Places, where is the hidden power button on Samsung TV

Sometimes many users are very surprised that every year Samsung releases a new TV model and every time its power button is in a different place.

However, the very majority of technology owners are interested in the question of how to turn it on without a remote control. At the same time, people find it difficult to find the appropriate button. This question worries almost everyone and not every time it is solved simply.

Samsung TV power button location

Typically, this button is located:

  • in the middle of the bottom panel of the device;
  • in front of its lower right part;
  • left or right on the front side of the household appliance when using the touch control;
  • on the right side at the back of the device.

Samsung TV power button

Usually, any Samsung model is equipped with a manual power button, but it’s better to find it right away so that you don’t waste time watching shows later.

Center part of the underside

Most often, the power button is located right in the middle of the bottom panel of the equipment.

It is important to clarify what type of television device is used in this case, since in each modification the power button may be located differently. And yet, as a rule, it is found in this place. You just need to run your hand over it and you can immediately find it.

Front bottom and right

This placement of the power button is most inconvenient for home appliance owners. Sometimes they get the feeling that it was hidden on purpose.

  1. Feel the front and bottom of the right side of the Samsung device where the receiver is located. It is connected to the remote control.
  2. Directly behind it is a tiny power button, so it’s not always easy to find it quickly.
  3. You need to click on it.
  4. The result of successful searches and actions carried out by the user will be the inclusion of equipment.

Front bottom and right

Use with touch operation of the left or right front frame

Many Samsung TVs have touch-controlled power buttons, as well as dedicated keys for quickly changing channels, volume up and down, and more.

Touch-sensitive power buttons are usually located on the front and right side of the TV panel. But finding them is not always easy. Therefore, in order to notice them, it is worth looking closely. Then you need to touch the power button label and the household appliance will work.

It should also be mentioned that older Samsung models are equipped with a touch button located on the front left side of the panel. Therefore, the first thing to look for is here. You need to touch it, then wait a second. Then the technique will have time to respond, you just have to wait a bit.

Right and back

If the user has not found the button on their Samsung, then most likely it is located behind the TV. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that such a place was chosen extremely unsuccessfully.

The device should be moved away from the wall and inspected on the right side of its rear side. There is usually a small power button there.

If it is difficult to see it, then you need to stock up on a flashlight. If it is still not noticeable, then it is worth examining the left side from behind. On each type of household appliance, they are located individually. Therefore, with unsuccessful searches, it is more often found in this place.

Right and back

A guide to using Samsung devices of any year and model

If all the searches for the power button of the equipment did not lead to anything, then you need to refer to the instructions for its operation. From the very beginning, you need to clarify the series, year and model of release. The final number is marked on the back of the Samsung panel.

Technical support usually has an extensive, year-by-year, detailed archive of all instructions for using TVs.

Therefore, almost any of their owners will be able to find a diagram there, on which the placement of each button will be indicated in detail.

Sometimes it seems to the frustrated owners of Samsung equipment that the company has started a game of hide and seek with them. When trying to turn it on without remote control, people often find themselves in a difficult situation. Don’t give up right away. Each household appliance is equipped with a manual power button. It just needs to be found.

Therefore, it is worth once again listing the most common places where it is usually located on different Samsung devices:

  1. In the middle at the bottom.
  2. Front and bottom right side.
  3. If there is a touch control – on the front right or left panel.
  4. On the back side, on the right.

A guide to using Samsung TV

If with all the efforts spent, the owner of a particular model is still looking for the power button, then it is better for him to download the instructions for managing Samsung equipment on the Internet. Usually, there you can find diagrams of any TVs with the exact location of all their buttons.