Tips for repairing a Kenmore fridge if it’s not making ice

Refrigerator Kenmore belongs to the category of high-end equipment. This is especially noticeable when all its functionality is at the proper level. The most important thing in this case is the ice maker.

If it does not freeze the water, then most likely the problem in its operation is due to a clogged filter, a broken inlet valve, or a malfunction of the ice maker.

First you need to make sure that the liquid dispenser is active. If there is enough ice present, but not frozen, then the icemaker’s plumbing is frozen. Then you need to thaw it.

Here are tips for various problems with the Kenmore ice maker and how to solve them.

Reasons Why Kenmore Refrigerator Doesn’t Make Ice

There are three most common factors leading to a lack of ice. They are usually associated with a clogged water filter, a faulty inlet valve, or a broken ice maker.

It is necessary to consider in detail each case separately and find ways to eliminate it.

Reasons Why Kenmore Refrigerator Doesn't Make Ice

Water inlet valve problems

The water supply valve is the part of the unit connected directly to the water supply. It is located behind the refrigerator, where the supply hose is fixed.

According to its design features, the valve is a mechanical element operating on an electrical control. If the ice maker needs more fluid, it opens and lets it through.

When enough has collected inside, the system closes to prevent overflow.

Most often, breakdowns are associated precisely with the fact that the intake valve is a mechanical part with electrical control. Therefore, it can suffer from both mechanical and electrical defects.

An example of the first of these is blockage or corrosive changes when the element cannot fully function. Then the ice machine will not receive water and will not produce ice.

Water inlet valve problems

The second part of the problems is related to the fact that the valve breaks due to a short circuit. In this case, it will not open even after the corresponding signal is given.

Ways to correct the situation are aimed at replacing the part. The actions are very simple.

  1. It is necessary to shut off the water and disconnect the inlet valve from the hose.
  2. To gain access to the element, you need to remove the panel that hides it.
  3. After that, remove the hose and wiring, and then remove the valve.
  4. At the end, a new part is installed and fixed in the same way as before.

Filter clogged

The filter is one of the main elements of the overall system. If water enters the refrigerator through the inlet valve, then it passes through the filter. It is designed to remove any impurities from the incoming fluid in order to bring it into line with safety and quality standards. When it passes through the system and is freed from excess, then it enters the ice maker.

The breakdown of such a circuit usually looks like this. As already mentioned, the filter is designed to trap any unwanted impurities from the water passing through it. He himself is not cleaned, so all the sediment remains inside him.

Filter clogged

Gradually, the part is overloaded with various substances. The faster the clogging process occurs, the smaller the volume of liquid will pass unhindered.

If measures are not taken in time, then it will not penetrate the filter at all. Then the ice maker will stop.

The ways to correct this situation are not too complicated. The defective part must be replaced with a new one designed for the corresponding model of the unit.

First you need to turn off the water supply. Then you should take a suitable filter. After that, you need to carefully remove the old one and fix the new one. At the end, you need to turn on the water supply and make sure that it gets into the dispenser and ice maker.

Ice maker failure

Liquid enters the refrigerator through an inlet valve and a filter. Then she enters the ice maker compartment, where compartments for cubes are already prepared for her. Such a reservoir has already been cooled to freezing temperature.

At the end of the process, the tray pushes the finished product into the hopper, and then the whole cycle resumes again.

When an ice maker fails, several causes usually play a major role.

Sometimes he is not able to determine that the water has already turned into cubes. Then they are not thrown away to make room for a new portion.

It also happens that the generator lever does not push them out of the tray as they are ready.

Since the part is connected to electricity, it can be broken as a result of a short circuit or power surges.

But the well-thought-out design of Kenmore devices provides for its replacement.

For repairs you need:

  1. Turn off the water and electricity supply.
  2. Empty the compartment around the ice maker until there is enough space for full operation.
  3. Unscrew the retaining fasteners.
  4. Carefully remove the part and expose the wires.
  5. Gently detach them.

After installing a new part, you need to start by connecting the wires in the same way as before. After they are securely fastened, it will be quite easy to introduce the ice machine to its original place.

After fixing it and connecting the equipment, it will take several hours to normalize the temperature inside it. When it is cool enough, the ice will be made in the same way as before.

No ice after filter change in Kenmore fridge

In order to fully stabilize the operation of the unit, it is worth fully clarifying several important aspects.

It is advisable to remember whether certain maintenance work was carried out before the breakdown. It is also necessary to clarify whether it often ceased to function after replacing the water filter.

No ice after filter change in Kenmore fridge

Usually the reason for such difficulties lies on the surface and is due to the fact that the part was installed incorrectly or the wrong filter option was used.

Purchasing the right water filter

Be sure to understand that only genuine Kenmore parts should be used. This condition is due to the fact that they are optimally matched specifically for a particular type of refrigerator and their owners will not be worried about compatibility problems. But, if they decide to take a universal filter, then before purchasing it, you still need to make sure that it is suitable for a particular model.

If the correct component is used and properly installed, the water will pass through it without any difficulty and fully supply the icemaker for the production of cubes.


Why does the Kenmore fridge work with water and not ice?
When troubleshooting and troubleshooting ice maker problems, it is important to look for obvious signs of root causes of problems.
It happens that the part does not work. In this case, the water dispenser works as expected. This combination most often indicates that the water supply coming from the filter is frozen. Therefore, the ice maker does not receive enough water and is unable to make cubes.
To solve this problem, it is necessary to defrost the water supply and the ice maker.

What is the best way to defrost a Kenmore ice maker?
There are two main methods for defrosting a Kenmore ice machine.
The first is to turn off the refrigerator and let it thaw naturally. This approach is most effective if you leave the door open and allow the inside of the unit to warm up sufficiently.
The method is also convenient because the owner does not require special knowledge, tools or skills. But such a process takes quite a long time and depends on how frozen the ice machine is.
The second method is aimed at disconnecting it completely. Then the part can be put in the sink so that it frees itself from frost. Then the products in the inner chamber will not be disturbed.

How does a Kenmore refrigerator ice maker reset?
There are two main methods for resetting a Kenmore ice machine.
The first one aims to completely reset all settings.
The following steps must be taken. First you need to disconnect the unit from the power supply. Then it should be left for five minutes, and then turned on again. Then all settings will be reset along with the ice maker.
The second method is to find and activate the reset button.

Where is the reset button located on the Kenmore?
Finding the Kenmore ice maker reset button is easy at the lower left corner of the corresponding part.
If it is not available in the model presented in the house, then you should find a small hole in the left front of the ice maker. Then through it you need to act with a paper clip or something similar to it.