Main characteristics of the smallest 4k TV

Today the story will be about the smallest 4K TV for private viewing before bedtime, during dinner, in the car or in another small room. It also connects perfectly to games.

Compact TV option

This small 4K device from Samsung has a diagonal of 32 inches. To date, this company in its segment is the only manufacturer of 32-inch 4K TVs. The devices are produced in two serial modifications: Q50R and Q60A.

Smart TV Samsung Q50R, QLED 4K UHD

Brief characteristics of the device:

  • Screen – 32 inches;
  • Color resolution of 4K format (3840×2160);
  • Panel QLED;
  • HDR – provided;
  • Operating system Tizen;
  • Width – 28.5 in, height – 16.6 in (with stand – 18.8 in);
  • Year of model development – 2019.

Smart TV Samsung Q60A, QLED 4K UHD

  • Screen – 32 inches;
  • Color Depth: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Panel – QLED;
  • HDR – provided;
  • Operating system Tizen;
  • Width – 28.5 in, height – 16.6 in (with stand – 18.8 in);
  • Year of development – 2021.

smallest 4k TV

This list combines information about 4K by their similarity. But there are some distinguishing features:

  • Q50R launched in 2019 and Q60A released in 2021.
  • Q50R works with Bixby and SmartThings, while Q60A works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings.

The cost of devices is constantly changing. On the basis of their similarity, it is more expedient to choose the model of the previous Q50R release, if the price for it is lower. In case of equal prices in your region, it is better to choose the latest Q60A series.

Both products can be described as powerful devices at affordable prices. On your screen you will see an unrealistic color palette, vivid images and natural tones, due to the extended dynamic range.

It should be noted that the factory settings provide for neutral characteristics of all values. After the purchase, you need to adjust each parameter yourself in order to set the optimal quality for yourself. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, click the “Picture” button, go to the expert settings and select the appropriate mode.

In the recommendations of doctors, high-quality screen settings are needed to preserve vision. A dim or fuzzy image makes the eyes strain, which worsens the well-being. Adjustment to your senses is what your vision requires.

Don’t worry about your device breaking. Test the format until you find the optimal image. In case of failure or failure, you can always update the parameters to the factory settings.

Sound capabilities are not the best. The sound quality will become richer if you connect headphones or third-party sound systems via Bluetooth.

When watching programs or playing games, broadcasting sound to individual listening devices will save households from unwanted background noise. Fans of loud shows and music programs can enjoy the fullness of sound in private.

For game lovers, the miniature Q50R and Q60A are the best solution among 4K TVs. Due to the low input lag, the video image becomes responsive. The manufacturer described the refresh rate at 60 Hz, and variable refresh rate technology is not provided for them. But with their help, playing in the dark becomes comfortable.

The limited viewing angles became a nuisance when using. These devices are not suitable for collective viewing of games. Although it would never occur to anyone to install a compact TV in a large room.

If you still have doubts or questions about purchasing 4K, you can find a huge number of reviews from real users of large online sales sites.

Benefits of High Dynamic Range

Benefits of High Dynamic Range

In order to be sure of the correct choice, you need to check the completeness of the TV: the presence of 4K and HDR functions. The models under consideration already contain these possibilities.

4K color resolution quality would mean the number of pixels displayed on the screen at one time. The more of them, the more effective the picture and the clearer the display image. Devices with this type of resolution on steroids are called Ultra HD or UHD for short, so that there is no confusion with HD.

When comparing 4K and HD, the image of the first will be better and more natural, which is helped by HDR, which expands the dynamic range by more than twice. It features a rich color gamut that is better than the usual sRGB color spaces found on many TVs.

By supporting HDR on the latest generation of game consoles, users can see the depth of black tones and the real display of the game picture.

In the streaming broadcast of world platforms, information in HDR format appears daily. To compare viewing possibilities, it is enough to watch content showing natural landscapes. What you see on the screen will greatly surprise you with beauty and realism. And all this thanks to the combination of 4K and HDR, which makes the visual performance of the Q50R and Q60A models limitless.

Benefits of a small screen

Benefits of a small screen

Not always a large display means – the best. In a small room, a large TV will seem bulky and take all the attention. In compact residential apartments, sometimes miniature appliances will look more logical and advantageous.

With them, there is always the benefit of being able to move equipment if needed to rearrange furniture or make repairs. Equipment of impressive size is much more difficult to drag.

To equip a small TV, you do not need to select special devices for mounting, installation and placement. Existing pieces of furniture, inexpensive hanging brackets and frames will come in handy. This is true in children’s rooms with moving inhabitants.

The monetary budget that must be allocated for the purchase can be an argument when choosing the dimensions of the device. The minimum dimensions of the equipment make it inexpensive. Smaller screens usually cost more, so if you’re on a budget, small TVs are the way to go.