Samsung TV self-diagnosis is not available

The overall performance of your TV can be improved in many ways. If the checkbox is not checked, the cache often gets out of control and immediately takes up the available memory of the device.

The problem is that the cleaning function is located as deep as possible in the TV menu, and on different devices it is far from being in the same place.

How to clear the cache on a Samsung TV device as correctly as possible – we figure it out together

The best way is to press and hold the power button directly on the remote control until the device reboots. When you turn it on, you need to select the home button, go to the settings, support, maintenance section of the unit and select start.

Clicking and holding the power button

This fix is quite logical, and the method under consideration is simple. You need to act for at least 20 seconds. You have to wait all the time, eventually, the option to reset the TV will appear.

clear the cache on a Samsung TV

Self-diagnosis and use of a special unit care menu

Many modern systems have a Device Care application. It automatically guarantees the optimization of applications on the system so that everything functions without any failures. It will not be difficult to find this option in the line related to 2020 and later.

The support service, whose work is dedicated to such devices, scans the system for optimization, as well as for diagnosing its condition. An example here is a blurry screen or lack of disk space. Here, the status of the TV is checked and, in case of a problem, what needs to be done next is displayed.

To gain direct access to system care and run the test, you need to click “home” within the remote control and make a full transition to the settings section. In the menu, it remains to select the item of support, care and its launch. While the user is in this section, he can also manage the storage to remove any software that is not used, as well as clear the cache of individual applications.

Gray out options

In a number of situations, this is exactly what happens in practice. The user cannot use the relevant tools when the application is opened in the background. As an example, it will not be difficult to consider the situation in which Netflix or another streaming application is open. To correct these circumstances, you must click the exit button on the remote control. This will help in closing all open applications without exception. Then you need to return to the settings, and this option will probably become available again.

Reset Samsung TV


In this case, we are talking about such a direction as Smart Hub. The user simply has the ability to delete all data without exception from the account, and also returns the settings to the factory default settings. First you need to select the section of the same name, instead, pressing the “menu” button is available.

After that, it remains to enter support and activate the self-diagnosis mode. You need to find the reset option and click on it. The system will automatically offer to display the PIN code of the TV device, the default value is 0000. Unless, of course, another combination has been set earlier. After that, it remains to reset the TV settings.

On older devices, there is a reset option in the picture settings and smart features section. The TV will not turn off during a factory reset, but you will be able to sign out of your account.

Unplugging the TV from the network for a minute

This is perhaps one of the easiest cleaning methods. You just need to deactivate the device. And it is necessary to wait 60 seconds. You need to be patient and make sure that exactly this amount of time has passed before turning the system back on.

Firmware update

Firmware update

The TV unit runs the risk of facing a huge number of problems in the absence of a software update. To check them, you need to understand whether there are new operating system updates directly in the settings menu. all you need to do is find the latest firmware update available for your specific TV model. The procedure can be described as follows:

  • go to settings;
  • choice of support;
  • transition to updating;
  • stop at the corresponding parameter.

As a result, the TV will be updated automatically, and this process may take several minutes.

Reset to factory settings

If the TV is working, you must select the home button on the remote control. There is a chance that unplugging or removing the batteries will help temporarily turn on the device. Then it remains to select the basic settings and stop at the reset. And finally, you will need to enter the security code, by default it is four zeros if another value has not been set. The TV will turn off and on again, then the initial setup screen will be displayed.

In essence, the device will be returned to the settings that were originally on the day the unit was purchased. Reset will help to 100% clear the cache of the application and the corresponding data set. There will be a reset to the factory settings, and you will need to carry them out again.

Contacting support service

Contacting support service

If the cache is still not cleared, you need to write or call the support service. It will offer several options for service – at home or in the salon. It is logical to assume that the cost of the service is different, it all depends on the final diagnosis and on the coverage of the work with a guarantee.