Most common problems and troubleshooting in Whirlpool dishwasher

Whirlpool is a popular and recognizable dishwasher brand. However, these units are sometimes subject to a number of typical problems. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly imagine what needs to be done to diagnose and fix the problems that have arisen. And with strict adherence to the instructions presented, the household appliance will work flawlessly.

The main breakdowns of Whirlpool equipment can be as follows:

Whirlpool dishwasher leaves the dishes dirty

The machine leaves the dishes dirty

The most common problem with Whirlpool appliances is that they stop cleaning items placed in them. The unit fills with water, but the washing pump does not pump it and does not start the cycle. As a result, the dishes remain dirty. Most often, the factor that triggers such a malfunction is a breakdown of the washer motor or pump. A damaged engine disrupts the normal flow of water through the sprinklers. As a result, the machine does not wash, although it is filled with water.

The engine can break down due to various reasons. Often there is a wiring malfunction between it and the control board or its defect. If this happened, then you should simply change the flush pump, which is the most common reason for the appearance of such difficulties.

If the situation turns out to be worse than expected, then you will need to change the motor and control board at the same time. But it also happens that the owner of the unit finds that buying new components is not necessary. Instead, you just need to remove the motor and clean it thoroughly. The point is that pollution gradually accumulates around it.

Before starting work, make sure that the design scheme is carefully studied and the exact place where the engine is located will be found. After repair, you also need to make sure that the wires are connected in the correct order.

Dry failure

Dry failure

An equally common problem with Whirlpool household appliances is that they do not dry the dishes as they should, even after the end of the corresponding cycle. This situation leads to the fact that the items remain wet and difficult to put in the closet.

Usually this problem occurs due to the fact that the heating element burns out. Devices for drying dishes are equipped with it and a fan. It is he who can heat up, contributing to the rapid drying of dishes. In order to replace a broken part, you should start by gaining access to the bottom panel in the corresponding part of the dishwasher.

  1. First you need to disconnect the connectors leading to the heating element.
  2. Then the nuts holding it near the unit are removed.
  3. After you need to open its door and pull out the front of the part.
  4. The sprinkler must be positioned so that the heater can be removed and pulled out.
  5. Next, you should change it to a new one.
  6. At the end, you need to insert the part into the retaining brackets that will fix it in place.
  7. Sprayers should be avoided.
  8. As a result, you need to push the heating element through the holes in the front of the household appliance.
  9. Then you should close the door and assemble it from below.

No light or Whirlpool response

Sometimes owners find that the dishwasher does not turn on the light or does not respond to the cycle selection. The most common cause of this failure is a blown thermal fuse on the control board.

In this case, you need to purchase a new part and put it in the appropriate place in the console of the machine. Putting the specified element there is very simple. You need to start by disconnecting the unit from electricity.

Then you need to remove the screws holding the console and open it. The door should remain closed and the panel should be kept close to it. Then the cover is removed from the thermal fuse and the structure on the control board is exposed.

No light or Whirlpool response

To remove the connector, you need to take a small screwdriver. Then you need to cut off the terminal block and remove the insulating tape that holds the wires together. Before installing a new thermal fuse, they must be cleaned.

Put the mounting block on the part, and then rewind the cords. After they are inserted into the terminal block. As a result, the thermal fuse is reinstalled on the control board, and the unit is assembled in its original form.

Stopping water drain

No less often there is a situation when the Whirlpool equipment stops draining the liquid correctly. A similar malfunction is also found in many other dishwashers from different manufacturers. As a rule, failure to remove water occurs when the impeller is clogged with fragments.

It also happens that the drain pump breaks down, which is responsible for supplying liquid when washing dishes and pumping it out. Also this detail helps its recycling. If it jams, then the water will not be removed from the machine.

In this case, a new drain pump must be installed.

Stopping water drain

First you need to check the impeller. If it is clogged or stuck, then you should deal with the problem. It is also useful to apply a lubricant to obtain a sufficient pressure of water that needs to be passed through the impeller.

If jamming is not observed, then it is worth changing the drain pump. In order to get to it, you need to remove the outer panel of the door. Then you need to remove the access panels and sound. After that, disconnect the cord connector and remove the part. After connecting the connector to the new element, you need to reposition the access panel and door.

No dishwashing results on the top shelf

There is another common failure of Whirlpool units. It consists in the fact that when the machine is running, items on the top shelf are sometimes not completely cleaned. This state of affairs is difficult to tolerate. Everything should be washed, not just some of the dishes.

Usually the cause of such a malfunction is that the water does not reach the redistribution of the upper spinner. To improve the situation, the following steps should be taken.

No dishwashing results on the top shelf

  1. It is necessary to remove fasteners from all sides.
  2. Then you need to remove the rotating mechanism and the lower arms.
  3. Then unscrew the fasteners from the filter and screen.
  4. To remove any contaminants that interfere with the operation of the unit, they must be thoroughly cleaned. In these cases, it is useful to use a syringe to remove water. It is also recommended to use paper towels to soak up excess on surfaces. Remove all debris from the food scraper around the assembly. To clean parts, it is better to use a toothbrush and dishwashing detergent.

Such actions allow you to completely eliminate pollution. Then you need to run a regular cycle and use vinegar. While the appliance is in operation, the removed elements should be cleaned. At the same time, it is required to ensure that water has free access to all departments of technology.

It is also necessary to check the status of internal ports. After the end of the cycle of operation of the dishwasher, you need to completely assemble it.

The recommendations presented will make the diagnosis and repair of Whirlpool equipment easier and more efficient. But we should not forget that any units require compliance with safety regulations and full adherence to the instructions for them. Therefore, it is always necessary to remember that no action can be taken without disconnecting the household appliance from electricity and without disconnecting the water supply before performing any maintenance steps on it.