Samsung TV turns on and off

A considerable number of owners of basically very good Samsung TVs often face an unpleasant situation when their device turns off every five seconds. Sometimes they report that this problem occurred repeatedly and did not disappear during the subsequent operation of the household appliance.

Permanently turning off Samsung device

If the technique stops working every five seconds, then it is necessary to completely reset its basic settings.

You need to turn off the TV and wait another minute. And after disconnecting it from electricity, you need to press and hold the power button for thirty 30 seconds.

Then you should leave the device for a minute, and then turn it on again. Most likely, the problem will be solved.

Unplugging your Samsung home appliance

It would seem that such an elementary solution suggests itself. And, nevertheless, it is required to remind that when the device is disconnected from electricity, then usually the problem is solved quickly and simply.

Unplugging Samsung TV

In this case, it is necessary to wait a full minute. No need to rush, but you should make sure that 60 seconds have completely elapsed. Then you need to turn on the equipment again. In the period when it is not connected with power, you must press and hold the corresponding button for 30 seconds. It must be recalled that it is the TV that should be used, and not its remote control.

Such actions will help to discharge the remaining energy of the Samsung device and reboot its program. They differ from the usual actuation or deactivation of a household appliance by means of a remote control. After the implementation of all the proposed device will work normally.

Malfunction of the power supply

If the equipment does not have enough power, then it will not work and after five seconds it will automatically turn off.

In this case, you need to check the electrical cable of the TV. If it is damaged, then it must be replaced.

If after this the situation does not improve, then you also need to check the outlet. The device must be disconnected from it and brought to another current source.

power supply

You should also connect another household appliance to the outlet under test to check its functionality.

But it is best to get rid of the surge protector or extension cords and directly connect it to electricity to check the troubleshooting.

Enabling Anynet+ and HDMI-CEC

HDMI-CEC, that is, HDMI Consumer Electronics Control, is a functional device that helps to improve the interaction of the device with all equipment connected to it. It allows him to gain partial control over the television and him over the connected equipment.

For example, HDMI-CEC makes it easy to control your DVD player with a Samsung remote. Or, then, when turned on, the input of the household appliance is automatically changed to HDMI.

Sometimes, by default, HDMI is initially configured to automatically turn off when the equipment is running. This feature is referred to as Anynet+ or HDMI-CEC.

Therefore, when Samsung spontaneously turns on, you need to take a closer look at it. Then on the remote control, you need to press the “HOME” button and select “SETTINGS → GENERAL → EXTERNAL DEVICE MANAGER → ANYNET+ → OFF”. It should be borne in mind that in the future it will no longer be required to control any other equipment.

System damage

There is another thought-provoking reason why a Samsung TV will turn off every five seconds. It is associated with a general malfunction of the electronic system. Smart devices, just like computers, can become a victim of a virus. This happens when downloading a file or using devices on the Internet.

Mechanical damage

Therefore, it is worth checking for damage in the system:

  • it is necessary to take the remote control and enter the settings menu;
  • then you need to select the tab “General”;
  • then you should go to the “System Manager” option;
  • “Smart Security” is found in it;
  • in the future, you need to use the “Scan” function;
  • A system scan will start to scan for viruses.

If the equipment stops working before the end of the process, then it is worth disconnecting it from the power supply. This step will help reboot it, getting rid of the malware.

You must also turn off your Samsung and disconnect it from the network. Then you need to hold the power button for a couple of minutes. It is the TV relay that should be activated, not the remote control. Then you need to bring it to the outlet, turn it on and make sure that the problem is solved.

If the Samsung device has not stopped turning off, you should try to perform a hard reset. It helps to reset it to factory settings. But you need to know that then all information will be lost and the previous preservation will disappear.

For such purposes, you need to open the “Settings” menu and go to “General”. Then select “Reset”. The device will ask for a PIN code. If it was not changed during the purchase, then by default it is required to set 0000. After that, select “OK” and the equipment will reboot.

Samsung overheating

Samsung overheating

Sometimes the TV turns off automatically due to the fact that it is not properly cooled. Then you need to turn it off and wipe the dust from the back panel with a dry cloth. After that, make sure that the ventilation openings of the machine can be freely ventilated, as clogging of them can block the passage of air and lead to overheating.

As a test, you should also try to move the appliance to a well-ventilated area or install an air conditioner in the room.

Need for updates

Smart TV needs regular updates to improve its daily performance. If the device does not load them in sufficient volume, then it is able to stop working.

In this case, you should:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Select the “Support” option.
  3. Find the options for updating the software.
  4. Stop at “Update Software”.

Then the device will automatically download whatever it needs. The duration of the process usually takes several minutes and the system itself reports its completion.

Samsung TV updates

Short circuit

If you remove the back panel from Samsung equipment, then under it you will see a wire for connecting the main board to the power board.

Failure in his work sometimes leads to a short circuit between them. Then the TV starts turning on and off.

If the fourth pin is disconnected on top of the cord, then the problem can usually be fixed.

Motherboard failure

Another common reason why this situation occurs is a malfunction of the motherboard.

This part facilitates the passage of electricity inside Samsung and improves communication between the various parts of the TV. If such an element of the system breaks down, then the device ceases to function.

Motherboard failure

It also happens that various difficulties of this kind arise due to the sudden failure of the motherboard capacitors. Similar problems occur due to various circumstances, of which the main one is a power surge during a thunderstorm.