The garage door is stuck. How to bypass their sensors?

Sometimes the garage door does not allow you to close the room even if nothing interferes with the sensors. In order to get around this obstacle, you need to make some effort. But they will lead to the best results.

You just need to press and hold the gate operation button. This action will force them to close. But you have to be patient. If the key is released prematurely, the sensors will work again. Therefore, it is required to keep it until everything is completed.

The following instructions will explain what every garage owner should know. Here you will learn how to deal with the door.

Bypass sensor

First of all, it is necessary to completely eliminate any difficulties with the gate sensors, so here are five main actions to combat the unpleasant problem that has arisen. Their precise implementation will help in the future to no longer be afraid of any difficulties.

If, after completing the troubleshooting, a solution was not found, then you need to try using one of the main methods.

Bypass sensor

  1. Pressing and holding the garage door button

You should not go to the remote control of the machine but to the device placed on the wall. Then you need to press and hold the button. During the entire time of its action, the gate will be lowered. The sensors will not turn on until it stops. In this case, with a simple movement of the hand, it is possible to completely cope with the problem.

But this method is only a temporary solution and does not eliminate the main difficulty. But it is she who is directly related to the failure of the garage door sensor.

  1. Switch to manual mode

This option is not the most preferred, but it is a very reliable way to bypass the sensors. The owner of the garage will no longer be able to use the engine or buttons, but will remain in the premises until the arrival of a specialist.

To switch the gate to manual control, you do not have to do anything particularly complicated. One has only to pull the cord hanging from the motor, which is attached to the ceiling. This will release the door from the chain pulling it in the other direction. Now the owner of the garage will be able to use the entrance to it, using the usual physical force.

If the gate is left open or not completely closed, it is necessary to support it. Otherwise, they will simply fall when the owner of the premises pulls on the wire.

  1. Hacking sensor alignment

This option is also not a priority. But in most cases, it works.

You need to cut the garage door sensor cables and completely remove them from both sides. Then they should be connected directly to the body of the motor mounted on the ceiling and installed in relation to each other on the right side. It is better to take electrical tape or other mounting device that will help to cope with such work.

Hacking sensor alignment

The device will not function until the sensors are connected and fully adjusted. This method of action allows you to align them and place them at a distance of several centimeters from each other.

Purpose of the garage door sensor

If the door begins to close and a pet or child is under it, they may suffer from contact with it. They will be pinched, injured or even killed. Such mechanisms are quite powerful and capable of causing severe harm to a bicycle, car or other property that is in their path.

Sensors are specially created and brought to uniform standards in order to eliminate the occurrence of this threat. Therefore, when you press the button and someone appears in the field of view, they will stop the movement.

The essence of the bypass

You should not use such methods just to avoid collision with garbage cans. Such actions are required to be carried out only for a very serious reason. Otherwise, the garage owner himself, his relatives and the household may be in danger. For comparison, it is worth giving an example of a person who took out the batteries from smoke detectors, and then his house burned down due to lack of protection.

A really important reason to bypass the gate sensor is their malfunction, which does not allow them to close in the absence of obstacles. Then you should definitely try to get around it. But this measure should be purely temporary and used only until a mechanic comes and debugs the device.

Sensor Troubleshooting

The most basic thing should be to find out the causes of problems with the garage door.

Sensor Troubleshooting

Before you bypass the functionality, you should find the cause of the violation of its activity. It happens that the owner in an instant manages to make the sensor work normally by resorting to the most common ways to troubleshoot it.

  1. Interference test

First, you need to go into the room and remove everything from it that is located at a distance of a foot from the sensors.

Then you need to press the button of the garage door and observe the changes that have occurred. If everything remains the same, then there are other ways to improve the operation of the mechanism.

  1. Alignment check

The sensor is usually attached to the rail device with a metal bracket. If she touches him, he will move, create an incorrect viewing angle or a distorted zone, and also lose communication with his mate.

So both need to be explored. If the condition of one is not normal, then you should carefully return it to its normal position.

If the problem is solved, then everything will immediately return to normal operation.

  1. Cleaning the sensors

Dirty and dusty garage door openers very often begin to malfunction. Therefore, you need to take a dry rag and clean them. Then they will work as they should.

Cleaning the sensors

  1. Wiring check

You should not try to eliminate such complexity on your own. In this case, some system cable that has undergone wear, breakage or structural defect becomes the culprit for the violation of functionality. That is why the sensor stops working normally.

Some people are familiar with this type of work. But most garage owners still need to contact an electrician.

It is possible that you will be able to use the guarantee. Therefore, you need to find the product passport and find out all the relevant details. Most of the devices are provided with a long term, as they are characterized by increased strength.

  1. Resetting the garage door opener

Usually, the simplest solution is the most effective.

Therefore, the device must be reset for the gate to function. If this has not already been done, then it is worth trying to resort to this method of correcting difficulties.


Will it be possible to remove the garage door sensors?
Such actions are possible, but they will cause the gate to stop working. Only manual control will remain available.
The sensors are provided to the owner for a very important reason, so removing them will automatically disable the operation of the garage doors.

Will it be possible to deal with the sensors once and for all?
This solution will not lead to the desired goal, because this part is an integral element of the overall gate mechanism. Therefore, there is no way to permanently bypass it, if the owner of the garage is not ready to use only manual control in the future.
Sensors serve to protect machines and their owners. If they are out of order or start to give an error, then the best way out of this situation is to contact the service department. For any garage owner, it would be much preferable to have a perfectly working door than to fix it daily.