Troubleshooting for Samsung TV when it turns on by itself

Sometimes Samsung brand TVs turn on without human intervention. There are several common problems that cause this circumstance, and each of them is characterized by its degree of complexity.

Turning on the device by itself

Probably, in this case we are talking about the inclusion of HDMI-CEC. Some devices from the first category lead to the activation of the unit automatically. To turn off this combination, you need to get into the settings, select the item with general parameters, stop at the external device manager and, finally, turn off the system.

Shutdown Features

One of the basic functions of HDMI is Consumer Electronics Control. With its help, connected devices will be able to coexist qualitatively and will receive partial control from the user. In turn, the TV will also have a lot of advantages from this.

So, for example, with the help of the option in question, it will be possible to control the player using a television remote control. There will also be a chance to automatically change the input of the TV due to its activation. In a number of situations, devices are set to automatically turn on by default when the TV starts.


The brand itself refers to this option as HDMI-CEC. And since the TV turns off without extraneous participation, it is necessary to proceed with the troubleshooting procedure in it. this requires clicking on the home button directly on the remote control, selecting settings, an external type device manager. Finally, it remains to select the ANYNET option and, finally, turn everything off.

Disabling SmartThings

Some television units have built-in options for such a plan. With their help, it becomes possible to activate several devices at the same time and regulate them, regardless of the location of the user. When this option is enabled, the system can be activated via another device.

To turn it off, you need to go directly to the main settings, select the network, expert actions and turn it on from a mobile device. Only after that it will not be difficult to turn off the system.

Software update

Running outdated versions on a device can cause a lot of hassle. Traditionally, the TV automatically downloads the latest version, although sometimes this action is not performed.

In this situation, it is enough just to make sure that the TV software has been updated, and there is even a corresponding instruction for this.

Samsung TV software update

Switching the device off and on

To turn the unit off and on again, follow these instructions:

  • disconnection from the socket;
  • waiting for half a minute;
  • pressing and holding the power key for up to 15 seconds.

With this approach, it will be possible to drain the residual energy that was previously accumulated.

Deactivate the sleep timer

So, in order to exit the mode in question, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • select a section with settings directly on the remote control;
  • instead, you can stop at the button “home”;
  • scroll a little to the left, find the section with settings and select it;
  • go down until the common section, dispatcher, time is found;
  • from here it will be possible to view the timer, it is important that all of them are turned off.

Deactivate the sleep timer

Disabling economy mode

The models of the brand in question have an eco-format of operation, which provides automatic control of all possible parameters of the device. This allows you to save energy when the opportunity arises. Often the settings of such a plan go astray and require shutdown in case of difficulties.

So, to deactivate the economy mode, you need:

  • stop at the item with settings;
  • select the “home” option;
  • turn left until a section appears;
  • select general settings;
  • read the decision.

Next, you must definitely check if there are any ECO settings installed. If there are, you need to deactivate them and check the fact of the presence or absence of a problem.

Replacing capacitors that are faulty

Unfortunately, the brand in question is characterized by far from the most pleasant history of their use, and this practice applies to many TVs. In particular, both capacitors are located directly on the power supply board.

Basically, these are the most common defects. In 2012, a class action lawsuit was filed. This situation repeated itself in 2017. In both situations, it was claimed that the TVs ended up turning on and off without any user intervention.

Replacing capacitors that are faulty

If there really is a problem, it will not be difficult to remove the back panel and check to see if the capacitors are swollen. It may also be that they simply leak. More than once, the user can detect problems with his own eyes.

If there is no way to 100% determine the problem, you should think about replacing the power board completely. In the event that a broken capacitor is found, it will be necessary to order an identical product with the same parameters and use a soldering iron to remove the faulty system, and then replace it.

Changing the main logic board

If you have attempted to correct the situation, and the system continues to fail, it is probably a matter of the main logical plan. Such a problem is closely and directly related to the burnout of the integrated circuit, and the matter is most often in a microchip.

The user can simply see if there is any discoloration of any microcircuits on the board, and if they have burned out. You also need to be able to read the numbers within each chip. With a chip that cannot be read, this is perhaps the source of all the difficulties.

Changing the main logic board

Device Support

If the problem cannot be solved on your own, you should definitely contact the support service, which offers all kinds of service areas – at home and remotely. The cost of the service is determined by the final diagnosis and the presence or absence of a guarantee.