Samsung Smart TV remote not working properly

Each owner of TVs at least once had a problem with the performance of the remote control. Users of Samsung models are no exception. When the remote control stops functioning, the question arises of what caused it. The article will detail why the remote control does not work, and how to solve such a problem.

Reasons for remote control failure

If pressing the buttons on the remote control does not lead to the appropriate reaction of the Samsung TV, then the user’s first step should be to check the batteries. If the batteries have not leaked or oxidized, you can try resetting the settings. To do this, open the cover of the battery compartment and remove them. The user then needs to turn off the TV for a minute. After 60 seconds, the device turns on. When the main screen loads, the batteries must be returned to the remote control and try pressing the buttons.

If the method described above does not help, you should move on to the next one. It is almost identical but has one nuance. First, the batteries are removed from the remote control. Next, on the remote control, you need to press the power button and hold it for a minute. This will remove residual energy that interferes with the normal operation of the remote control. After 60 seconds, the batteries must be placed back in the compartment and the remote control checked.

Often the simplest methods solve the problem. However, sometimes you have to go further to find the cause of a malfunction. The most common problems should be considered in more detail.

Reasons for remote control failure

Full discharge of batteries in the remote control, malfunction of the IR emitter

The resource of any battery sooner or later comes to an end. This applies to both disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. To check the latter, it is enough to open the case and inspect the replacement components for leaks, damage or oxidation. If the batteries look good visually, then they need to be checked for operability. To do this, just open the camera application on your smartphone and point it at the IR emitter. If the camera detects flashes when you press the buttons, then the remote control is working.

The second way to check the charge on the batteries requires a multimeter. The device is set to a boundary limit equal to 20V. Next, probes are applied to the batteries. If the charge is too low, then the batteries will have to be changed, and the batteries can be recharged.

In the event that after these manipulations the remote control still does not work, the reason may lie in the malfunction of the IR emitter. Repairing a remote control can be more expensive than buying a new one, so the problem is usually solved by replacing it.

The presence of corrosion in the battery compartment indicates the need to remove the cells and dispose of them. However, simply changing the power supply is not enough. The terminals must be cleaned of deposits before installing new batteries, as any sign of oxidation is likely to cause the device to malfunction.

No communication between the remote control and TV

In the process of actively using a Samsung TV, the owner may encounter the problem of losing communication between the remote control and the device. If not paired, the signal transmitted from the remote control buttons will not be processed, which will make it impossible to remotely change channels, adjust the volume, turn on the TV, and use other functions.

As a rule, the connection is established automatically, but sometimes the user has to deal with pairing in manual mode. To do this, you need to perform several sequential operations:

  • point the remote control at the TV (turned on);
  • hold down the return and pause/play buttons for five seconds;
  • wait for pairing to start;
  • check the remote control for operability.

communication between the remote control and TV

Signal blocked by foreign objects

The TV works in conjunction with the remote control only if the signal from the latter reaches the receiver. Objects located in front of the TV may interfere with this. The space in front of the TV needs to be cleared and try to use the remote control again.

TV software malfunction

Samsung models periodically update the firmware to use smart products. This usually happens automatically, and the process does not cause trouble for the user. Unfortunately, in some cases, something can go wrong and the TV owner will have to manually make sure that the latest software versions are available.

A sign of incorrect software operation is slowdowns in the operation of devices. In addition, outdated software often leads to out of sync between the remote control and the TV. To check for updates, the user just needs to go to the settings, select “Software Updates” and “Network”. If new software is available, select it and click Install Now. After that, the device will reboot and will work normally.

TV software malfunction

Internet access problems

It would seem that access to the network has nothing to do with the remote control. At the same time, each Samsung smart model requires access to the Internet in order to work correctly. If the user experiences a malfunction, which is expressed in the loss of communication between the remote control and the TV, then this is probably due to the lack of a network connection.

The reason for the disconnection can be incorrect use of devices, problems on the part of the Internet provider, failure of the router or terminal box. The easiest way to check the connection is to reboot the router. To do this, the user needs to perform a few simple steps. Among them:

  • turning off the TV;
  • restarting the router. To do this, you will need to disconnect the power cord of the router from the outlet;
  • expectation. Before turning on the router, at least 30 seconds must pass;
  • checking the connection of the TV to the Internet;
  • checking the functionality of the remote control.

RC touch control calibration failure

The Samsung Smart Touch Remote Control may lose sensitivity after prolonged use. If the user uses the TV every day, then the sensor starts to malfunction and eventually stops giving commands altogether. This phenomenon is called calibration failure. To bring the remote into working condition, it will need to be reconfigured.

RC touch control calibration failure

Calibration will certainly fix the problem if the problem is not something else. First, the user needs to press the number key and hold it for five seconds. The device will signal the start of the calibration process. Then you have to wait, because the procedure takes time (about a couple of minutes). When the setup is completed, the remote control will blink the LED indicator, which will indicate the completion of the calibration. The user will only have to check the remote control for operability.

Don’t think that recalibration will avoid problems in the future. This procedure is recommended to be carried out periodically. This is due to the loss of sensor sensitivity. The more often the remote control will be used, the more often the user will have to resort to its calibration.