Reset Bosch fridge/freezer. How to do it?

Bosch refrigerators have proven to be reliable devices designed for a long period of operation. At the same time, the presence of many complex electronic components in the modern technology from time to time leads to failures. The user should not be afraid, because most problems are solved by a normal reboot.

The procedure does not involve the need to perform complex actions, but its order depends on how the malfunction manifests itself. The article will talk in detail about the problems of refrigerators and freezers from Bosch, the signals given by the devices, as well as how to reset the settings.

Hard reset

A complete reboot of the equipment is an extreme measure to solve the problem. It is resorted to when other manipulations with the device have not brought the expected result. A hardware reset is carried out in cases where the refrigerator has failures in the electronic part.

Hard reset

A full reboot is carried out by disconnecting the device from the power source and reconnecting it no earlier than half an hour later. This time will be enough to count on troubleshooting.

Before a hard reset, do not remove food from the refrigerator. The fact is that 30 minutes without power is not enough to heat the internal compartment of the device. During this time, the appliance door will remain closed.

Reset via demo mode?

Demo mode in refrigerators and freezers is intended for the presentation of goods in stores. He is simply not needed at home. However, sometimes the device may switch to the demo and freeze. In such a situation, the functionality of the device, with the exception of lighting, will not be used.

To remove the equipment from the demo mode, the user will have to:

  • turn off the refrigerator;
  • wait at least 5 minutes;
  • re-enable the device;
  • press and hold the “Alarm off” key for 15 seconds. The button must be activated no later than five seconds after turning on the device. If the Bosch model has a touch control panel, then the user needs to click on the “Alarm off” inscription or on the area next to it.

Reset via demo mode

After three beeps, the refrigerator will restart. The user will have to check the settings and test the device’s performance.

Reset door open alarm

If the user left the door of the freezer or refrigerator open, then the technician can inform him of this oversight. Some Bosch models are equipped with special sensors that signal the opening of the camera. If the reason is forgetfulness, then it is enough to close the door tightly. Sometimes the reset has to be done through the control panel. By the way, in the same way, the signal can be turned off altogether by going to the device settings item.

Reset temperature alarm

Refrigerators (freezers) Bosch are equipped with a signal that notifies the user of a rise in temperature in the chamber. It is activated when the limit value is increased thanks to a special sensor. The operation of the “tweeter” usually occurs due to the door open for a long time. Another reason is the overflow of the chamber with heated dishes or products at room temperature.

Resetting the signal is done by resolving the problem. To do this, you will need to inspect the door for its complete adjacency to the refrigerator body and remove all hot dishes from the chamber. Then the user should press the signal button or the “OK” key (depending on the specific model).

Reset temperature alarm

How to reset the filtered signal

Some models of Bosch refrigerators have built-in water dispensers. This device has a filter responsible for removing unwanted substances and minerals. If the resource of the element has come to an end, then the technique gives the user a signal about the need to replace the component.

In such a situation, the reset begins with the purchase of a new filter element. Then the user will have to install it instead of the worked one and perform a simple manipulation. The latter is to press the “Replace filter” button on the control panel. The key must be held down for at least 3 seconds. If the reset was successful, a characteristic signal will follow.

Sometimes the user decides to change the filter element in advance. In this case, the absence of a warning signal will not mean at all that a reset is not necessary. The procedure is required in order for the timer to reset the time count and start tracking the real resource of the new component. To do this, you will need to press the corresponding button on the remote control until the number “0” appears on the display.

How to reset the filtered signal

Question-Answer (FAQ)

The above procedures are aimed at resetting the parameters of refrigerators (freezers) when the equipment refuses to work in normal mode or signals the user about the presence of any unresolved (arising) problems. However, many owners of Bosch devices want answers to other pressing questions on the topic. Next, the most popular of them will be analyzed.

How long will the refrigerator cool down after restarting?
Considering the operation of the device until the moment of shutdown, which is the first stage in the reboot process, the chamber has cooled down sufficiently at this point for the safety of the products. The door of the refrigerator, thanks to the sealing rubber bands, closes tightly and maintains a temperature regime of about 4 hours. That is why even a complete reset of the device will not require transferring the contents to a cool place, such as a thermal bag, a refrigerated container, etc.

As for freezing, the corresponding chamber will be able to guarantee the safety of products up to 24-48 hours. It is worth considering the fact that the resumption of the operation of the refrigerator (freezer) requires at least a couple more hours to reach the optimum temperature.

What does the “Super” key on the refrigerator panel mean?
It means the presence of the “SuperCool”, “SuperFreeze” modes, which are used to quickly cool the camera. So, the SuperCool function helps out in the presence of a large number of products placed on the shelves in the compartment, or the need to cool drinks. The mode works for two hours, and then automatically turns off. SuperFreeze is a similar freezer program that runs for 6 hours.

What is “Demo Mode”?
How to remove the refrigerator from the demonstration was described in detail in the article. At the same time, not everyone understands what the essence of this regime is. In fact, the demo mode is a function necessary to save the resource of the device during its display on the trading floor. Due to the limitation of the operation of the device (only the light is on), the refrigerator does not experience stress on the main elements.

The demonstration mode does not imply cooling of the chambers, the use of an ice maker, a water dispenser. In addition to the backlight, the buyer can evaluate the information content of the display, see the settings. Many doubt the expediency of purchasing an exhibition sample, believing that its resource is much less than that of a device sealed in a box in a warehouse. Actually it is not.

What is the minimum temperature for the refrigerator?
The refrigerator has temperature settings. As a rule, they are changed in the presence of products that require special storage conditions. Usually the user sets the default values and does not look at the parameters shown on the display at all. However, when resetting the settings, it still does not hurt to double-check the power.

As a rule, the refrigerator temperature parameters are displayed in an unusual format. Instead of degrees, the user sees numbers. Typically, the minimum value is one and the maximum value is five. It is important to understand that these designations have an inverse relationship with temperature and indicate the power of the equipment. So, “5” means the coldest mode, and “1” – the minimum allowable cooling.

Detailed information about the meaning of the digital display can be found in the user manual for the specific Bosch model. Depending on the size of the device, its power, configuration and other parameters, the temperature readings and the time required to reach them can vary significantly.