Pros and cons of the Insignia brand

The average cost of a TV with a built-in Fire TV, 4K resolution and a 55-inch screen is usually $400. Therefore, some people doubt that the inexpensive brand “Insignia” is really good.

This type of receiver is very reliable. Of course, it cannot be compared with the new SharpAquos, but it is the best option for home use. For those looking for a practical option for quality devices, Insignia has the perfect product to offer.

Therefore, it is necessary to tell in more detail about the company and explain what the affordability of the price of its equipment is connected with.


“Insignia” is an American brand. But BestBuy, which owns it, outsourced its production to China. Now a line of devices with a size of 32-70 inches is being produced. A number of models have a resolution of 720p, but most have been updated to 4K.

The majority of Insignia appliances are smart and come with a built-in Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV.

Price acceptability

Price acceptability

The company’s devices are cheaper than the premium brands “Sharp” or “Sony”. A 55-inch smart model with 4K resolution and HDR costs no more than $400, while the “Samsung” with similar specifications costs almost twice as much.

The purchase of such a TV allows you to make a very profitable purchase. Therefore, for those who are careful about money, it is better to stop at it.

Insignia was one of the first firms to actively embrace the Smart TV revolution 10 years ago. And until now, it is in the forefront among companies implementing and using advanced technologies.

This manufacturer was one of the first to release Fire TV and 4K Roku. In 2018, he was the only one to make a formal deal with Amazon. This is how sales of devices with built-in Fire TV began.

Therefore, it must be stated that Insignia household appliances are intended for the widest range of consumers, and not just for the economical ones.

Production of the company

Televisions are the company’s most important products, but it also makes other products. These include:

  • accumulators;
  • home cinemas with surround sound;
  • charging device;
  • gaming equipment;
  • cables;
  • laptops;
  • personal computers;
  • projectors;
  • tablets, etc.

Budget price of household appliances

Insignia is a quality brand with inexpensive products compared to other companies. This cost is due to the fact that some firms, because of their reputation, ask a higher price.

Therefore, its devices offer the same smart features, screen sizes and resolution as other brands. And yet, the company asks for them at a lower price.

It should be said right away that the cost of equipment is not always directly related to its quality. Paying close to $1,000 for a new TV doesn’t always end up being amazing. It also happens that he lays out money simply for a famous trademark.

The origin of the Insignia

The origin of the Insignia

Unlike large companies, BestBuy does not have its own factories and does not design schemes. They simply outsource production to a number of different manufacturers.

Home appliances come from China, Taiwan and Japan. Parts for them are made at a variety of factories, then assembled in China, and then the products are sent to the United States.

Devices are produced at the same enterprises as well-known brands. When assembling them, components from LG, Samsung and other companies are used. As a rule, equipment is made from parts and materials left over from last year’s models.

Therefore, unused processors and screens from Samsung 2020 are used in Insignia 2021. This production optimization makes TVs cheaper and simpler, although their components are of high quality.

Such a scheme is similar to the acquisition of last year’s iPhone a month after the release of the latest model. The buyer pays not for the phone itself, but for a great discount for a later option.

When buying Insignia equipment, a person also chooses not a primitive TV, but just a little less modern.

Advantages of the Insignia tv

Advantages and disadvantages of equipment


In this case, the buyer is invited to save a large amount of money. If he does not have a large sum, he should simply purchase a quite advanced Insignia device. It is of very high quality and not cheap, but economical. A person receives a magnificent technique of a slightly outdated model.

If the apartment is already equipped with Amazon Echo, then the TV will perfectly line up with the smart home system. Then its owner will not have to spend money on the purchase of Fire TV.


  1. TV speakers do not provide perfect sound.
  2. It is not suitable for lovers of technical innovations.
  3. In the production of a household appliance, obsolete parts are used.
  4. Processors and screens will be one year older than current Samsung, Sony or Toshiba models.

The best offers of Insignia equipment

The most optimal TVs of this company belong to the “Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 Smart 4K UHD-Fire TV”. They are affordable and deliver 4K Ultra HD image quality with over 8 million pixels. This image provides deep contrast, perfect clarity and brightness of the color palette.

Along with the built-in Fire TV, the user also gains access to popular streaming applications like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube TV, and more.

Those who would like to purchase something newer should be introduced to other brands.

TCL tv


The company is famous as the manufacturer of the most popular Smart TV with built-in Roku. For the less sophisticated consumer, its television sets are no worse than the Insignia devices in terms of picture quality and cost.

For those who prefer the AmazonFire TV interface, it is better to choose the mentioned company. But, if the owner of the home appliance has Roku’s liking, then he needs to buy TCL. Both brands represent similar devices at almost the same price.

Westinghouse TV

If it is important for a person how much money he will spend on buying a new model, then he should stop at the Westinghouse technique. It is the cheapest in the line with all the ensuing consequences.

The TVs in question have the appropriate technical characteristics, but they are cheap.

The decision to purchase Insignia equipment

If the buyer is able to afford a household appliance of excellent quality at a fairly high price, then he should pay attention to more modern devices.

The decision to purchase Insignia equipment

But if technical progress is not so important for a person, but he wants to buy a fairly new model at an acceptable price for him, then he needs to purchase the Insignia technique. Ultimately, every year television technology makes only a very small step forward, and breakthroughs happen even less often.

Therefore, one must conclude that this TV is a good, but not the best brand. Together with “TCL”, such household appliances become the best choice for inexpensive devices that can be bought without any fear.

If someone can afford to pay a couple of thousand dollars for a first-class Samsung, then Insignia is clearly not for him. But when a person does not have so much money, it is better to buy a TV of this brand.