The meaning of the different colors of the Orbi satellite indicator

Orbi is a device used to expand the power of the Netgear Orbi router and increase coverage. The device has two indication elements – a synchronization ring and a power button LED. The first indicates the current connection status, and the second shows the power status. These components may light up in different colors. So, Orbi has several indicators, including green, blue (cyan), red, white and orange. About what this or that glow means will be discussed in the article.

Orbi satellite glows green

A solid green power key indicates that the device has been turned on successfully. It should appear as soon as the user connects the Orbi to a power source. If this does not happen, then you should press the power button located at the back of the satellite.

In some cases, attempts are futile. This, in turn, indicates a faulty wiring or outlet. The first step is to check the operation of the machines and try to use other electrical appliances to check the electrical network.

The white glow of the satellite

If white light is on the LED ring, then this indicates that the device is trying to synchronize with the router. After connecting the satellite, it automatically starts looking for a Wi-Fi router to establish a connection.

A pulsing white light indicates that a configuration has been applied or a new firmware has been installed. This usually happens after the Orbi satellite has been successfully set up.

When you first start and configure the equipment, it is recommended to connect the satellite near the router. Only after successful pairing can it be moved to a permanent location.

Blue light

Blue light

A solid blue or blue light of the Orbi synchronization ring for one and a half to three minutes means that a good connection has been established between the Orbi router and the satellite.

In fact, such an indication confirms the normal functioning of the devices and indicates the absence of any problems. If there is no blue light, then several steps should be taken:

  1. Press the sync key located on the back of the router.
  2. Try to establish a connection between devices by pressing the satellite synchronization button.
  3. Wait for the indicator color to change to blue (yellow).

The orange or amber glow

This indication may be constant or pulsating. If an orange color appears on the synchronization ring of the Orbi satellite, and is lit without blinking for one and a half to three minutes, then this means that a connection has been established between the device and the Orbi router.

The satellite can be used even when the orange indicator appears. However, in this case, the efficiency will be somewhat reduced. The best option would be to move the device closer to the router.

The orange or amber glow

If the power button indicator turns orange (or yellow), then the user should be aware that the router and Orbi satellite are in the process of rebooting at this time. As a rule, this happens when the equipment lost connection with the power source, and then the power consumption was restored. Here it remains only to wait, because the connection and re-download processes take time.

With the power button blinking, the user needs to reset both Orbi devices. In this case, the parameters are rolled back to those that were provided by the manufacturer.

Orbi satellite red indication

If the sync ring is solid red or purple, then the Orbi is trying unsuccessfully to obtain an IP address from the router. Also, the problem may be the refusal of devices from synchronization.

As a rule, in such a situation, re-installation of equipment helps. To do this, you will need to move the satellite closer to the Orbi router and make sure that the red glow of the indicator disappears. If a positive result was achieved at this stage, then this indicates an incorrect placement of devices. One way or another, the equipment should not be placed from each other at a distance exceeding the allowable rate specified in the user manual.

A flashing red light on the Orbi’s sync ring indicates that the device is attempting to communicate with the router. However, such an indication for more than 60 seconds indicates the presence of one of two problems. The first is the loss of communication with the router. The second is the impossibility of obtaining an IP address when accessing the router.

If the satellite signals the user with a red pulsating glow for the first time, then there is no need to worry. However, repeated attempts to identify the problem will require troubleshooting. Usually the problem is corrected by reducing the distance between the satellite and the router.

Orbi satellite cannot connect

What should I do if the Orbi satellite cannot connect?

If attempts to connect the satellite to the router fail, then the user is recommended to perform a simple algorithm. It will certainly help to establish a connection between devices and troubleshoot.

If attempts to connect the satellite to the router fail, then the user is recommended to perform a simple algorithm. It will certainly help to establish a connection between devices and troubleshoot.

First of all, it is necessary to place the equipment in one room. This will be required for high-quality communication during synchronization. The process then includes the following steps:

  1. Connecting the satellite to a power source.
  2. Waiting for the appearance of a white (red) glow.
  3. Pressing the synchronization key on the router and a similar button on the paired device (you need to do it within 2 minutes).
  4. Waiting for pairing. If the light indication changes to blue after flashing white, the process has been completed successfully. In the case when the orange signal appears, the Orbi router and the satellite could not establish communication with each other. In the latter case, it is necessary to repeat the process by bringing the devices closer together.

During the pairing process, the satellite must be in the same room as the router. If this is not done, communication may be interrupted and synchronization will become impossible. However, after the successful completion of the procedure, the equipment can be placed in the place selected by the user.

Orbi satellite and router using the app

Can I set up the satellite and router using the app?

Yes, you will need the Netgear Insight app or an internet-enabled device (web version of the app). These products allow you to synchronize the router and the Orbi satellite. A complete manual with recommendations on how to use the applications can be found on the official Netgear website.