of malfunction of the device. Washing machines are a complex mechanisms consisting of several elements, each of which is aimed at performing certain tasks. Failure of one of the components leads to a malfunction of the entire device. In order to avoid serious damage, manufacturers have supplemented the unit with self-monitoring and automatic diagnostic functions. During a breakdown of one of the parts of the mechanism, the device sends a signal, the so-called error code, to the control panel of the machine.

No need to ignore the constantly appearing numbers on the panel of the washing machine. The error code indicates the need to check the equipment yourself or contact the master. The notification can be associated with both minor violations of operation, which are easily fixed at home, and with serious breakdowns. No need to wait for the moment when the washing machine finally fails. You should immediately take into account the signal error code, decipher it and proceed with the repair.

This article will help determine the meaning of the F22 code that appears on the washing machine panel from the American manufacturer Whirlpool.

error code F22 on the Whirlpool washer

Whirlpool washing machine: causes of the error code

Compared to other errors, the appearance of the F22 code is not considered an alert associated with serious breakdowns. All possible causes of the alarm can be easily eliminated on your own or with the help of a master, repair in this case is not so expensive. Whirlpool brand machines are known for their quality and reliability, but there is a possibility of manufacturing defects and other weaknesses that every user should be aware of before operation.

The F22 error code on the Whirlpool display can appear for several reasons:

Replacing the heating element (heater)

The appearance of the F22 error code may be due to a malfunction in the heating element of the Whirlpool washing machine. A heating element is a mechanism responsible for the generation of thermal energy during the washing cycle, i.e. thanks to this detail, if necessary, the temperature of the water rises. If the laundry machine stops functioning, the integrity of the heating element should be checked. The part cannot be repaired, the only way to fix the problem is with a complete replacement.

Each user will be able to cope with the installation of a new spare part, the complexity of installation lies only in choosing the right part. The heating element must match a specific Whirlpool model, otherwise installing a mechanism designed for designs of other brands will lead to a quick breakdown of the entire device. The heating element in Whirlpool machines is located directly below the drum. To replace an unusable element, you need to disconnect the device from the power source, remove the back panel, unscrew the screws fixing the mechanism, and remove the old part by disconnecting the wires for its connection to the machine. In place of the unusable heating element, a new mechanism should be installed and all of the above steps should be performed in reverse order.

Washing machine door not closed

First of all, when error code F22 appears, the user should conduct an external inspection of the laundry machine. When starting the machine, the door may remain open, preventing the machine from starting the wash cycle. The sash closes tightly only after a click.

Blockage formation

A buildup of laundry detergent, fabric softener, or other detergent around the door latch assembly or rubber seals can make it difficult to close the machine door. This often happens due to the addition of a large amount of funds. When alerting, you should also check the condition of these mechanisms for blockages. It is recommended to periodically clean the inside of the machine from powder residue, hair and other debris. In the absence of regular cleaning, the product accumulates on the parts, preventing the door from closing completely. To solve the problem, you need to carefully examine the rubber seals and the latch mechanism. If traces of plaque are found, they should be removed with a wet cloth.

Blockage formation

Door latch malfunction

The reason for the washing machine sash not closing well may be a malfunction of the door latch assembly. The problem is easy enough to identify: the latch is not fixed, and the door is not completely adjacent to the device. One of the reasons may be overloading the washing drum, as the laundry puts pressure on the door, preventing it from closing all the way. If an error signal appears, check the load on the washing machine tank. If the number of things exceeds the norm, it is necessary to pull out the part and check the operation of the device. Frequent overloading with a large amount of laundry over time leads to a decrease in the performance of the washing machine, therefore, even if the door closes tightly, you should avoid overfilling the drum.

If the amount of dirty things does not exceed the norm, and the door still does not close, the door latch assembly is broken. The plastic mechanism can wear or break due to regular use. You can fix the problem by replacing the latch. Before starting, you need to disconnect the device from the network. Installation may seem like one of the easiest, but replacing the door latch mechanism is problematic enough. First, the rubber seals in the area of ​​the door assembly are removed. Then, unscrew the 2 screws that fix the latch position on the front panel and remove the old part. The faulty mechanism is connected to the machine by several wires that must be disconnected. The spare part must be replaced with a new latch, fasten the screws and reconnect the wires.

Device electrical failure

It is already known that the Whirlpool washing machine performs its functions thanks to the work of individual components. Like any household appliance, the device includes many electrical connections that conduct signals to perform various tasks: starting, switching modes, turning off sounds, adjusting the display, and more. The mechanisms work in a complex manner, due to a malfunction of one, the entire electrical circuit of the washing machine is disrupted.

Error code F22 is associated mainly with a poorly closed device door; the absence of a click when closing indicates a possible electrical connection failure. To make sure it is working properly, you need to remove the front panel of the device and inspect all connections. There must be no damaged, broken, melted or unconnected wires. If irregularities are found, replace the wiring of the washing machine and check the operation of the door latch.

Control system failure

The control board is responsible for the operation of the entire device or individual mechanisms. It does not break as often as other mechanisms. However, if all of the above violations are eliminated, this part may fail. The electronic board in the Whirlpool washing machine is located in the front panel. To replace the module, you need to find a suitable part, using the serial number of the washing machine model.

Whirlpool Machine Dashboard Indicator Failure

If, after eliminating all the breakdowns that error code F22 can signal, a constant alert still worries the user, a reset of the washing machine will be required. You can consider this option for solving the problem as the first stage, but it is better to play it safe and diagnose the above details.

In order to reset the current settings, you need to restart your Whirlpool device. On the control panel, you need to find the “pause / cancel” key and make 2 short presses on it. The machine should then automatically reboot. Disconnecting the machine from electricity for a few minutes will also clear the current settings from the control panel.

Immediately after restarting, the Whirlpool washing machine may start draining. This is not a violation, the cycle cannot be interrupted. Thus, the device is preparing to reset the settings.

Whirlpool Machine Dashboard Indicator Failure

The diagnostic mode will help you quickly identify any malfunction of the washing machine. As practice shows, most users do not use this feature. With the help of automatic diagnostics, you can check the operation of any individual mechanism of the washing machine. After the diagnostic cycle is completed, the actual error codes appear on the display, indicating a specific problem. To use the automatic test function, you need to make several clicks with different durations on one of the keys on the control panel (except for “pause / cancel”). After pressing the button several times, the Whirlpool washing machine starts a diagnostic cycle.