Steps to solve code LE error in LG washer

At one point, the LG washing machine may give an LE error on the display. Water is collected, things are thrown, and the device does not start either in the “Wash” or “Rinse” mode. The spin mode also does not respond to user actions. What does the LE error code mean? How to avoid such problems and is it possible to fix them without contacting a service centre?

Common Error Meanings

The LE code that appears on the display of the LG washing machine means that the engine is blocked.

The reason may lie in the following:

  • The loading drum door is not closed securely.
  • The weight of the laundry is more than the allowable norm.
  • An error has occurred in the control unit.
  • Problems or insufficient voltage in the mains.
  • The presence of a third-party object in the drum.
  • The sensor, rotor or motor is out of order.
  • Damage to wiring or board.

Common Error Meanings

Some of the above problems cannot be solved at home, you will have to contact a competent specialist who repairs household appliances. But most often the cause of the code appears due to a simple breakdown or failure that you can try to fix yourself.

The following describes the causes of the error that produces the LE code and how to fix them at home. Some situations will require the purchase of new parts.

Overloading dirty linen

Before starting the repair, you should make sure that the error is not the result of an overloaded drum, and try to reboot the machine. To do this, follow the steps in the following sequence:

  1. Press the POWER button to turn off LG equipment;
  2. turn on the auto switch or unplug the power supply;
  3. remove part of the linen (preferably half) from the tank;
  4. With the power off, hold down the START/PAUSE key for 5-10 seconds;
  5. connect the machine to the network and start in the usual way.

Overloading dirty linen

Failure in the control system

An automated system can fail due to power surges, frequent turning on / off of the device, or other adverse situations. To check if there is a failure, the washer is turned off for at least 10 minutes, after which they try to turn it on again. The error should disappear.

Unlocked door

Even a microscopic gap in the door does not allow the washing or spinning process to start. You can try opening and closing the door again. The door will be completely closed after a characteristic click.

Unlocked Door

An insufficient voltage or power outage

Sometimes the power grid is intermittent or its voltage is insufficient to start and adequately operate large home appliances. Due to problems with electricity, any appliance, including a washing machine, may not start or completely fail.

A flashing or dimly lit light bulb indicates a power outage. In this case, it is strongly not recommended to use LG washer. It is better to wait until the problems are fixed.

Foreign objects in the drum

A frequently occurring situation is a stuck object blocking the rotation of the drum. Even a thorough check of pockets before washing will not completely insure against a button that has come off or a lock that has flown from a zipper.

If the rotation is blocked by a small object, you can try to remove it with tweezers.

If all of the above manipulations did not help eliminate the error, you should look further into more complex problems.

Rotor lock

If the machine makes loud knocking sounds during the LE backlight on the display, it is worth checking the performance of the rotor.

  1. Disconnect the device from the supply of water and electricity. Disconnect hoses.
  2. Move the device away from the wall so that there is a free space between its rear wall and the wall of the room.
  3. Remove the rear protective panel by unscrewing all the screws present on it.
  4. Remove the bolt that secures the rotor to the shaft.
  5. For the next step, it is advisable to wear gloves, as sharp edges can injure the skin of the hands. Carefully remove the rotor from the shaft.
  6. Carefully inspect the part for the presence and integrity of all teeth.
  7. If some of the teeth are broken or missing, you will have to purchase a new component.

Rotor lock

Faulty tachogenerator

The rotor position sensor (RPS) or tachogenerator is the most important component of an automated system. It monitors the correct operation of the motor and helps the board identify problems that may arise.

The LE error can also occur due to the failure of the RPS.

How to replace a broken sensor with a new one

  • Put on gloves for personal protection and do all the steps to remove the rotor;
  • it is better when the second person opens the door and keeps the tank of the machine from staggering from the inside;
  • RPS is located in the stator, in its lower part;
  • unscrew a few screws holding the two connectors;
  • after that, access to the stator will open. To remove it, you need to unscrew all the bolts;
  • at the stage of unscrewing the last bolt, it is important to keep the part from falling to the floor;
  • after the stator is removed, it is necessary to remove the sensor from it, and fix a new one in its place;
  • collect all the details in place and run the washer.

Burnt wiring

At the stage of the disassembled washing machine, you can check if there are any damaged wires inside, which can also cause the system to fail.

There are usually many red, green and blue wires inside the device. Each of them is carefully examined.

Burnt wiring

Torn wires are exposed to the wire, twisted and rewound with insulating tape. Damaged areas are also treated.

If several wires are disconnected, watch the repair process carefully to avoid twisting different wires together.

Severely burnt wiring will require a complete replacement.

If none of the repair methods described above helped, the reason may lie in more complex breakdowns that only qualified craftsmen can fix. Going to a workshop will reduce the risk of further damage due to inaccurate tampering with the LG washer system.