The Xfinity remote does not work

One day you pick up the Xfinity remote and try to switch it, but nothing happens. Do not rush to immediately buy a new one, spend extra money. Experience tried and tested methods to get your technology back up and running.

Nothing turns on

The first thing you can do right away is to pull out the batteries and press the “Network” button for half a minute. Now you need to return to the factory settings of the remote control. To do this, hold down the combination of buttons A and D, hold until the green LED lights up. Then simultaneously press the numbers 9, 8, 1.

Look at the screen – if the device continues to be idle, stuck on one channel, you will need to take the following steps: restore the original settings by resetting the “cold” method after a power outage. Perhaps this will revive the remote and make it work.

If it is still out of order, act in other effective ways. The road will be mastered by the walking one!

Xfinity nothing turns on

Resetting and pairing with a digital set-top box

You need to start by resetting individual programs, then try to connect to TV equipment. This procedure is simple and often becomes the solution to the problem.

The secondary connection of the remote control is done according to the following algorithm:

  1. Turn on the start by pressing the already named buttons A and D. Hold until the indicator lights up in green. Press buttons 9, 8, 1 – this will delete the programming of the remote control.
  2. The LED in the working mode flickers with a blue light. Direct the light signal towards the receiving window. Reset settings will no longer interfere with pairing with a TV set-top box.
  3. Find the Xfinity symbol on the control panel to the right of the voice command input function, press until the green light lights up. A pin code for pairing the equipment will appear on the screen. Dial this combination of numbers and follow the setup commands.

Following the step-by-step instructions will fix the problem. The equipment will connect to each other.

Button cleaning

Often there is a failure of the command when pressed. Buttons can get stuck, stick. The most common causes are liquid, dirt or grease.

Button cleaning

The keypad must be periodically cleaned from debris and dust. A high probability of a malfunction of the remote control appears when sebum penetrates from the hands. Adhering layers serve as an insulating layer. This plaque is removed with fat-dissolving liquids: alcohol, white spirit, solvent.

When cleaning the remote control, they pull out the elements from the battery compartment, press all the buttons, shake, tap the device. These physical actions will help sticky buttons straighten out. In the absence of batteries, you can freely press the network key.

After cleaning, they collect back the batteries, test the operation of the equipment. Sometimes you have to do this procedure a second time until the remote works.

Changing batteries

When pressed, the indication works, but switching does not occur – this is how the picture looks when the batteries have exhausted their resource. It is enough to replace the spent elements with new ones. The batteries are also subject to replacement when the red LED flashes five times.

The Xfinity remote control uses twin AA batteries. Replace two at the same time. It is impossible to determine for certain the degree of charge of each, so insert new ones at once, clean the compartment with contact surfaces and completely eliminate the cause of the non-working signal.

Changing batteries

Set-top box update

A program failure in the device can lead to a loss of communication with the remote control. Many models of digital set-top boxes are equipped with a delete button. It is activated with a five second hold.

When the voice control is working, a voice command is given with the phrase “Reboot the set-top box”, and the forced update of the device will begin.

Restart is possible on the web version of the manufacturer’s website by entering an identification code and password. A reboot will also occur after a complete blackout of the TV set-top box. To do this, remove the plug from the socket, pause for 10 seconds and start the equipment.

Checking the performance of the infrared emitter and signal receiver

Sending and receiving light beams triggers a command and the function is triggered. Check if the emitter works correctly. Perhaps this is the cause of the malfunction.

There is an affordable way to check the passage of the beam through the camera on a smartphone:

  • Activate the camera, point it at the remote control. Pay attention to the buttons on the screen.
  • Pressing any button on the remote control on the telephone display will be indicated by a flashing red light.
  • The absence of this signal means that the batteries are broken or weak.

Removing infrared barriers

The obstacles that have arisen in the form of pieces of furniture, interior block the path of the light flux and prevent the TV from receiving a signal.

The circuit is triggered when a beam is supplied from the remote control and received by an infrared sensor. On their way in a straight line there should be no physical and other obstacles:

  • Walls and partitions;
  • Electronic signals of other devices;
  • Bluetooth triggering;
  • standing furniture;
  • Acoustic equipment.

If the command sent to the TV does not work, it is enough to go to another point and, directing the indicator directly or at an angle to the sensor, send a second signal. Remove, move household items a few centimeters to the side.

Xfinity Service Contact

Service Contact

All of these methods have been tested by specialists in the repair of equipment. If none of the methods suits you, you will need to consult qualified craftsmen in customer support centers. If a fixable defect is found, you will be offered to repair the device. In case of absolute failure, the remote control is replaced.

Start with a call or chat to find out if your case is covered by a warranty event. The new Xfinity remotes are sold on online marketplaces. Before buying, check the model name and its characteristics.