Resetting Astro A50: main steps

The Astro A50 is considered the best gaming headset, but for all its merits, some problems have been noticed. A common malfunction discussed on forums and social networks is the complete inability to work for no reason. The cost of the gaming device is considerable, from this the breakdown becomes doubly unpleasant.

Reset your headset

Before rebooting the Astro A50, check the position of the switch, which should be turned off. The next step is to hold down the Dolby, Game and Game/Voice buttons at the same time for 15 seconds. From this, the headset will completely reset the settings, reboot and work again.

Do not despair if it seemed that an expensive thing was damaged and not suitable for repair. A desperate user will simply buy a new headset, although a reboot would be enough. This is partly the fault of the manufacturer himself, who did not indicate this possibility in the documentation at all.

Step-by-step instructions for updating settings

The main points for rebooting the Astro A50 installations are not described anywhere, they are not in the user manual, they cannot be found in electronic resources. The only way to discover the material in order to perform this manipulation yourself is to search the forums and watch YouTube videos of real users. They will show step by step all the subtleties of a simple process.

Reset your headset

It is worth paying attention to such a nuance – a complete reboot will delete all saved individual user settings from the headphone memory. For some, this will seem like a sensitive moment, but with the absolute inactivity of the headset, this option is still the best way out.

There is one way not to lose absolutely all the options – to take a screenshot from the screen where your favorite functions are displayed. Save the image so you can quickly install them again later.

Connect the headphones to the docking station, shake the connector, check if charging is in progress and evaluate its speed. The LEDs on the interface of the docking station will flash, indicating that the batteries are healthy. After that, connect the headphones with the power button and pull the charging port out of the station.

On the side of the headset control panel there are buttons for adjusting the Dolby On / Source Audio sound functions, press the middle one. Now find on the outer surface of the earpiece on the right side the Game balance bar with the Game/Voice button. Activate both buttons at the same time and keep pressed for 15 seconds. After this procedure, put the headset back on the charging dock. The light bulb will light up to indicate the presence of a charge, the equipment is ready for operation again.

Situations when a factory reset is required

When using the Astro A50, problems sometimes arise, but this does not mean at all that their device is incomplete and the manufacturing technology is imperfect. If we compare this technology with similar ones, then these headphones noticeably win in quality.

when a factory reset is required

The included headphones do not work – theoretically, many may encounter such a problem. But this is not at all a reason for frustration. The usual reboot of the headphones, resetting all settings solves most problems.

As a result of using the Astro A50 audio equipment, a list of problems has been identified that can be dealt with by resetting the settings:

  • Headphones A50 do not turn on;
  • Battery voltage indication does not light up;
  • No sound is heard from the speakers;
  • The microphone is inactive, your words are not heard;
  • The headset does not pair with the base unit or cannot be connected.

This is not a complete list of problems that occur in the work with the headset, which are eliminated by a hard reset. It is possible that it will be possible to identify other problems with the failure of equipment. In this case, the first step should be to completely reset your settings. This manipulation will take no more than one minute. As a result, you can fix the failure yourself, save money on the purchase of new equipment.

Service support

You have completed all of the above recommendations, but the headset is still silent for an unknown reason. In this case, you can contact customer service.

First of all, check the warranty period for factory defects of the Astro A50 elements. It differs in different countries.

Service support

Purchase of new equipment

For the equipment of 2012 release, it’s time to purchase another, more advanced headset instead. Improved parameters on new models:

  1. Sound quality.
  2. The comfort of use.
  3. Increased battery life.

Along with the advantages, the updated headphones have their drawbacks: high cost, reduced build quality and microphone performance.

Despite the cons, the Astro A50 is a headset worthy of real gamers. It responsively interfaces with the console and with the computer. The price for the kit justifies its capabilities.