Samsung TV does not turn on: reasons and troubleshooting

The brand awareness and innovation of the product, unfortunately, still can’t protect you 100% from breakdowns. The same is true for modern Samsung TVs: there can be a huge number of small problems and serious problems caused by completely different reasons. And here the most important thing is to correctly determine this very cause, because in most cases, the breakdown can be repaired with your own hands within a very short time.

If the Samsung TV does not turn on, this is not always a reason to go to the service center. Although most often the problem occurs due to malfunction, simple failures can be eliminated on your own by simple manipulations, which require just a few minutes of your time. Beforehand, analyze the situation and determine the cause. So you will be able to understand whether you need to call a master or will be able to cope yourself.

Finding the problem

We recommend to first pay attention to the obvious things such as broken cable, cracks on the panel, or the inappropriate smell, like burning. To start the search for the cause of the TV failure is to examine the device externally and gradually move on to the nodes and systems inside. In the first place, you should disconnect the TV from the network, preliminarily removing it from the wall (if it is fixed to it). Adhere to this algorithm:

  • Examine the sockets and cables for twists, damage, and fractures;
  • Check the back panel and the screen for mechanical damage, and cracks;
  • Pay attention to the smell, whether the TV smells like burning;
  • If you are confident in your skills, remove the back cover, but only if the TV is not under warranty;
  • Examine the boards and microcircuits for mechanical, and temperature damage.

Samsung TV problem

New models of Samsung Smart TVs mostly fail if the operating conditions are not met. Read the manual again and make sure you are connecting the device correctly. Check every cord, unplug and plug them back.

Now let’s pay closer attention to each step. Start with the wires, as they can be damaged or twisted, or even torn. If the cords are fine — check their connections.

If for some reason your TV was dropped or got hit, shortly before the problems with switching on started — that might be subject to serious mechanical damage, which you, most likely, will not be able to fix by yourself. Anyway, you still can carefully check the corpus of the television for all kinds of damage. Each small detail can matter. Do not forget about the Crystal matrix, as the cobwebs on it can also be the reason for the malfunction.

If after turning your Samsung TV on you have felt a burnt smell, this may mean, that the internal circuit board of your device has burned out, and it’s time to replace it.

Another reason for your Samsung TV not turning in, or for the problems with switching the channels, can be a serious malfunction of the operating system, where we recommend you to call the professional master.

Mechanical damage

Mechanical damage

To determine this kind of breakage, you should simply visually examine the equipment from all sides and angles. Remember, that one of the most vulnerable elements of any LED television is its monitor, and even the smallest defect can cause many problems. And, of course, the mechanical damage is better to trust professionals, if only I’m you are not a super-skilled master yourself. This kind of troubleshooting requires special instruments and knowledge.


Another problem, which appears in Samsung TVs pretty often is when you turn the device on, and the display remains black, yet there is a sound. This is an indicator of monitor malfunction, such as, for example, the burnt-out LED bulbs, but can also be provoked by issues with the backlight inverter. In the second case, only the replacement of the matrix can help, if not the change of the whole device.

Operating system

This is as serious as the matrix damage, as for fixing the operating system issues you will for sure need professional help. To understand, that there is something wrong with the OS of your device, pay attention to the speed of channel switching, and the reaction of your TV to the commands from the remote control.

The board

The electronic elements of your device can burn out because of voltage surges. So if you have experienced any lately — probably the problem is in the board, and some of the elements need to be cleaned, recovered, or replaced. This kind of malfunction is not easy to determine, but if you are skilled enough, you can take the back panel off and check the electronics. Another way to understand it — is to notice the burning smell, coming out of the TV, accompanied by an unusual clicking sound.

Carefully check all the elements of your TV, including the wires, chips, and pins. Pay attention to any mechanical damage, as well as the high temperature of some elements.

TV does not turn on, the LED is off

The TV does not turn on, the LED is off

Let’s start with the obvious. The first reason to come to mind in this case —‘problems with electricity. Another explanation might be in the LED indicator itself, but it is a very rare thing, especially, followed by other malfunctions. So to fix your TV in this situation you should:

  • Check the power supply of your house. Probably, the circuit breaker on the board has gone out because of the voltage surge or outage;
  • Check that the socket the TV is plugged into works (try plugging in another appliance such as a desk lamp or a cell phone);
  • Check the functionality of an extension cord, if there is any, or try to replace it with another one, as it often happens that the TV is connected through the extension, which is broken or simply turned off.

The TV does not turn on, but the LED is on

The situation when you can not switch your device on, by the LED indicator bulb lights up, can signify that the TV gets its power, and the problem is in something else. If your Samsung TV behaves this way, you should try the following:

  • Try to switch your TV on directly from the control panel. If it works, that means, that you are having issues not with the device, but with the remote control;
  • But if it doesn’t work — there is a chance that the mains surge protection has kicked in, try unplugging the TV, wait for 10-15 minutes, and then try switching the TV back on.

Power Button


Now that we discussed all the possible scenarios of such malfunction, let’s love on to the Troubleshooting. And worst of all, we will talk about the malfunctions, which you can fix on your own, without going to the service center.

  • Standby mode. It is when the monitor of your device is black and inactive, although the TV itself continues to work, and you can determine it by simply checking the LED panel, which glows red in the standby mode. So if you switch the stand-by mode off, you will bring your device back to normal. To do so, simply press the power button on the remote control. If not the remote, then pay attention to the core and the socket, but be careful.
  • Active AV, HDMI, or wireless connection. Check the inputs on the back of your tv, and the settings of the other devices you use at home, as your TV can be connected to your smartphone or computer, and is just mirroring its screen. To fix this, simply disconnect all other gadgets and restart the Samsung TV whether from the remote control or the button in the panel.
  • Bad signal. This means the antenna your ATV is connected to could have been broken or damaged. It is more likely to happen due to severe weather conditions, so makes sense to check it out if the area you live in has experienced strong winds or rains lately. There are two options for fixing this case: to wait for a bit and the signal from the antenna gets back, or replace the antenna.
  • Sorry to ask, but have you checked the batteries in your remote control? Sometimes the problems have very banal and even funny solutions. They take off the batteries and replace them with new ones. But if even this magic didn’t help, there is one more option to consider.
  • If not the batteries, there might be another malfunction in your remote control, and to check it simply press the navigation buttons on your TV. If you see the devices reacting to this switching, you should check your remote more thoroughly — probably you will need to replace it.

When you need a professional help

If it turns out that the Samsung TV does not work due to a failure of internal nodes, you should not interfere with the construction yourself. A sign of failure of the power supply can be a red power indicator. Flickering light bulbs in different colors indicate a failure of the inverter or transistor. The absence of a picture with working sound in the plasma model may be connected to the breakage of the backlight. With the long turn, it is necessary to check the capacitors, power supply, block frame, and line scan, as well as other systems.

In all these cases, repair TV Samsung trusted master specialized service center. Independent intervention in the equipment without training, experience, and knowledge is not safe for the life and health of the user, and may also lead to more serious defects in technology.

Please remember, that if you don’t have special skills, it’s better not to dig deep and not to fix complicated technical or electronic damages on your own. Call a professional, or bring your device to the service center, and it will save you time, money, and nerves.

Samsung TV need a professional help

So, in the following cases, you will need the help of a professional fixer:

The device does not turn on from the panel

If you can not turn your device in from the control panel, and heal a weird click sound when pressing the button, this is most likely the internal TV lock operational malfunction. In this case, you will for sure need a help of a specialist, and it may signify that one of the modules of your TV is out of order. Do not confuse this system lock with the parent-control lock, activated by the user. Here you won’t be able to fix it with a code or password.

The indicator turns green and then turns red again

Another signal that the issues with your TV are quite serious is the light indicator blinking from green to red. It means, that the device is trying to turn on, and sends the commands to all of its parts, but the commands are being lost or blocked in one of the ways, and the operation can not be concluded. In this case, one of the important units of your Samsung TV has failed and needs professional help in reprinting or replacing it. But first of all, professional diagnostics.

The indicator light turns green and nothing happens

Nothing promising is also when the light indicator turns green and this is the only thing your TV can tell you. In case when the green light goes on but nothing else is happening in your device, may mean, that there is an issue with the main board. The reason might be the voltage supply problems.

The indicator light blinks chaotically

The chaotically blinking indicator light signifies some serious malfunctions in the electronic system of your TV and requires urgent professional assistance. The device has to be fully diagnosed from A to Z, and it can only be done in the service center.

The TV unit turns on too long

If it takes too much time to get your TV on, it usually means, that one of your device’s units is damaged. But you can not say which one without professional diagnostics. Most likely, your TV unit will need serious intervention.

Even though there are things you can do to your TV when it doesn’t turn on by yourself, in most cases the problem appears to be serious and requires professional help. Moreover, by trying to fix serious issues on your own, you are risking making it an even bigger problem.