Problems with Vizio Smart TV: Netflix isn’t working

Vizio smart TVs have a lot of advantages. One of them is the ability to download various streaming applications, among which Netflix is especially popular. With it, users can watch their favorite movies and series. However, sometimes it happens that the Netflix app stops working on the Vizio Smart TV. Not all users know what to do in this case. There are several solutions to this problem.

What to do if Netflix doesn’t work with VizioSmart TV

If this happens, then first of all you just need to try turning off and on the Vizio Smart TV again. To do this, the TV is disconnected from the outlet. After that, you need to wait at least a minute by pressing and holding the power button at this time. Then you should plug the TV into the outlet. If everything is done correctly, then the Netflix application can be used immediately after turning it on.

How to do it right?

This is the most obvious solution to the problem, as it is the most common way to get the Netflix app working on your TV again. To do everything right, you can use two proven methods. The first of these is the “soft power cycle”. The action is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Press the Menu button on the Vizio Smart TV remote.
  2. Next, the “System” item is selected.
  3. It contains the sub-item “Reset and administration”.
  4. Here you need to find and select “Soft power cycle”.

Vizio Smart TV Netflix

The proposed method does not always help. Therefore, in some cases, you can use the hard shutdown method. It is performed like this:

  1. First, you need to turn off the TV. To do this, press the power button, which is located on the back or side.
  2. The VizioSmart TV then unplugs from the wall outlet for at least one minute.
  3. While the TV is completely turned off, you must press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. This is necessary in order to completely discharge the device and force it to perform a soft reset. You can’t do this with the remote control.
  4. After that, you can connect the TV to the outlet and start it.
  5. When the logo appears and the power is fully turned on, you need to check that the TV is working properly.

Particular care must be taken to ensure that the TV is completely switched off for at least 60 seconds. If you do not wait and turn on your VizioSmart TV earlier, a soft reset may fail. And if Netflix did not work, then after turning it on, nothing will change.

Are the Netflix servers running?

Both ways done, but the Netflix app still doesn’t work? Perhaps the problem is not in the TV at all. The fact is that sometimes the Netflix servers crash and because of this it is not available on your VizioSmart TV. To verify this, just try to enter the application on your smartphone or laptop. If there really is a problem with the servers, then it remains just to wait for everything to work.

Checking Netflix servers

Sometimes clearing the cache on Vizio Smart TV helps

It is important to understand that the built-in cache causes many problems for the device. After all, it is a set of data stored on the TV. They can cause issues such as screen freezes, app crashes, slow device performance, and more. And if Netflix does not work, then in some cases this may be due to the cache. To fix this problem, you need to perform a purge. To do this, in the menu you need to find the item “System”, in it go to the lines RESET and ADMIN. Then it remains only to select “Restart TV”. The fact is that when you reboot, the cache is cleared, which is what we needed.

The problem may be with the connection to Netflix.

If the problem persists after clearing the cache, then you need to pay attention to the Netflix application itself. First, you need to check the connection. To do this, in the settings of the application itself, you must select the item “Check your network”. After that, Netflix will start checking the Internet connection. This test is necessary to ensure that there are no connection problems. If they are detected, then the problem may be related to the Wi-Fi router.

In this case, you will have to reset it according to the instructions. But in the absence of problems with the Internet connection, you will have to restart the Netflix application itself.

Reset your Wi-Fi router

Internet connection problems can cause Netflix not to work on your TV. Therefore, you first need to check if there is a Wi-Fi connection on other devices. If it is missing, then the problem is definitely with the router.

To fix this, most often it is enough to simply restart the device. To do this, it turns off for a few minutes and turns on again. After that, the router will take several minutes to fully reboot. But then the problem with connecting to the network should disappear.

Reset your Wi-Fi router

The problem may be related to internet speed

A slow internet connection is also one of the reasons why Netflix does not work on Vizio Smart TV. Indeed, in such a situation, it is difficult to transfer video to a TV. Therefore, you need to run a connection test and see the results. If the Internet speed is less than 25 Mbps, then this can cause all the problems.

How long ago was the Vizio Smart TV updated?

If the device software has not been updated for a long time, then this can cause various problems. Solving them is very simple. To do this, you need to go to the menu, find the “System” item and select “Check for updates” in it. After that, a list of all available updates will appear. If there is a new one among them, then it will be installed on the TV.

Updates are usually installed automatically. But in some cases this may not happen. Therefore, it is worth checking regularly for possible updates.

Factory reset Vizio TV

Factory reset

The last option, should be used only if the rest did not help. To completely reset the settings, you need to go to the “System” section in the menu, find “Reset and administration” there, and then select “Reset TV settings to factory settings”. In some cases, you may need to enter a code. If it has not been changed by the user, then “0000” is set by default.

This procedure will return the TV to the settings that were on it at the time of purchase. Of course, you will have to reinstall the Netflix app, but after that it will definitely work on your VizioSmart TV.