Installing and configuring smart lighting in the bedroom

So many people are constantly trying to greatly facilitate the process of simply turning on home light in the most convenient way for themselves. From early childhood, they come up with all sorts of ways, and then try in vain to bring them to life. Then they become adults and are already seriously considering the chances of improving the equipment of their apartment to make it really cozy.

Turning off the lights with home automation

The best way to keep the bedroom dark is with home automation. It involves the installation of smart electricity switches, light bulbs and sockets, as well as a combination of such smart devices. In any case, they help to turn off the light in the room without getting out of bed.

It is necessary to tell in more detail about such an opportunity so that each user can take advantage of this and other tips.

Installing a smart electricity switch

There are rooms where at least five lights are constantly on, each controlled by a single switch. It is usually located next to the door. Since all devices listen to him alone, for many people it will be the best solution to simply change it to smart.

If you use these bulbs for automation, you would have to change them all. Five good smart products will cost almost fifty dollars. On the other hand, a general automated power switch costs about two dozen dollars and will last a very long time.

Installing a smart electricity switch

In addition, it is generally cheaper to use an intelligent light relay while maintaining an existing working relay. When using smart bulbs, you need to make sure that it is constantly in the “on” position.

If someone cuts off access to electricity, then the smart appliances will go out. This feature is explained by the fact that they constantly require a certain amount of energy to continue working.

Setting up automation to turn off the light in the bedroom

For a general setup of an automatic relay, it is worth talking about some of the most important things.

Smart switch

Now on the market there is a very good KasaSmartLightSwitch switch, manufactured by the well-known company TP-Link. It’s inexpensive, works well, and lasts a very long time. It is difficult to find something that surpasses it in value and quality.

But this device requires a neutral wire. If it is not there, then the LutronCaseta smart home dimmer switch will do. It should be noted that such a great smart switch will cost a little more.

Smart switch

Tablet or smartphone

The technique in question will help you download “KasaSmart” to the “AppleAppStore” or “GooglePlay”. The app will guide the user through the process of installing and configuring the smart power switch.

2.4 GHz WiFi connection

“KasaSmartLightSwitch” works through Wi-Fi, which facilitates connection with the phone and other equipment.

If you use the “LutronCaseta” route, then “LutronSmartBridge” will be required for smart switches.

Tips for Using the Smart Speaker

If you want to turn off the lights in the bedroom with your voice, then in addition to your smartphone, you need to purchase a smart speaker.

If there is no such desire, then it will have to be controlled using the KasaSmartLightSwitch application. This application is compatible with “AmazonAlexa” and with “Google Home”.

Tips for Using the Smart Speaker

Smart light switch setting

Installing the very first machine can scare a little out of habit. Every time you work with electricity, you must be extremely careful. It is enough to remember just a few important rules and replacing the switch will be safe and easy.

Here it is not necessary to describe in detail the process of dismantling the light switch and attaching a new intelligent option. Such things have already been outlined many times by other users.

After installing a smart light relay and connecting it to electricity, following the instructions of the KasaSmart application, you will be able to create a blackout in the bedroom with just one click of a button.

It is also recommended to use it to set up a number of basic automations, such as setting a timer to control the light in the bedroom or creating a detailed daily hourly schedule for darkness.

Connecting a smart switch to a speaker

If there is a significant interest in taking another major step towards complete home control, then it is desirable to synchronize the smart switch with the speaker. Then you don’t even need a smartphone to dim the bedroom. It will be enough to give “Google” the appropriate command.

When using Amazon and Google smart speakers in your home, it’s easy to add a smart light switch to both of them.

Connecting a smart switch to a speaker

Connecting “Google Home” is carried out as follows.

  1. You need to select your profile picture in the upper right corner of the application.
  2. Then you should click on “Assistant Settings”.
  3. Then you need to use “+ Add”.
  4. Next you need to go to “Link smart home device”.
  5. After that, in the search line, enter “Kasa”.
  6. Then you need to click “TP-LinkKasa”.
  7. After that, the KasaSmart login page will appear.
  8. Here you need to indicate your email address and password to set up an account.
  9. As a result, Google Home will be authorized and synchronized.
  10. At the end, a smart light switch will appear on its landing page as a device.

It will be enough for the owner of the house to pronounce the appropriate command aloud for him.

Connecting “AmazonAlexa” to smart home control is even easier. In the corresponding application, you need to select three lines in the upper left corner. Here you should find games and skills.

After that, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner and enter “Kasa Skill” there.

Then you need to use “TP-LINK Kasa” and connect the specified skill to it as well.

Once logged in, the smart light switch will appear as a device on the Alexa home page. To check, he needs to give the appropriate command aloud.

Adding smart bulbs and sockets to automation

Adding smart bulbs and sockets to automation

It is possible that the owner of the house will want to constantly use a smart switch for the vast majority of light sources. Then he should take into account that in some rooms there are also a couple of lamps on the sides of the bed, as well as a sconce in the closet. It is possible that he wants to automate them as well.

Bedside lamps are easy to connect to smart sockets. They are not too expensive and are quite easy to set up, turning ordinary devices into intelligent ones.

For interior lighting, it is also desirable to use the same light bulb. Not everyone uses such a source, but the smartphone application allows you to create special schemes for them.

After the necessary customization, homeowners often want to group together all the features they have and label the resulting collection “Lights for the bedroom.” In this case, when the command is spoken, the smart bulbs, light switch and sockets will turn off at the same time.

Forming a Google Home app group

To achieve the task it is necessary:

  • click on the “+” icon in the upper left corner;
  • select “Set up device”;
  • perform the specified action;
  • choose your home;
  • wait for Google Home to search for hardware;
  • after its discovery, the application will provide the owner with a choice of room to add the device.

He needs to stop at “Bedroom” and add everything that is required there. After that, you should disable everything together in test mode.

Forming a Google Home app group

Forming a group using the “AmazonAlexa” application

In this case, in the lower right corner, you should click on the “Devices” button, and in the upper right, select the “+” icon. Then you need to go to the “Add group” option and stop at “Bedroom” or enter another suitable name.

Then you need to use “Next”. As a result of these actions, it will be possible to group a smart electricity switch, light bulbs and sockets.